01 Systems WLL

P.O. Box 2065, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17218200. Fax: 17210814; email:, Business Activities: Computer Software Solutions Information Technology Services & Solutions
Ali Sharif - President

196 Telecommunications

P.O. Box 20366, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17290011 Fax: 17290123. email: Business Activities: Mobile Telephones Equipment & Accessories
Mohammed AI Jabry - Owner

2000 Decor & Constructions

P.O. Box 26927, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17742777, Fax: 17742255. email:, Business Activities: Interior Decorators
Nasser Saad AI Hassan- Managing Director
Ahmed Saad Al Hassan – Marketing Manager
Abdul Saad – General Manager

2Connect Bahrain WLL

P.O. Box 18057, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 16500100, Fax: 16500109. email:, Business Activities: Information Technology Services & Solutions Telecommunications, Web Hosting & Development
Fahad Alshirawi – Chief Executive Officer
Liam Hunt – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

360 Swiss Attixs Property

P.O. Box 2910, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17581600. Fax: 17582760. email:; Business Activities: Construction Companies
Ismail Mohammed- Project Director

3D Architecture Engineering & Design

P.O. Box 54189, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17820536, Fax: 13680231, email:, Business Activities: Architects & Architectural Consultants Engineers, Architectural Engineers Consulting
Magdy AI Sayed – Managing Director
Majid Mohammed – General Manager.

4 Spots IT Web Design & Development

P.O. Box 15697, Adliya, Bahrain, Tel: 17749329, Fax: 17749329. email: Business Activities: Web Hosting & Development
Rashmi Mishra – Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer.

A. A. Bin Hindi BSC (c)-CIE Division

P.O. Box 632, Manama,Bahrain. Tel:17703078,
Fax: 17701889, email: Equipment & Machinery Suppliers)
Ahmed Abdulla Bin Hindi - Director

A.A.Yateem & Sons.

P.O. Box 128, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17253397, Fax: 17242264, Opticians, Pharmacy, Real Estate agents.
Ahmed Abdulla Yateem -Director

A & A Marketing W.L.L

P.O. Box 21347, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17713866, Fax 17714323, email:, Business Activities: Flooring PVC & Conductive
P.V.Abdul Rahiman – Partner & Managing Director.

A .A. A Homes W.L.L

P.O. Box 31191, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17811353. Fax: 17826768, email:,, Business Activities: Construction Companies
Ajay Jinsi – Managing Director

A A Kothambawala Co

P.O. Box 5011, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17737722, Fax: 17737767. email:,; Business Activities: Abrasives Drill Bits, Stainless Steel Fabricators, Tensile Structures Tools
Shabbir Yousuf – Managing Director
Abdulkader Y. Lakdawala – Director – Sales & Marketing.

A.E.Al Noor & Sons

P.O. Box 320, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17253994, Fax: 17274685
Hameed Abdulali Alnoor- Managing Director

A Ali Essa AI Daysi Co W.L.L

P.O. Box 685, Salmabad, Bahrain. Tel: 17785053, Fax: 17785014, email: Business Activities: Food Importers & Wholesalers
Abdali AI Daaysi - Chairman

A.H.Al Mahdi Construction Est.

P.O. Box 2547, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17785166/17784573, Fax: 17784542 Civil & Mechanical Contractors
Abdul Hussain Al Mahdi-Managing Director
Hamad A. H. Al Mahdi-General Manager

A.J.M.Kooheji Group BSC(c)

P.O. Box 74, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17406040,
Fax: 17402933,;
Abdulla A. Jabbar Kooheji MBA - President.
Mahmood Kooheji - Vice President
Isa Kooheji - Director

A . K. A. Cont Est

P.O. Box 54121, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17400690 Fax: 17400243, email:
Business Activities: Contractors
Ali Karim – Managing Director

A.K.Almoayyed Group

(Abdulrahman Khalil Almoayyed)
P.O. Box. 363, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17211155, Fax: 17211999, Building Materials, Portable Structures, Equipments, Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Gym Items
Khalid Abdulrahman Almoayyed - Chairman
Dr. Tawfik Abdulrahman Almoayyed - Vice Chairman

A Karim AI Jahromi Contracting Co SPC

P.O. Box 26736, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17831000, Fax: 17831010, email:; Business Activities: Aluminium Fabricators Building Maintenance Repairs & Restoration Civil Engineers Contracting Drainage Contractors Landscaping Services
Abdul AI Jahromi - Chairman
Ahmed AI Jahromi – Managing Director

ARM AI Banna & Co W.L.L

P.O. Box 22055, Sitra. Bahrain. Tel: 17700129, Fax: 17700341, email: Business Activities: Construction Companies
Yousis AI Banna – Managing Director

A9C Capital W.L.L

P.O. Box 18259, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17567991, Fax: 17567927, email:, Business Activities: Business Consultants Information Technology Consultants
Dr. Hoefer - Chairman & CEO

Aaston Global Services W.L.L

P.O. Box 76032, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17296253, email:, Business Activities: Advertising Agencies, Business Consultants, Management Consultants, Marketing Consultants
Tarlokk Lugani – Managing Director
Upjeet Singh – Marketing Manager

Abahsain Fiberglass ME W.L.L

P.O. Box 24803, Muharraq, Bahrain, Tel: 17468522. Fax: 17465970, Business Activities: Fibreglass & Fibreglass Products
Karel Verdegaal –Managing Director.

Abbas Biljeek & Sons

P.O. Box 308, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17401555, Fax: 17401333. email:;; Business Activities: Building Materials, Doors & Gates Automatic Industrial Equipment & Supplies Diesel Engines & others, Pumps, Compressors, Welding Equipments, Electrical tools, Building materials, etc.
Abbas Biljeek - Chairman
Dawood Biljeek-Managing Director
Mohamed Biljeek-Director
Ali Biljeek-Director

Abbas Engineering Works

P.O. Box 307, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17277369, Fax: 17270657, email: Business Activities: Engineering Services Steel Fabricators & Engineers
Mohammad Fuad Abbas – Managing Director
Nabeel Fuad Abbas - Director

Abbas Mohammed Zayed Ali Est

P.O. Box 612, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17210377, Fax: 17214377. e: Business Activities: Tobacco & Cigarette Importers & Dist.
Ali Abbas –General Manager

A.M.Yateem Bros. WLL.

Yateem Group
P.O. Box 60, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17225450, Fax: 17223749, Real Estate agents, General Trading, Import and Distribution of Air-conditioning Equipments, and Services; Manufacture and Supply of Medical and Industrial Oxygen, Engineering Equipments and Service.
Hussain Yateem* - Chairman

ABB Arecson EC.

P.O. Box 2774, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17725377, Fax:17725332, Design, Supply, Manufacture, Services, Maintenance and Training for Digital Process Control System.
Jaymanouchehri-Managing Director

ABC Technical Services Co.,

P.O. Box 5909, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17789223, Fax: 17789414. email: Business Activities: Steel Erectors Steel Fabricators & Engineers
Haidar Zainal – Managing Director

Abdali Essa AI Nooh & Sons Co W.L.L.

P.O. Box 320, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17239494. Fax: 17266626, email:,; Business Activities: Building Materials Construction Material Suppliers
Hussein AI Nooh – Managing Director

Abdul Latif Al Aujan Group

P.O. Box 904, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17223527,
Fax: 17223536;
Abdul Latif Khaled Al Aujan PhD-Chairman
and Managing Director

Abdul Nabi Construction. Co

P.O. Box 22011, Muharraq, Bahrain, Tel: 17341211,
Fax: 17345865.,; Complete range of rolling shutters for various applications, Gates, Security products and also Dock Levellers, Floating Jetty systems and Oil Pollution Equipment.
Abdul Nabi Ghuloom -Managing Director

Abdulla A. Aziz Al- Jama Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 22135, Muharraq, Bahrain Tel:17322553, Fax:17331676,;; Deals in Doors, Architectural Products, External Wall Insulation Systems, Security, Marine Services, ITI etc...
Younis Abdulla Al Jama*
Managing Director

Abdulla A. Aziz Al- Jama Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 22135, Muharraq, Bahrain Tel:17322553, Fax:17331676,;; Deals in Doors, Architectural Products, External Wall Insulation Systems, Security, Marine Services, ITI etc...
Younis Abdulla Al Jama*
Managing Director

Abdulla A. Aziz Al- Jama Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 22135, Muharraq, Bahrain Tel:17322553, Fax:17331676,;; Deals in Doors, Architectural Products, External Wall Insulation Systems, Security, Marine Services, ITI etc...
Younis Abdulla Al Jama*
Managing Director

Abdulla A. Aziz Al- Jama Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 22135, Muharraq, Bahrain Tel:17322553, Fax:17331676,;; Deals in Doors, Architectural Products, External Wall Insulation Systems, Security, Marine Services, ITI etc...
Younis Abdulla Al Jama*
Managing Director

Abdulla A. Aziz Al- Jama Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 22135, Muharraq, Bahrain Tel:17322553, Fax:17331676,;; Deals in Doors, Architectural Products, External Wall Insulation Systems, Security, Marine Services, ITI etc...
Younis Abdulla Al Jama*
Managing Director

Abdullah Hassan Al Derazi & Sons Co.W.L.L.

P. O. Box. 697, Al Seef, Bahrain, Tel:17564664, Fax: 17564644. Trading, Contracting, Engineering;
Mansoor Abdulla H. Al Derazi-Managing Director
Fawzi Abdulla Hassan Alderazi-Director

Abdulla S. Kaiksow

P.O.Box 5868, Manama Bahrain.,
Tel: 17250878, Fax: 17261212
Abdulla Salman Kaiksow-Chairman

Abdulla Yousif Fakhro & Sons BSC (c)

P. O. Box 39, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17240600, Fax: 17256999; General Trading; Insurance, Food Services; Car Rental, Communication Equipments and Services, Shipping Services, Consumer Products, Mc Donald’s,Budget Rent A Car, Fakhro Electronics,
Fakhro Commercial Services- Gulf Agency Co WLL,
Adel Fakhro Enterprises.
Adel Abdulla Fakhro*-Group Managing Director

Abdullah Rashid Al Jalahma

P.O.Box 5302,Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17564664, Fax: 17564644, Block Factory, Crusher plant, Drainage and Building Construction
Mohammed Al Jalahma-Director

Abu Habib Contracting

P.O.Box 5594, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17730624, Fax: 17731950, Construction, Trading, Maintenance
& Specialist Services
Abdul Rahim Bastaki-General Manager

Adithya Trading Co.W.L.L.

P.O.Box 15308, Adliya, Bahrain.
Tel: 17401775/(M) 39469673/39262633, Fax:17401737;
Business activity : Importers & Distributors of Foodstuff
T.K.Rajan*- Managing Director

Agility Bahrain BSC (c)

P.O.Box 2758, Muharraq, Bahrain.
Tel: 17461000, Fax:17910154
Agility was established in Kuwait in 1979 and by 2004 grew to be the largest logistics provider in the Middle East.
Business Activity : Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Specialized Services

Ahmadi Industries W.L.L.

(Established in 1953),
P.O.Box 34, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17271333, Fax:17271712,;
Ali Ahmadi – Chairman
Khalid A. Ahmadi – Vice Chairman

Ahmadani Trading & Construction Est.

P.O.Box 5819, Gudhabiya Avenue, Shop.No.215, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17713371, Fax:17715313;
Branch: Ahmadani Training, Riffa, Bahrain, Tel:17777578.
Key cutting & lock repairing/ hardware/ building material wood/ plumbing material/ block electrical / carpentry work
Hamza Ahmadani- Managing Director.

Ahmed Abubaker Janahi Architects

P.O.Box 10488, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17228528, Fax:17210466. Architectural and Structural Design and Consultancy Services
Ahmed Abubaker Janahi- Managing Director

Ahmed Mansoor Al A’ali Co. BSC (C)

P. O. Box. 778, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17832777, Fax: 17831122
Ahmed Mansoor Al A’ Ali-Chairman

Ahmed Zayani & Sons W.L.L.

P.O.Box 26332, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17238822, Fax: 17238806;, Deals in Commercial vehicles, Garage
Service & Spare Parts.
Faisal Ahmed Alzayani- Chairman
Naser Ahmed Alzayani-Director
Riyadh Ahmed Al Zayani -Director

Airmech W.L.L.

P. O. Box 20137, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17768200, Fax: 17911201, email:;; Mechanical, Electrical & Steel Fabrication Engineers & Contractors.
Mohammed Jalal Group of Companies
Bahrain Trading Agencies, Alloys Jalal W.L.L.
Mohammed Yousif Jalal- Chairman
Suhail Matlub – Managing Director

Al Amin Contracting and Maintenance W.L.L.

Mina Salman Industrial Area, P.O.Box 707, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17727559/17728287, Fax: 17728227,;
Mohammed A. Amin Alkhaja - Managing Director

Al Ansari Group W.L.L.

P. O. Box 5183, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17715100,17827600 /17293433, Fax: 17715200
(Holding Companies)
Late Abdul Jalil Karim Ahmed Al Ansari -Founder (1940)
Abdul Jalil Al-Ansari * -Chairman/ Partner
Ahmed Al-Ansari * - Director/Partner

Al Ansari Group W.L.L.

P. O. Box 5183, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17715100,17827600 /17293433, Fax: 17715200
(Holding Companies)
Late Abdul Jalil Karim Ahmed Al Ansari -Founder (1940)
Abdul Jalil Al-Ansari * -Chairman/ Partner
Ahmed Al-Ansari * - Director/Partner
Ebrahim Al - Ansari* -Director/ Partner
Al- Ansari group comprises Al Ansari Establishment in Saudi Arabia established in 1965, Al- Ansari Lighting Co. in Bahrain established in 1970, and Al- Ansari Industries- Bahrain Bedding Factory established in Bahrain in 1973, business covers diverse activities such as lighting, bedding & furniture, health care products such as Orthopaedic mattresses, interior design, crystal wares, leather goods and fashions. Al-Ansari family saw a bright future in various new ventures

Al Bakali General Trading Co. W.L.L.

established in 1981, P.O.Box 1455, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17551189, Fax:17551183 ;
(General Trading Company)
Abdulla Al Bakali-Chairman
Abdul Jalil Al Bakali - Managing Director
Hussain Al Bakali –Business Development Manager

Al Eqtesad Carpentry & Trading Co.

P.O.Box 26830, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel:17552034 Fax:17551550;;
(Established in 1982, Carpentry Machinery & Tools, Trading Companies)
Sayed Mahmood H. Khalaf* Managing Director
Sayed Ahmed Khalaf – Administrative Manager

Al Fateh Industrial Suppliers

P.O.Box 54669, Adliya, Bahrain. Tel:17731085 Fax:17736642,;;
(Established in 1998, Deals in Valves, Oilfield and Industrial Maintenance & Services, Equipment Suppliers)
Ali Hussain - Director

Al Gassab Construction & Trading W.L.L.

P. O. Box 5855, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel:17232275 /17271437, Fax:17252716
(C0nstruction Companies, Contractors-General)
Saeed Al Gassab*-Managing Director

Al Ghanah Contracting Est.

P. O. Box 2510, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17822100, Fax: 17722233, (Started with dozen employees, now with a strong network of workforce through out with jobs in all sectors, both private & public).
Jameel Yousif Ahmed Al Ghanah * Managing Director-

Al Haddad Motors

P.O. Box 32826, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17785454 Fax:17785241
(Al Haddad Motors is a full service Mercedes-Benz operation from new and used passenger cars to commercial vehicles, genuine spare parts to lifestyle accessories, all professionally managed to Mercedes-Benz worldwide standards.)
Graeme Newport –General Manager

Al Hada Maintenance & Services.

P.O.Box 15308, Adliya, Bahrain. Tel:17401775, Fax:17401737, (Established in January 1995-Partnership - Civil contracting & Building Maintenance)
T.K.Rajan* Managing Partner, email:

Al Hajeb Construction & Maint Est.

P. O. Box 32137, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17781834, Fax:17781393, (Building construction, maintenance and renovations of all types of work & engineering services, Other Offices: Antiques, Importers, Auto spare parts services) A. H. Ghareeb Al Hajeb - Managing Director

Al Hamer Trading Est.

P. O. Box 752, Bahrain, Tel:17213332/17213443, Fax:17213121, (Pharmeceuticals & Hospital Supplies);
Najeb Y.Al Hamer – Chief Executive Officer

Al Hashimi Trading & Est.

P.O.Box 26140, Manama, Bahrain;
Tel/Fax: 17311715, (M)39263146
Hashim Al Hashimi – Chairman

Al Hayki Scaffolding Services

P. O. Box 24902, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17270095, Fax: 17272125, (Scaffolding & Hire Contract)
Mohammed Ali Al Hayki-Managing Director
Dawood Tajuddin Parkar-General Manager

Al Hedaya Contracting Co.

P.O.Box 5705, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17728800 /17727449, Fax: 17725121(Construction Business);
S. Yousif S .Hashim Alawi-Managing Director
S. Jawad S. Hashim-General Manager

Al Hoty Analytical Services/Al Hoty General Trading

P. O. Box 26577, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17727450, Fax:17727512; Mohamed Taqi Murad-Chairman

Al Jishi Corporation W.L.L.

P. O.Box 617, Manama,Bahrain Tel:17233544, Fax:17255602;
(Medical & Hospital Equipment, Goods & Supplies, Pharmaceutical Products,Suppliers, Pharmacies) Rasol Abdali Al Jishi-Chairman

Al Khajah Establishment & Factories

P.O.Box 5042, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17730811, Fax: 17731340. (Manufacturing, Contracting, & Trading);
Jassim Al- Khajah-Chairman
Essam Al Khajah-General Manager

Al Khaja Group of Companies

P.O.Box 707, Manama, Bahrain; Tel:17727559, Fax:17728227
Six Divisions:
Ahmed Mohammed Amin AlKhaja & Sons
Al Amin Contracting & Maintenance W.L.L.
Al Amin Wrought Iron Factory
Gulf Industrial & Instrumentation Supplies
Al Amin Industrial Services W.L.L.
United Marble Contracting Bank W.L.L.
(Fabrication & Erection of Trusses and various structural work, specialized in tanks, Steel structure, Aluminium castings, Furnitures, Importers and Distributors in Bahrain for Carboline/Plasite-Marine & Industrial paints manufactured by Carboline USA, Importers and suppliers of Baur (Austria) manufactured high voltage electrical equipments in Bahrain)
Mohamed Amin Al Khajah – Managing Director

Al Khaja Group of Companies

P.O.Box 707, Manama, Bahrain; Tel:17727559, Fax:17728227
Six Divisions:
Ahmed Mohammed Amin AlKhaja & Sons
Al Amin Contracting & Maintenance W.L.L.
Al Amin Wrought Iron Factory
Gulf Industrial & Instrumentation Supplies
Al Amin Industrial Services W.L.L.
United Marble Contracting Bank W.L.L.
(Fabrication & Erection of Trusses and various structural work, specialized in tanks, Steel structure, Aluminium castings, Furnitures, Importers and Distributors in Bahrain for Carboline/Plasite-Marine & Industrial paints manufactured by Carboline USA, Importers and suppliers of Baur (Austria) manufactured high voltage electrical equipments in Bahrain)
Mohamed Amin Al Khajah – Managing Director

Al Khalidia Contracting & Trading Co.

P.O.Box 5406, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17346065, Fax:17340136;
(Contractors General)
Ahmed Mubarak Al Noaimi – Managing Director
Abdullah Saleh – Administrative Manager

Al Khaleej Block Factory & Gulf Ready Mix Concrete W.L.L.

P. O.Box 5229, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17403282, Fax: 17403266 (Manufacturers of Blocks, Ready mix.
Crusher products, Washed sand & aggregates,tiles & decoration blocks.)
Mohamed Ahmed Nass-Managing Director
Jalal Mohamed Nass- General Manager
Jamal Mohamed Nass-Executive Manager

Al Komed Engg. Services Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 5813, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17698500, Fax: 17698555, (Electrical, Mechanical Engineers & General Contractors)
Alawi S. M. Al Alawi-Chairman
Gayesh -Managing Director
Kyriacos-Executive Director

Al Mahmood Company Ltd.

P. O. Box 520, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17400484, Fax: 17400627
Mohamed Rafi Al Mahmood- Managing Director

Al Mahmood Stores WLL

P. O. Box 888, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17211442, Fax:17210838
Mahmood Mahmood Husain -Chairman
Essa Al Mahmood – Managing Director

Al Moayyed Electronics

P. O.Box 814, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17212555, Fax:17213569
Manojkumar Kilam-General Manager

Al Mosawi Trading & Electrical Contractors B.S.C(c)

P. O. Box 5373, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17270000, Fax: 17261503. (Importers and distributors of all kinds of electrical items and E. D. licenced Electrical Contractors)
Sayed Ali S. Ahmed Al Mosawi- Managing Director
Sayed Hassan Al Mosawi-General Manager
Charles Varghese-Administration Manager

Al Mutawa Trading Est.

P. O. Box 1440, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17411010, Fax: 17414494
Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed Al Mutawa- Managing Director(Trading Est.)
Hussain Abdulla Al Mutawa –Managing Director- (Commercial Centre)

Al Namal Group of Companies

P. O. Box 1713, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17251444, Fax:17242332,
Varghese Kurian* -Chairman and Managing Director

BAHRAIN-Al Namal Construction Co. W.L.L., Abraaj Kuwait Construction Co. W.L.L.,Al Namal Mechanical & Heavy Engineering Division,Al Namal Property Developers & Real Estate, Al Tayseer Aluminium Co.W.L.L., Al Kooz ElectricalContracting, Transworld Property Centre, Al Tayseer Car Care Centre, Taj Palace Hotel,Middle Easttel,Casanova Hotel, Riyadh Palace Hotel,Al Faris Hotel,Bahrain Wellness Resort.
QATAR-Al Namal Contracting Co.W.L.L.
Tel: 00974-4693230, Fax: 00974-4693421,
INDIA-Middle East Hotel Co., Appus International

Al Nooh Abedali Essa & Sons Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 320, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17253994/ 17252427, Fax:17274685. (Deals in import and distribution of building materials, sanitary ware, tools and hardware,iron, timber and plywood.)
Hameed Al Nooh-Managing Director

Al Noor Engineering

P. O. Box 33311, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17292442, Fax:17291498,
(Architectural Designing, Consultancy, Construction Supervision)
Abbas Ali Al Sa’ati-Managing Director

Al Owfi Group of Companies

P. O. Box 11003, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17243857, Fax:17257948, (Photo Products, Food Items, Stationery and Textile Items)
Yacoob Jassim Abdulrahman Al Owfi*-Chairman

Al Rawabi Trading Co.(S.O.C)

Building 1311, Road 5136, P.O.Box 28228, Askar 951, Bahrain. Tel:17830433, Fax:17830533., (Industrial & Oilfield Suppliers)
Ali Mubarak Al-Naimi-Chairman

Al Reem for Environmental & Consultation Ecotourism

P.O.Box 40266 , Bahrain. Tel:17710868, Fax:17710678 email:, (Environmental Consultations, Surveys & Ecotourism)
Dr. Saeed A. Mohammed - General Manager

Al Salah Furniture Factory W.L.L.

P. O. Box 1980, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17783040, Fax:17783020
(Furniture Dealers-Wholesale & Retail)
Abeer Al Kassar- Managing Director

Al Sharif Group

P. O. Box.1322, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17515050, Fax: 17515051 (Shipping Agents, Ship Chandlers & Freight Forwarding
Ali Al Sharif -President/CEO

Al Zamil Group of Companies

P.O.Box 285, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17500000, Fax:17500010, (Established in 1930)
Al-Zamil Group of Companies, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia–Zamil Coating & Galvanizing Factory & Zamil Steel – (Engages in steel/aluminium fabrication; air conditioning- nails and screws; food manufacturing; plastics; glass production; Stained glass window production, Industrial powder coating- petrochemicals, operation and maintenance, general trading and agency representation)
Mohd. Abdulla Al Zamil-Group Chairman & President
Mohd. Saleh Omer-Group Managing Director
Waleed Al Zamil-Managing Director
Tawfeeq Al Zamil-Managing Director
Adib A. Al Zamil-Finance Director
Hamad A. Al-Zamil-Director
Zamil A. Al-Zamil-Director
Sulaiman A. Al-Zamil-Director
Khaled A. Al Zamil-Director

Al Zayani Designers & Consultants

P. O. Box 477, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17530035, Fax:17532253
(Architects & Architectural Consultants)
Khalil Ebrahim Al Zayani-Managing Director

Al Zayani Engineering & Architectural Consultants

P.O.Box 11030, Diplomatic Area, Diplomat Tower, 806, Bahrain, Tel: 17531533, Fax:17530445, email:pfibah@
Boa Afonso -General Manager

Alasco Group

Head Office : 1202 Almoayyed Tower, Seef P.O.Box 21140, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17568080 Fax: 17568070 Factory: Tel: 17784882 Fax:17784886
Hussain Madan* - General Manager
Faisal Ahmed* -Managing Director

Ali Abdul Jalil Turk Est.

P.O.Box 26359, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17700165, Fax: 17700164, email:
(Established in 1972), Proprietory Business –
Four Main Divisions :–
Turk Heavy Transport - Specialists in Logistics management-provides turnkey transport solutions including custom clearance, all general cargo haulage in Bahrain to and from GCC, major oversize and heavy lift movements and storage,
Turk Mechanical Industries Co.W.L.L. - partnership company with Ali A.Jalil Turk, Khalid Ali Turk and Waheed Akbar as partners established in 1985 - from a small size workshop diversified its services into Heavy and Light Fabrication, Foundry, Machining Equipment and Engine Repair Works-specialized in manufacturing industrial parts for the Aluminium and Steel Industry and provide services to the Ship Repair yard. TMI also includes in its list of clientele a large percentage of the private sector.
Turk Properties - develops and rent villas and apartments to major companies in Bahrain -General Trading in importing parts and equipment for distribution in the GCC
Ali A. Jalil Turk – Chairman
Khalid Ali Turk –Managing Director

Ali Bin Ebrahim Abdul Aal Group of Co.

P. O.Box 76 , Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17404455 /17404575 Fax:17403576/17404488, (Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers of all food and non food items & Professional Catering Contractors Other divisions:-Marhaba Market - Isa Town, Marhaba - Wholesale, Dubai Food Center, Nader Catering Services)
Ali Bin Ebrahim – Chairman
Saeed Al Hawaj – Managing Director

Ali Rashid Al Amin & Co. BSC (C)

P. O. Box 643, Bldg. 733, Road 113, Block 601, Sitra Industrial Area, Bahrain, Tel: 17732220 Fax:17730078,
Divsions: The Exhibition (Import & Export), Midway Supermarket (Chain), Lulu Food Factory (Food Packing), All in One (Fast Food), Al Amin Fresh Fruit Est. (Import & Distribution), Exhibition Contracting, Al Amin Garden, Lily - The Flower Shop.
Ali Rashed Al Amin*- Chairman
Rashid Ali Al- Amin* - Director
Majid Ali Al-Amin* - Director - Industry
Khalid Ali Al Amin* -Director
Zayid Ali Al Amin - Director


12, Sheraton Complex, P.O. Box 359, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17535075; Fax:17535511
Fawaz Michael Almaz - Director

Almoayed Engineering

P. O. Box 454, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17211117, Fax: 17210001
Hamid Khalil Almoayed-Director
Ebrahim Khalil Almoayed- Director

Almoayed Engineering

P. O. Box 454, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17211117, Fax: 17210001
Hamid Khalil Almoayed-Director
Ebrahim Khalil Almoayed- Director

Almoayyed International -Xerox

P. O. Box 585, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17727275, Fax:17725726
Nabeel Almoayyed* -Managing Director

Aluminium Services W.L.L.

P. O. Box 26586, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17290987, Fax:17291643, email:
(Aluminium Fabricators)
Sharif Mohammed Ahmadi* Managing Director

Alwardi Group of Companies

P. O. Box 26378, Sitra, Bahrain,Tel: 17730626/ 17730959, Fax:17731565,; in vehicle maintenance, supply of light and heavy auto equipments, supply of machinery and equipment to the construction and allied industries, labour supplies, customs clearance, civil and dredging services, supply of readymix concrete sand and aggregate blocks, supply of washed/unwashed marine sand company started in 1974).
Abdulla Ali Alwardi - Chairman
Ebrahim Al Jhaishi -General Manager

AMECO Engineering Stores

P. O. Box 5476, Mina Salman, Bahrain, Tel:17729670/17727301 /17727094, Fax:17725724, (Welding equipments, valves & pipe fittings, pipes & items required for oil, gas & petrochemical industries)
Ahmed Ebrahim Engineer -Chairman

Arab International Trading & AutoParts Co.W.L.L,

AITAPCO (Ebrahim K.Kanoo Group of Companies)
P.O.Box 3044, Bahrain, Tel:17736222, Fax:17736669
Waleed E. Kanoo* - Director

Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Co.(ASRY)

P. O. Box. 50110, Hidd, Bahrain. Tel: 17671111/ 17671711/ 17670300/ 17671877, Fax: 17670236
Nils Kristian Berje* -Chief Executive

Ashbee Metal Cladding W.L.L.

P.O.Box 21304, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17737999, Fax:17737900;
(Established in 1992; Deals in Architectural, Aluminium Fabrication including Structural Glazing,Curtain Walls, Cladding etc)
Jivottam Bhanjui – Chairman
Ashwin Bhaangi - Director

Ashraf Group of Companies

P.O.Box 62, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17534441, Fax:17534406,
Amal Yousif Almoayyed* -Executive Director

AT & T Global Information Solutions

6th Floor-City Center, Government Avenue,
P. O. Box 265, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17244233, Fax:17245752,3930 (Deals in development, manufacture, marketing, support and service of information systems and solutions).
B. G. Dandan-General Manager

Awal Contracting & Trading Co. (AWALCO) W.L.L.

P. O. Box 741, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17456400 /17727060, Fax: 17728659 email: (Contractors/Charterers of tug boats, utility boats and barges, contractors/suppliers/manufacturers/importers/exporter of airconditioning, refrigeration and watercooling equipment, contractors/suppliers and installation of electrical equipment and fire alarm systems)
Shaheen S. Shaheen - Chairman
Khalid M. Mattar - Managing Director
Khalid Shaheen Sager – Director
Adel M. Mattar - Director

Awal Engineering Consultancy

P. O.Box 20746, Kazerooni Centre, Gudaibiya Avenue, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17713774, Fax: 17712374, (Architects, Engineers & Consultants)
Murtaza H. Al Najjar -Dip. (Bldg) B.Sc.(Civil Eng.),M.A.(Art in Arch) - Managing Director.

Awal Plastics W.L.L.

P. O. Box 693, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17787847/ 17786363, Fax: 17786247, email: awlplas3@,; (Deals in producing tailor-made plastic illuminated sign boards, reflective traffic signs, screen printing, electroplating, rubber stamps and stereos, engraving, PVC welding, advertising & promotional items, etc). Established in 1969.
Mohammed Ahmed Ali Bucheeri - Managing Director
Adel Bucheeri -Executive Director
Abdulla Abdulrahim Hasan Bucheeri-Technical Director

Awal Refrigeration & Airconditioning

Building No.962, Road 1812, Hoora 318, P. O.Box 955, Manama,Bahrain, Tel:17293388/17294502/ 17293388/17293377, Fax:17294524 ;
(Airconditioning and Refrigeration contractors - Kitchen Equipment & Medical Furniture).
Ahmed Abdulla Khalid Al Khaja- Managing Director
Yousif Ahmed Al Khaja - General Manager

Awal Stationery W.L.L.

(Branch of Mohammed Jalal & Sons WLL.),
P.O. Box 2392, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17223337, Fax:17210046;; in Office Furniture, Equipments, Stationery & Books)
Mohammed Haris*- Manager

Bader Trading & Contracting Co..

P. O. Box 10266, Manama, Bahrain., Tel:17242155/17583121, Fax:17251168/17583161;
(Contractors – General, Trading Companies)
Fareed Ghulam Abbas Bader-Chairman & Managing Director

Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company (BAFCO)

P. O.Box 50500, Muharraq, Bahrain, Tel:17329400, Fax:17336464
(Aviation Services)
Abdulrahman Abdullah - Chairman
Salahuddin Al Alawi-General Manager

Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Co. B.S.C.(BALEXCO)

P. O. Box 1053, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17730073, Fax:17736923/24.;;(Deals in aluminium sections and profiles anodised in colinal bronze, gold, black, plain matt or brushed finishes or powder coated for architectural purposes; licensee to produce range of AS-200 curtain walling system, agents for alucobond facia decoration panels and alucopan insulation panels, producers of telephone booths.)
Jassim Mohammed Al Seyadi – Chief Executive Officer

Bahrain Atomisers International B.S.C. (C)

P. O. Box 5328, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17830880, Fax:17830025 (Deals in production of atomised aluminium powder, aluminium & aluminium products);
Tim Mclaughlin- General Manager

Bahrain Car Parks Company (B.S.C.)

P. O. Box 5298, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17224477, Fax:17224428, (Deals in car park building and managing)
Mahmood Mahmood Husain-Chairman
Mohammed Al Kooheji-Manager Operations

Bahrain Fibreglass International Ltd

P. O. Box 26197, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17727063, Fax:17727615, (Dealing in room furniture, airport counter & seating systems, marine craft , mosque domes, modular buildings, cladding panels, custom moulding.)
Dr. Samer Al Jishi-Managing Director
E. D. Sharma-Project Manager

Bahrain Flour Mills Co.

P. O. Box 26787, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17729984, Fax:17729312 ;
(Deals in Flour milling/Flour Merchants & Mills)
Mohammed Abdulwahab Nass –General Manager

Bahrain Gas W.L.L.

P.O.Box 254, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17531121, Fax:17532112; (Deals in production and distribution of LP gas and petroleum products and kitchen appliances., LPG distributors, domestic & industrial type kitchen/ catering equipment, water heaters, refrigeration equipments).
Bashar Mohammed Al Hassan* Managing Director
Rawwaf Mohammed Al Hassan-Director

Bahrain International Cargo Services W.L.L.

P.O.Box 45, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17828800, Fax:17729859, email:, (Deals in freight clearing and forwarding, warehousing and jetty activities and air cargo services (both import and export)
Ms.Saffia Kanoo - Manager

Bahrain Light Industries Co. B.S.C.

P.O.Box 26700, Manama Bahrain. Tel: 39512892, Fax:17830399 email:

Bahrain Maritime & Mercantile International BSC(c)(BMMI)

812, Majlis Al Ta’awon Highway, P. O. Box 828, Sitra, Bahrain, Tel: 17739501/17736326, Fax: 17735111

Bahrain Marketing & Services Co.

P. O.Box 3044, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17736222, Fax:1736669
Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo - President
Mohammed Khalil Kanoo - General Manager

Bahrain Motors Co. W.L.L.

P.O.Box 352, Manama, Bahrain, & P.O. Box 33078, Isa Town, Tel:17261348, Fax:17259865
(Building Contractors, & Equipment Suppliers)
Mohammed Ali Karime-Chairman
Ahmed Ali Karime -Managing Director

Bahrain National Cold Storage & Warehousing Co (BANZ)

P. O.Box 2244, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17727874, Fax:17725435 (Deals in cold storage, dry warehousing, meat and seafood processing, dairy products, dates processing, distribution and inventory management services, specialising in container handling, trading.)
Banz Group of Companies:-
Temperature Controlled Warehousing,
BANZ Sales, BANZ Food Processing
Abdulla Bu Hindi-Chairman
Jassim Fakhro-Vice Chairman
Mohammed Bu Hindi-Director
Ebrahim Zainal-Director
Jalal Mohd. Jalal-Director
Abdul Rahman Jamsheer-Director
Aloke Kumar Rakshit - Group Finance & Admin. Manager

Bahrain Precast Concrete Co. W.LL.

P.O.Box 20095, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17785100, Fax: 17785036;;(Production and erection of all kinds of large size precast industrial and building components, including prestressed hollowcore slabs, modular building and housing systems, GRC (glass reinforced concrete) and maintenance and repair of concrete structures)
Haji Hassan Bin Ali Al Ali-Chairman
Michael Pederson-General Manager

Bahrain Saudi Aluminium Marketing Co. BSC (C) (BALCO)

P.O.Box 20079, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17532626, Fax:17537728, BALCO markets - Bahrain and Saudi Arabia’s 97% offtake of primary aluminium from the ALBA smelter, and Bahrain’s 51% offtake of aluminium powder from Bahrain Atomisers.
Hassan Falah-General Manager
Salman Al Dossari-Deputy General Manager
Ebrahim Tadayyon-Finance & Administration Manager

The Bahrain Ship Repairing & Engineering Co. B.S.C. (BASREC)

Mina Salman Industrial Area. P. O. Box 568, Manama Bahrain; Tel: 17725300, Fax: 17729891 email: ( A limited liability company incorporated in 1962. Accredited to ISO 9001 for the provision of Ship Repairing, small boat repair and associated engineering services. Specialist services, Agency appointments including Chockfast, Metalock, Stone, Manganese Propeller Repairs, Helifusion welding of shafts. Marine & Industrial Pump Repair: Specializing in all types of pump and associated repairs Teams (Bahrain) : agents for ABS Pumpen, Dorman Smith and various others, Container Repair depot in the Port of Mina Salman “Marine & Industrial Pump Repair” specialising in all types of pump and associated repairs.
Didine Saadi* - Chief Executive Officer

Bahrain Switchgear & Lighting Industries

P.O.Box 5386, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17732136/17732148, Fax: 17780939;(Manufacturers of Control Panels, Industrial Light Fittings,Distribution Boards, Fire Alarm Panels, Domestic Lights Fittings,Delivery & installation, Switches, Switch gear products & services)
Abdul Hameed Al Ansari- General Manager

Bahrain Technical and Trading Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 49, Manama, Bahrain,Tel: 17253252, Fax:17274095 (Deals in marketing, wholesaling, importing and distribution of general merchandise, including provisions, furniture, specialising in air conditioning, refrigeration, design, installation and servicing, desalination plants, office equipments and business systems)
Abdulrahman Ghuloom Mohd. Amin - Chairman

Bahrain Workshop Company WLL.

P.O Box 404,Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17253289, Fax:17263228,;(Deals in general engineering, manufacturers’ representatives, supply of heavy machinery and equipment, construction plant, safety, equipment, oilfield supplies and generating equipment. )
Khalil M.K. Alsharif-Chairman
Mohsin M.K. Al Sharif-Managing Director- (Trading Division)
Monem M. K. Alsharif - Managing Director (Engineering Division)

Baluch Group of Companies

P.O.Box 64, Manama, Bahrain
Tel:17730067, Fax:17234488,
(Deals in construction, interior design, shopfitting joinery)
I. U. Baluch-Chairman
Jalal Baluch-Director
Ms. Emma Baluch-Director

Baqer Furnishings W.L.L

P. O.Box 88, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17400800, Fax: 17400020, (Deals in retail of furniture, interior decoration materials.)
Hussain M Baqer-Managing Director
Jassim M Baqer-Managing Director


P.O.Box 26566/5701, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17727676, Fax: 17725404
Ebrahim Nonoo -Managing Director

Behbehani Bros W.L.L.

P.O.Box 168, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17459999/17531502/3, Fax:17456677/17536070;;(Deals in import and distribution of automobile spare parts and consumer goods (watches), Car Dealers, Car Hire and Leasing)
Mohamed Saleh Behbehani-Director
Morad Yousuf Behbehani-Director
Abdul Majeed Shirazi-Director
Abdul Qassim Shirazi-Director
Mrs. Dina Abdul Razak Shirazi-Director

Behzad Medical Est.

P.O.Box 232,Manama, Bahrain.
Tel:17730901, Fax:17730616
(Medical & Hospital Equipment & Supplies)
Abdul Aziz Q. Behzad-Managing Director

Berger Paints -Bahrain W.L.L.

-The Paint Professionals
P.O.Box. 26688, Bahrain Tel:17730700, Fax:17730689,,;
(Manufacturer of Architectural, Industrial, Protective and Marine Coatings -a member of Berger International Ltd.)
Aseem Doshi – General Manager

Bhatia & Co. (BAH)W.L.L

P.O.Box 95, Bahrain.Tel: 17730121, Fax: 17730746,, (A BANZ Group Company Established in 1947, The largest and oldest Technical Trading Company in Bahrain
Manoj N.Bhatia -Chairman
Bharat M Bhatia – Managing Director

Bokhammas Trading

P.O.Box 151, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17716669, Fax:17715271,;(Suppliers and stockists of hardware tools, paints, varnishes, paint brushes, fishing accessories building materials and ironmongery.)
Abdulrahman Rashid Bokhammas-Managing Director
Ahmed A. R. Bokhammas -Executive Manager

Bhatia & Co. (BAH)W.L.L

P.O.Box 95, Bahrain.Tel: 17730121, Fax: 17730746,, (A BANZ Group Company Established in 1947, The largest and oldest Technical Trading Company in Bahrain
Manoj N.Bhatia -Chairman
Bharat M Bhatia – Managing Director

Bokhammas Trading

P.O.Box 151, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17716669, Fax:17715271,;(Suppliers and stockists of hardware tools, paints, varnishes, paint brushes, fishing accessories building materials and ironmongery.)
Abdulrahman Rashid Bokhammas-Managing Director
Ahmed A. R. Bokhammas -Executive Manager

Bokhammas Establishment

P.O.Box 5262, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17714174, Fax: 17716607,;
(Deals in general trading and contracting, general merchants for paints, power & hand tools)
Mohammed Eid Bokhammas -Managing Director
Yousuf Eid Bokhammas-Deputy Managing Director
Aziz Eid Bokhammas- Director

BRC Weldmesh (Gulf) WLL

P.O.Box 5341, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17728222, Fax:17725562, (Deals in manufacture and supply of electrically crosswelded steel wire mesh in sheets and rolls).
A. K. Almoayyed-Chairman
Emad Abdul Rahman Almoayed-Managing Director
K. A. Almoayed-Director

Brothers Group

P.O.Box 1661, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17535464, Fax:17532346
Mishal Jarallah-Managing Director

Bukamal W.L.L.

P.O.Box 5682, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17244665,Fax:17255572,
(Established in 1977, Bukamal an ISO certified company successfully operating in Bahrain as a Power and Hand Tools, Hardware, Building Material, Safety Ware and Ironmongery wholesaler for over 2 decades. The Company has business relationships with various industrial companies in the Field of Oil Refining, Aluminium Smelting, Petrochemicals, Oil Pumping and Distribution, Power Generation and Water production...etc.
Jehad Bukamal*-Chairman
Tariq Bukamal-Managing Director
Majdi Bukamal-Sales & Marketing Director
Ehsan Bukamal-Director

Bukannan Furnishing –

(Haji Ali Ahmed Bukannan & Sons WLL.)
P.O.Box 536, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17400600, Fax:17402747,;
Branches - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E.
Yousif Bukannan – Managing Director

Business International W.L.L.

P.O.Box 585, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17531977, Fax:17725726
Nabeel Almoayed -Managing Director

Cable & Wireless Plc.

P.O.Box 10797, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17537855, Fax:17537393

Caltex Bahrain

P.O.Box 25125, Awali, Bahrain Tel:17753100 / 17753102 /17709012 17701020,Fax:17753122, 17700361. (Deals in oil trading, refining and marketing. Crude oil refining, petroleum products trading & lubricating oil sales.)
Richard Ferney-Vice President -Refinery Operation
Abdul Majeed Abu Al Qassim - General Manager

Capital Furnishing

P.O.Box 1588, Manama, Bahrain.
Ebrahim Naimi-Proprietor

Castle Rock Industries W.L.L.

P.O.Box 5707, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17530817, Fax:17530786,, (Processors and Fabricators of Natural Stones)

Catman W.L.L.

P.O.Box10740, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17610061, Fax: 17610071;,
(Removal, Air & Sea Freight, Heavy Equipment Hiring, Transport )
Roshan Kachhwaha*
Managing Director-(M)39463899

Cebarco Bahrain SPC

P.O.Box 28812,Riffa, Bahrain. Tel:17722237,Fax:17722001
(Established in 1991, Civil Engineers & Contractors)
Khalid M.Abdul Rahim*-Chairman & C.E.O
Peter James Sellers*-Chief Executive Officer

Chem - Tech W.L.L.

P.O.Box 10941,Manama, Bahrain Tel:17736900, Fax:17736376
Sayeed Mubarak Al Kaabi – Chairman & Managing Director

Chevron Texaco Middle East.

P.O.Box 11791, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17709010, Fax:17700361
(An Oil Exploration Company)
Bob Dastmalchi-General Manager

Coca Cola Bottling Co of Bahrain BSC(c)

P.O. Box 11230, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17784141, Fax: 17784482 (Soft Drink Mfrs, Bottlers & Distributors)
Mohamed Akeel – Managing Director

D.K.Karani & Bros. W.L.L.

P. O. Box. 229, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17294431/ 17294432; Fax: 17294007
Vittal Karani-Managing Director
Deepak Karani-Director
Amit Karani - Director

Dadabhai Group of Companies

P.O.Box 20531, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17587575/17290042/17255209, Fax:17251995;
(Corporate Office, Holding Companies, Construction Companies, Hotels, Real Estate, Travel Agents & Tourist Operators)
Shabeer Mohamed Dadabhai-Managing Director
Ajith Kumar – Chief Executive Officer

Dar Al Bahrain Construction Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 20290, Askar, Bahrain, Tel:17830190, Fax:17830183; (Civil & Building Contractors)
Abdul Rehman Kanoo-Director
Fawzi Ahmed Kanoo-Director
Saud Abdulazeez Kanoo-Director

Dar Al Tasmeen Engineering Consultancy

P. O.Box11267, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17215564, Fax:17214074
Reza Ali Bader-Chairman

Darwish Hassan Haider

P.O.Box 272, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17334222, Fax:17333599 (General merchants, commission agents, contractors’ and manufacturers’ representatives, importers, wholesale dealers, distributors of foodstuffs, cigarettes, electrical home appliances and bathroom furniture).
Hassan Haider Darwish-Chairman
Dr. Mohamed Hassan Darwish -Director
Harith Hassan Darwish-Director

Deeko Bahrain W.L.L.

P.O.Box 26512, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17458999/17731166, Fax:17732082,
(Aluminium Foil, Containers & Trays Wholesale & Manufacturers;Food packaging, Paper, Plastic Cups, Containers & Utensils, Tissue Paper Manufacturers)
Abdul Hussain Dawani -Chairman
Zeenat Dawani -Managing Director
Nasreen Dawani – Marketing & Product Development Manager

Delmon Poultry Co.

P. O. Box 20535, Hamala, Bahrain, Tel:17608282, Fax:17601930. Email:;
(Deals in animal and poultry feed, production of broiler processing plant, by-product rendering plant and hatchery).
Mohamed Abdulla Al-Mannai-Chairman
Siddiq Sayed Sharaf Al-Alawi-Deputy Chairman
Dr. Jalil Al Hawachi-General Manager

Delmon Readymix & Delmon Precast Co.WLL

P. O. Box 936, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17783838, Fax: 17784467 (Manufacturers of all types of precast concrete products including prestressed slabs beams, kerbs, paving slabs, boundary walls, septic tanks and concrete pipe etc. Readymix & Precast Concrete Products);; Other Locations: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sharjah, UAE, Oman, Lebanon
Jon Mottram-General Manager

Dheya Towfiqi Engineering Consultancy Bureau (DTEB)

P.O.Box 15646, Bahrain. Tel:17822006, Fax: 17822007,,
(Projects Consultancy- Design, Management & Supervision)
Dheya A. Aziz Towfiqi*- Founder & Chairman
Nazil Tawfeeqi – Administration Manager

Dilmun Shipping Co. Ltd.

P. O. Box 11664, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17534530, Fax: 17531287 (Tanker Owners and Managers)
Captain Philip G. Carr
Tel: 17712485/39605933

Ebrahim Abdulaal Group of Companies

P.O.Box 20418,Al Seef, Bahrain Tel:17533888 /17533273/ 17533274/17536212/ Fax: 17533236,; Trading, Contracting, Petroleum, Security, Telecommunication, IT, Fleet Management, Aircraft Logistics Support, Medical Services and Real Estate Development)
Ebrahim Abdul Aal*- Chairman (M)39633999
Madan Y. P*- Vice Chairman (M) 39699777
Vasu Dandanayak*- Chief Executive Officer (M)39744999

Ebrahim Darwish Tattan Est.

P.O.Box 635,Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17253036,Fax:17276850
Ebrahim Darwish Tattan - Chairman

Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo BSC (c).

P. O. Box 119, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17262262/17736222/ 17731600, Fax:17258865/17736669,;
(Toyota Distributors, Merchantile & Car Business)
Mohamed Ebrahim Kanoo - President
Fuad Ebrahim Kanoo-Vice President
email: fuad_e_kanoo@,
Waleed Ebrahim Kanoo - Director,(M)39661090
Salman Khalil Kanoo -Director


P.O.Box 37654, Opposite Riffa Post Office, Riffa, Bahrain Tel:17668288/17668388, Fax: 17668788, email:
(Established in 1993; Proprietory Business – Distributor and Retailer of PC Software, Video games and Electronics)
Abdul Wahed Mohamed Al Balooshi- Executive Manager, (M) 39449094

Eurotechnology International W.L.L.

Yateem Centre, Phase 2, 2nd Floor, Office No. 304, P.O.Box 26935, Adliya, Bahrain. Tel:17225353, Fax:17227335
(Offshore Supplies & Services)
Eden S. Robb.-Chairman & CEO
Mrs. Rachael Robb- Managing Director

Fahad Stationery

P.O.Box 60, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17276774, Fax: 17228053
(M)39656572; email:
Moh’d Muqtader Malik*- Director

Faieq Al Zayani Co. W.L.L.

P. O.Box 120, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17311566, Fax:17311577,
(Cigar, Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers-Wholesale;Restaurants)
Ali Al Zayani * - Managing Director

Fairmech W.L.L.

Bldg, 338, Road 5616, Avenue 356, Khalil Kanoo Garden, Sallhalya, P.O. Box 54108, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17268200, Fax:17250030, email:, (Established in 1990; Mechanical & Civil Works)
R.K.Mathur-General Manager

Fakhro Commercial Services

P.O.Box 2200, Manama, Bahrain,Tel:17213030/17220000, Fax:17214293/17225000; email:; (Established in 1984; Trading and Servicing of Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial products)
Adel Abdulla Fakhro* -Chairman.
Abdulla Yousif Fakhro – Managing Diretor
Dinesh Pillay-General Manager

Fakhro Qasim Mohamed

P. O. Box 633, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:1725359, Fax:17275996, (Deals in general trading, distribution and contracting of all kinds of building materials, pipes, insulation materials, partitions.)
Qasim Ahmad Fakhro-Chairman
D. N. Saigal -General Manager

Fakhro Shipping Agency Ltd.

Awal Building, Government Road, P. O. Box 5826, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17827940, Fax: 17827945. (Deals in shipping, freight clearing and forwarding, transport.)
Adel Abdullah Fakhro-Chairman

Faqihi Bros

P.O.Box 740,Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17227822 Fax:17226228
Ebrahim Mohd. Noor Faqihi -Managing Director
Ismail Mohd. Noor Faqihi -Director

Fawaz Al Zayani Group of Companies

P.O.Box 20500, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17274472, 17274427/17715252, Fax: 17276672, email:
Fawaz Ebrahim Mohamed Al Zayani*
Managing Director

Golden Fire & Safety Engineering Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 20446, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17254888, Fax: 17246332. email: (Fire Alarm Systems Commercial & Industrial, Firefighting System Suppliers, Contractors, Safety Equipment, Systems & Protective Coating Suppliers- Commercial & Industrial
Wilson George – Chief Admin. Officer

G.P. Zachariades -(Overseas) Ltd

P.O.Box 5632, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17598800, Fax: 17598801,, (Civil Engineering & Building Contractors)
Graham R. S. Snell - Tender Dept.- Commercial Manager
(Refer Special Page)

Gajria Electronics BSC (c)

P.O.Box 305, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17555616/17215353 / 17226892, Fax:17556110/17223799, email:;;
(Company established in 1948.
Lalchand Ratanchand Gajria* - Managing Director
Vijay P. Boloor -Executive Director
Ranjit Gajria - Director

General Poultry Co.

P.O.Box 5472, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17600716, Fax:17600799,
(Deals in Production of poultry feed and eggs)
Siddiq Al Alawi-Chairman

General Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Est.

P.O.Box 20660 Manama,Bahrain Tel:17779935, Fax:17778168 Dealers of Electrical Parts
Boban Idiculla-Group General Manager (M):39456914, email:

Gredeco - Ansari Consultants & Al Amin Contracting

P.O.Box 10122, Bahrain, Tel:17534025, Fax:17533340
Hassan Ansari- Director

Gulf Agency Co (Bahrain) W.L.L.

P.O. Box 412, Muharraq, Bahrain. Tel: 17339777. Fax: 17320498. email:;, (Shipping Companies & agents; Logistics - Distribution & Warehousing, Relocation Services - clearing and forwarding agents, packers and marine contractors)
Abdulla Yousuf Fakhro-Chairman
Mikael Leijonberg - Managing Director

Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Co (GAMCO)

P.O. Box 5177, Manama, Bahrain;
Tel: 17540066, Fax: 17540440. email:; (Global Positioning Systems)

Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Co.(GARMCO)

P.O.Box 20725, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17734601/17731000, Fax:17730542/17730542,;;
(Aluminium Rolling Mill producing Aluminium nonheat treated coils & sheets, Foil & Foil Products)
(Refer Special Page)

Gulf Asia Contracting, W.L.L,

P. O. Box 664, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17256882, Fax: 17273849,
(Deals in personnel transportation, fleet maintenance contract, general services, haulage contract, sale of heavy duty vehicles, commercial vehicles, municipal equipments, forklifts, tyres and spareparts)
Gulf Asia Trading and R2 International ( USA); National Est. of Technical & Trade Services;
Eng. Ali Yousuf Abdul Rahman-Chairman & Managing Director
Eng. Khalid Yousuf Abdul Rahman -Finance Director

Gulf City Cleaning Company W.L.L.

NBB Tower, 19th floor, Office 192 Government Avenue, P.O.Box 669, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17729151/17218822; Fax: 17825278/17210010; email:;;

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Connexions

P.O. Box 2591, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17565358, Fax: 17581808. email: (Recruitment Consultants)
Derek Dorman- Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Electric Co. W.L.L.

P.O.Box 1054, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17731247, Fax:17731840, (Electrical Traders & Contractors, ‘A’ grade contractors registered with the BSED.)
A. R. Baqer-Managing Director
Mohamed A.R. Baqer-GeneralManager(TradingDiv)
Ahmed AR. Baqer-General Manager(Contracting Div)

Gulf Equipment & Technology (GET)

P.O. Box 704, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17700008, Fax: 17700983. email:; (Construction Equipment and Machinery Suppliers, Heavy Equipment Suppliers)
Bassim A. M. AI Alawi – Managing Director

Gulf Fibre Glass Factory

P.O. Box 23148, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17731284,
Fax: 17731086. email: (Fibre & Fibre Products)
Sami Rashid - Chairman
Noora Ameen - Director

Gulf Future Business

P.O. Box 10602, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17710002, Fax: 17713500, email:;; (Conference & Seminar Facilities)
Ahmed AI Hujairy – Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Holding Co KSC (c)

P.O. Box 23239, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17102102, Fax: 17102100, email:
Ahmed AI Ameer – Chief Executive Officer

Gulf House Engineering SPC

P.O. Box 50900, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17822666, Fax: 17820666. email: (Architects & Architectural Consultants, Engineers Consulting, Interior Architects & Engineers)
Ahmed Bucheery –Managing Director

Gulf Industrial Investment Co. EC. (GIIC)

P.O.Box 50177, Hidd,Bahrain Tel:17464222/17677134, Fax:17675258,;
(Production of iron oxide pellets)
Khalid Al Qadeeri – Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Gulf Membrane & Coating Industries W.L.L.

P.O.Box 10266, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17830233/17770019, Fax: 17830277/17774450,;
(Building Materials, Waterproofing Materials)
Fareed Ghulam Abbas Bader – Managing Director

Gulf Motor Agency Co. W.L.L.

P.O.Box 1973, Salmabad, Bahrain, Tel: 17232144, Fax:17231685, (Deals in sales and service of cars, sale of motor oil and auto spare parts.)
Makki Mohamed Tammam - Chairman & Managing Director

Gulf Packing Company

P.O.Box 5035, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:177499040, Fax: 17749020, (Deals in packing, air and sea freight forwarders; removal service; customs clearance; warehousing )
Husain Abdullah Khalfan-Chairman
Mohamed Hassan Bagali-Managing Director

Gulf Pest Control

P.O.Box 1063, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17713353/17713014, Fax:17712980;;; (Established in 1976, Pioneers in pest control services in Bahrain with 28 years of dedicated services to major establishments- commercial & industrial hotels, restaurants and residential premises.)
Mohamed Yousuf Jalal-Managing Director

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. BSC (GPIC)

P. O.Box 26730, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17731777, Fax: 17731047,;
(Petrochemical Companies; Deals in methanol and ammonia production)
(Refer Special Page )
Abdul Rahman Jawahery - President

Gulf Plastic Industries W.L.L.

Mina Salman Industrial Area, P.O.Box 894, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17727877/17725577, Fax:17728987,;;
(Manufacturers of UPVC and Polyethylene pipes (and Pipefittings manufacturers & suppliers)
Jamal Abdulrahman Zayani -Director

Gulf Ready Mixed Concrete

P.O. Box 5229, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17700151;
Fax: 17700394; (Concrete Ready Mixed; Concrete Blocks Manufacturers & Suppliers; Readymix Concrete)
Jalal Mohammed Nass –Managing Director

Gulf Sahar Trading & Industrial Co.(GSTIC)

P.O. Box 18512, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17879182,
Fax: 17879184. email: (Chemical Cleaning, Detergents, Soaps, Shampoos, & Disinfectants Mfrs & Suppliers, Heavy Equipment Spare Parts)
Ihsan Sinan – Owner
Fouad Al Sinan – Chief Executive Officer.

Gulf Sand Co.

P.O. Box 416, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17612554, Fax: 17667111; email:
(Excavating Contractors & Equipment Suppliers)
Shaikh AI Khalifa - Owner

Gulf Shade

P.O. Box 20297, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17737632;
Fax: 17737276; email: (Engineers-Structural; Shade Structures & Materials Suppliers)
Osama Isa AI Thawadi- Managing Director

Gulf Strategic Partners W.L.L.

P.O. Box 2024, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17228446,
Fax: 17228223. email: (Chemical Cleaning, Industrial Maintenance, & Engineering Services, Inspection Services, Marine Services, Pipeline Services)
Wayne D Giles – Chief Executive Officer

Gulf Services Co. W.L.L.

P.O.Box 405, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17813535, Fax:17813555,;
(Fire Alarm Systems Commercial & Industrial, Fire Brigade Signalling System, Fire Fighting System Contractors; Deals in sale, installation and maintenance and distribution, fire protection, commercial catering and laundry equipment, generators, alarm and security, contractors)
Sager Shaheen- Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Adel M. Mattar - Director

Gulf Trading & Export Agency

P.O.Box 1063, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17713353, Fax:17712980;; (Established in 1971,Leading suppliers of Twyford Sanitarywares & Bathroom fittings, Manufacturers and Suppliers; ceramic tiles, roof tiles, and many more building material items)
Mohamed Yousuf Jalal - Managing Director
(Refer Special Page)
Subsidiary - Chemical Services Bahrain established in 1977 agents for a wide range of specialized cleaning chemicals used in Aircraft maintenance, Commercial laundries, industrial & domestic applications.

Habib Associates

P.O. Box 1799, Manama, Bahrain,Tel: 17710818, Fax: 17749618; email:;(Interior Architects & Designers)
Janan Habib – Managing Director

Habib Modara Arts & Architecture

P.O. Box 1571, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17822116, Fax: 17822012; email: (Architects & Architectural Consultants, Interior Designers & Decorators)
Habib Modara – Managing Director

Hafeera Contracting Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 28411, Riffa, Bahrain, Tel: 17730343,
Fax: 17732187; email: (Contractors – General)
Faisal Mohammed Abdulrahim - Chairman

Hajen Construction

P.O. Box 70126, Sitra, Bahrain, Tel: 17735490, Fax: 17735790, email:
Kishore Kulkarni – General Manager

Hafeera Contracting Co. W.L.L

P.O.Box 28411, Riffa, Bahrain,
Tel:17730343, Fax: 17732187, email:;; (Civil construction, road-works, earth- works, landscaping, plumbing & electrical)
Isa Mohd. Abdul Rahim Managing Director
Faisal Mohd. Abdul Rahim – Chief Executive Officer

Haji Ali Haji Co. W.L.L.

P.O.Box 329, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17822722/17298398, Fax:17721822/17293338, ( Deals in general building materials, electrical and electronic goods, household appliances, sanitaryware)
Abdul Nabi Ali Haji-Chairman
Ebrahim A. Haji-Vice Chairman & Executive Director

Haidar Kazerooni & Sons

P.O.Box 149, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17554414, Fax:17554410, (Importers – Exporters & General Merchants)
Mohamed Kazerooni-(M): 39661181

Haji Hassan Group BSC (c)

P. O. Box 530, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17551111, Fax: 17552680,;;(Deals in crushing plants, block factory all types and size of concrete blocks, lintel blocks and inter locking tiles, housing projects, road contracts, ready mix concrete suppliers, building materials, and hire of plant, machinery and equipments, real estate development, dredging and reclamation, reinforcing bar and welded mesh stock holders)
Haji Hassan Al A’ali-Chairman
Adel Hassan Ali A’ali-Director
Ahmed Ali Al A’ali-Director
Ebrahim Ali Al A’ali -Director
P. P. Adel Hassan Al A’li -Director

Haji Hassan Readymix Co.

P. O. Box 5822,Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17785353, Fax:17785025,;; (Manufacturers of ready mix concrete, light weight concrete, mortar and plaster,
supplier of washed marine sand and rock aggregate)
Ahmed Ali Al Aali -Managing Director
Adel Hassan Gannam-General Manager

Halliburton Worldwide Limited.

P.O.Box 515,Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17727102, Fax:17723437 (Major supplier of oilfield services and equipment for onshore and offshore work, providing services in cementing, stimulation, tools and testing).
Torscen -Manager – Operations

Hana & Hana Interior Design Projects

P.O. Box 2620, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17541232, Fax: 17541231, email:;; (Interior Designers & Decorators, Maintenance Contractors & Services Real Estate)
Hanadi Al Tawash – Chief Executive Officer
Mirza AI Tawash- Managing Director

Happy Manpower Services

P.O. Box 54404, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17244248/17277679.Fax: 17261069. email:; (Manpower Consultants & Suppliers)
Abdul Razaq Madan – Managing Director

Hassan & Habib

S/o Mahmood W.L.L.
P.O.Box 302, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17729595/17724303, Fax: 17729596/17223509;;;
Ali Hasan Mahmood – Chairman
Fareed Hassan Mahmood - Director

Hassan Habib Abdulnabi

75 Al Jawahara, Central Market, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17275055, Fax:17271806 (M)39603387/39805936/ (Established in 1975, Importers of Fruits & vegetables from around the globe since 1975)
Hassan Habib-Managing Director
Abdulla Habib-Director
Sadiq Habib-Director

Hassan Mansouri

P.O. Box 5185, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17728144, Fax:17729976, (Deals in general contracting and construction, plant hire, portable buildings, hoteliers, steel fabrication and erection, property letting, shipping, cargo haulage and forwarding, import of chemicals)
Hassan Mansouri-Chairman
Karim Mansouri -Managing Director

Hassan Mohamed Jawad & Sons B.S.C.(c)

Jawad House, 171-Sh.Issa Avenue,P.O.Box 430, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17253032,Fax:17273866
Hassan Mohamed Jawad –Managing Director
Faisal Hassan Jawad- Director
Dairy Queen - A division-

Hassan Ebrahim Bukamal & Sons (Bukamal)

P.O. Box 5682, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17244665, Fax: 17255572. email:;; (Building Materials, Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturers, Electrical Equipment Suppliers , Ironmongery, Property Companies & Developers Safety Equipment Suppliers & Consultants, Security Control Equipment & Services
Tariq Bukamal – Managing Director
Majdi Bukamal - Director Sales & Marketing

Hassan Lari Group BSC (c)

P.O. Box 5089, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17292760, Fax: 17294575; email:
(Apartment Rentals, Contractors, Real Estate Development)
Hassan Lari - Chairman
Muhammed Lari – General Manager

Hatem AI Juffali Technical Equipment Est.

P.O. Box 26936, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17704537, Fax: 17704257; email:; (Air Compressors, Power Tools Suppliers, Welding Equipment Supplies)
Hadi Atef Berjas - Country Manager

Hejair Group

P.O. Box 2456, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17233383, Fax: 17231322. email: (Air Conditioning Contractors, Construction Companies, Real Estate, Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance)
Khalaf AI Hejair - Chairman

Hempel Paints (Bahrain) SPC

P.O. Box 997, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17728668, Fax: 17827327;;
(Paints Manufacturers & Suppliers – Retail & Wholesale)
Karsten Pedersen – Group Vice President

Hiba Construction & Interior Decoration

P.O. Box 20471, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17234240, Fax: 17264195. email:; Companies, Interior Decorators & Designers)
Mohammed Rizwan Khalil - Managing Director

Horwath Bahrain

Salahuddin Building, 5th Floor, P.O.Box 484, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17210994/17822440,Fax: 17211035 /17822455; email:
Fuad Alkaabi- Managing Partner
Javed Akhtar-Manager

Hidd Power Co. BSC

P.O. Box 50710, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17679479, Fax: 17679429. (Manpower Suppliers)
David Hadfield – Managing Director

Home City Contracting

P.O. Box 23708, Muharraq, Bahrain. Tel: 17340022, Fax: 17340967; email:
(Construction Companies, Mechanical & Mechanical Engineering Contractors; Shade Structures & Materials Suppliers)
Mohammed Mohammadi – Managing Director

Horizon United Photo Equipments Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 54286, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17715454, Fax: 17715900. email:
(Photographic Equipments & Supplies – Retail)
Ahmed AI Male –Managing Director

Horse Pride Equestrians Equipment

P.O. Box 38765, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17592564, Fax: 17592565, email:;; (Equestrian Products & Accessories; Suppliers & Services, Horse Equipments & Services)
Mohammed Al Hashli – Managing Director
Huda Janahi – General Manager

Horti Group

P.O. Box 75588, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17744888, Fax: 17471881; email:
(Garden Centres, Irrigation Contractors & Consultants, Landscape Contractors & Services)
Abdulla Banihani – General Manager


P.O. Box 16022, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17822599, Fax: 17741671; email:
Ravi Moorkath – General Manager

Hussain Yousuf Mahmood

Tijjar Rd,P.O. Box 23, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17253547/17276176, Fax:17251607 /17275819
Ahmad Yousuf Mahmood Hussain-Chairman
Aziz Yousuf Mahmood Hussain-Managing Director

Inchcape Middle East-Industrial Division

P.O.Box 210,Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17739607, Fax:17735284, (Sales & Service for oil/gas instrumentation & water industries)
Alan Davies-Chief Executive

Inchcape Shipping Services W.L.L.

P.O.Box 54800, Adliya, Bahrain, Tel: 17821161/17739601, Fax:17720675/17732069;
(Cargo Services – General, Clearing & Forwarding Companies & Agents; Freight Forwarding & Cargo Services; Removal, Packing & Storage Services; Shipping Companies & Agents)

Installux Gulf W.L.L.

P.O.Box 10229, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17590589, Fax:17591589,;installux@ batelco.,;
(A joint venture group with French Installux Group in 1997.Aluminium Systems/partitions)
Basim Mohammed Al Saie*-Managing Director

ID Design Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 18516. Sitra. Bahrain. Tel: 17732919. Fax: 17732909; email: (Furniture Dealers-Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturers, Interior Designers & Decorators)
Naeem Karmustaji- Managing Director

IdeaLink Group

P.O. Box 24974, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17621007; Fax: 17625006. email: (Cable & Wire Suppliers, Electric Cables, Fibre Optic Cabling, Instrumentation & instrument Suppliers, Wire & Wire Products
Sudheer Punathil - Group Director

Intec Bahrain

P.O.Box 15362, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17822588, Fax:17822585,;
(Architects and Architectural Design Consultants)
Hisham Shehabi-Partner
Felipe Yofre - Partner

Intellect Data Systems & Software (P)Ltd.

P.O.Box 5878,Manama, Bahrain
Marketing & Business Development, Tel:172266195 /172260538, Tel:91-80-223538042; Fax:91-80-223538041 Suresh John -Director


P.O.Box 12000, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17531999, Fax:17530000
Hadi Alawi - Chairman & CEO

International Agencies Co. Ltd (Intercol)

P. O.Box 584, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17228855, Fax:17210016, email:; ; (Telecommunication Engineers & Systems, Equipment & Product Suppliers, Trading Companies)
Abdul Rahman Ali Al Wazzan-Director
Sadiq Mohammed Al Baharna-Director

International Information Technology

P.O.Box 31030,Manama,Bahrain,
Tel:17737828, Fax: 17737858
Redha Rajab-Executive Director

International Laboratory Services W.L.L.

P.O.Box 16464, Adliya, Bahrain, Tel:17464402, Fax:17464403, email:; (Calibration, Chemical Testing, Geotechnical Services, Material Testing Laboratories)
Najeeb Y. Al Hamer - Vice President

International Turnkey Systems

P.O.Box 1344, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17273280, Fax:17273281, (Engaged in marketing, support, installation and maintenance of turnkey computer solutions (hardware and software), computer consultancy services. etc.)
Sameer Y. Al Nafisi-Chairman
Saad Al Barrak-Managing Director

Ismail Khonji Associates Consulting Engineers

P.O.Box 72, Manama, Bahrain Tel:17714463, Fax:17712292,; (Civil & Structural Engineering Consultancy, Structural Investigations, Architecture)
Ismail Khonji - Managing Director

IME Bahrain Co. Ltd W.L.L. (R S Components)

P.O. Box 20722, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17312151,
Fax: 17312161; email: Equipment Components & Spares Retail & Wholesale, Manufacturers & Suppliers, Industrial Equipments, Materials & Products, Suppliers & Services)
Rami Halabi –General Manager

Imman Marbles W.L.L.

P.O. Box 15400, Adliya, Bahrain, Tel: 17742634, Fax: 17742634; email:
(Interior Designers & Decorators, Marble & Granite Manufacturers, Suppliers & Fixers, Marble Engravers)
Om Prakash Gupta – Managing Director
Vinay Gupta - Director

Impact Interiors W.L.L.

P.O. Box 5752, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17536888, Fax: 17530307; email: (Consultants, Interior Designers
& Decorators, Office Furniture & Equipments – Retail & Wholesale and Manufacturers)
Rima Abutteen – Managing Director

Impression Stamps & Services

P.O. Box 22715, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17280133; Fax: 17280703. email:
Hussain AI Haddad – General Manager

Imras Gulf Manufacturing Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 303, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17874795, Fax: 17874796; email: (Electric Equipment & Supplies Retail, Steel & Steel Products Mfrs & Suppliers)
S. Kumar: Managing Director

Islamic Trading Co.

Chamber of Commerce Building, P.O.Box 5781,
Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17211833, Fax: 17211766
Osman Mukhtar – General Manager

Instyle Fashions W.L.L.

P.O. Box 128, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 1721185 I; Fax: 17211871; email:; Fashion – Retail; Silks - Wholesale & Mfrs, Textile Merchants
Rohinton J. Bhajalia – General Manager

Incarnate ICT (ME) W.L.L.

P.O. Box 54084, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17245663, Fax: 17245342. email: (Human Resources Development, Information Technology Consultants, Information Technology Services & Solutions, Management Consultants, Security & Access Control Systems)
Sanjay Dani - Managing Director

Index Partners

P.O. Box 2215, Manama, Bahrain; (M): 39432076; Fax: 16500501; email: (Business & Management Consultants)
Jehan lIahi – Managing Director-Middle East

Infinity Electric Equipments

P.O. Box. Salmabad, Bahrain; Tel: 17877617, Fax: 17877618; email:
(Electrical Equipment Suppliers)
A. Tareef – Managing Director

Infinity World for General Services Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 33235, Isa Town, Bahrain; Tel: 17686629; Fax: 17686639; email: (Heavy Equipment Hire; Sewer Cleaning Service)
Abdulla Saleem – Managing Director)

Info Call W.L.L.

P.O. Box 26784, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17241724, Fax: 17277070; email:
(Information Technology Services & Solutions)
Adel AI Safar - Chairman

Infodata Co Ltd WLL

P.O. Box 1093, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17535696,
Fax: 17533523; email: (Information Technology Services & Solutions, Information Technology Solutions)
Redha Faraj – Managing Director

Innervision Contemporary Design

P.O. Box 15064, Adliya, Bahrain; Tel: 17749390; Fax: 17749360; email: (Interior Designers & Decorators)
Najeeb Saihati – Chairman

Installux Gulf W.L.L.

P.O. Box 10229, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17590589, Fax: 17591589; email: (Aluminium Systems/partitions)
Basim Mohammed AI Saie – Managing Director

Intellex Info Tech

P.O. Box 32577, Isa Town, Bahrain; Tel: 17896666, Fax: 17896662; email:;
(Computer Accessories Suppliers; Computer Network Systems; Computer Suppliers & Services)
Ali Hassan – Managing Director

Inter Design International

P.O. Box 26272, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17713636, Fax: 17713232; email: (Architects)
Nader AI Sharif – General Manager

Inter Merca

P.O. Box 75179, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17879501;
Fax: 17879502; email: (Air Conditioning Central, Air Conditioning Contractors, Building Management Systems, Ventilating Fans)
Thomas Varghese – Managing Director

International Agencies Co Ltd (Electro Mech Division)

P.O. Box 584, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17228855, Fax: 17210016. email: (Telecommunication Engineers & Systems, Equipment & Product Suppliers, Trading Companies)
Abdulrahman Ali AI Wazzan - Director
Sadiq Mohamed AI Baharna – Director

International Contractors-INCO

P.O. Box 26361, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17822002, Fax: 17741934; email:
(Interior Designers)
Abdul Nizamudeen – Managing Director

J. A. Zayani & Sons W.L.L.

P.O.Box 932, Sitra, Bahrain, Tel:17294979/ 17291100, Fax:17295328, email:,; (Construction Equipment & Machinery Suppliers, Garage Equipment, Lift & Escalator Suppliers & Contractors, Scaffolding services, Welding Electrodes, Equipment Supplies & Services)
Mohammed Jasim Al Zayani – Managing Director
Varghese A. Karakkal* - Group Finance Manager

J. Y. Al Hamad Group

P.O. Box 33881, Bahrain, Tel:17683436, Fax:17683436,
(Established in 1944 - Merchants)
Jaffar Yousif Hamad - Proprietor
Salman Al Hamad-Managing Director
Khalil Al Hamad-Director

Jaj Global Pumps Factory

P.O. Box 28993, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17714639, Fax: 17712366, email:;; (Construction Companies, Dewatering Services, Equipments & Suppliers, Pumps & Pumping Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers)
Jamal AI Jalahma - Owner
Rashed Al Jalahma – Development Manager

Jamal A. R. AI Jalahma Construction

P.O. Box 28993, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17714639, Fax: 17712366, email: (Construction Companies, Dewatering Services)
Jamal AI Jalahma - Owner

Jaffer Aldarazi Electronics

P.O.Box 1097, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17224432; Fax: 17224432
(Satellite Receiving & Communications Equipment)
Jaffer S. Al Derazi- Managing Director

Jalal Costain W.L.L.

P.O.Box 5985, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17712650, Fax:17714181, (Deals in Civil Engineering and Construction.)
Mohammed Yousuf Jalal-Chairman
Jalal M. Jalal-Managing Director

Jambo Contracting & Construction

P.O.Box 1065, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17293499, Fax: 17292339, (Construction of Commercial & Residential buildings)
Ghazi Al Dosseri-Managing Director
Jayanth Kumar-Executive Director

Jameel Khalfan Architects

P.O. Box 38387, Riffa, Bahrain, Tel: 17779797, Fax: 17774779, email: (Architects & Architectural Consultants)
Ghada AI Marzooq – Managing Director

Jashanmal & Sons W.L.L.

one main department store and seven speciality retail stores engaged in the distribution of more than forty international brands of luxury products, household appliances, Perfumes & fragrances, Bookshops & Newsagents, employing 140 plus people in the State of Bahrain)
Tony Jashanmal - Managing Director
Mohan Jashanmal - Director- Abu Dhabi

Jassim Garden Centre

P.O. Box 2163, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17552808, Fax: 17550717; email: (Agricultural & Horticultural Contractors & Equipment Suppliers, Florists – Retail, Wholesale & International Floral Designers, Garden Centres, Landscape
Contractors & Services)
Hussain Jassim Al Sayegh - Owner

Jassim Trading & Agroserve SPC

P. O. Box 1059, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17701818, Fax: 1701833, email: (Deals in trading and irrigation work, sale and distribution of agricultural equipments, sale of household and industrial chemicals, power tools, water pumps, fire extinguishers, safety items, landscaping)
Jassim Mohamed Al Sayegh-Chairman
Nabeel Jassim Al Sayegh- Managing Director

Jawad Business Group

P.O.Box 430, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17253032, Fax: 172733866; email: (Deals in cold storage, import and distribution of foodstuffs, warehousing, operation of supermarkets and bakeries, franchising of fast food restaurants and department stores. Money Changers & Exchange Dealers, Travel Agents & Tourist Operators)
A division - Hassan Mohamed Jawad & Sons B.S.C.(c)
Faisal Hassan Jawad - Chairman & CEO
Fatima Hassan Jawad - Director
Sabah Hassan Jawad - Director

Jawad Habib & Co.

P.O.Box 787, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17530077, Fax: 17530088
Jawad Habib Jawad-Partner

Jawahery Marine Services

P.O. Box 5103, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17273616, Fax: 17270729, email:
(Marine & Offshore Contractors; Supplies & General Services)
Mohammad Jawahery – General Manager

Jawahery Amusement

P. O.Box 5103, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17273616, Fax: 17270729
Mohamed Khalil Jawaheri - Managing Director

Jotun Marine & Industrial Paints

P.O.Box 363,Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17729311,
Fax: 17825641; (Deals in production and supply of marine, industrial and decorative paints).
Shafique Siddiqui –Country Manager– Bahrain and Kuwait

Joz Commercial Group

P.O. Box 283, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17223423, Fax: 17213015, email: (Cleaning Contractors, Construction Companies)
Mohammad Iqbal Joz - Chairman

Kalaam Telecom Bahrain

P.O. Box 21421, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 16168686, Fax: 16168688; email: Telecommunication & Data Systems Consultants; Telecommunication Engineers & Systems
Veer Passi* - Chief Executive Officer &
Chief Financial Officer

Kanoo Information Technology

P.O. Box 119, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17711722, Fax: 17746484; email:
(Information Technology Consultants, Information Technology Services & Solutions)
Waleed Khanoo* - General Manager

Kaiksow Abdulla Salman

Government Avenue, P. O. Box 5868,Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17250878, Fax: 17261212, (Deals in general trade, civil and electromechanical contractors, hoteliers, distributors of airconditioning equipments, electrical machinery and building materials, travel agents and property owners)
Abdulla S. Kaiksow-Managing Director
Aboobakar A. Kader-Financial Controller

Kavalani & Sons W.L.L.

P. O. Box 71, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17224055/ 17228484,Fax: 17228585, email: info; (Industrial, marine, refrigeration, mechanical trade equipments, tools, spares, hardware, automotive, welding & safety products)
Tolaram Narsinghdas-Partner
Mukesh T. Gandhi - Managing Director

Kays Group W.L.L.

P.O.Box 21341, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17737256,Fax:17737034, (Established in 1998, deals in Ship Supply & Marine Support Service. Member of INPA & ISSA )
Majid Hussain Ali Shams - Managing Director

Kazerooni Brothers Est.

P.O. Box 5844, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17257638, Fax: 17276758. email: (Food Products)
Mohsin Kazerooni – General Manager
Bashar Kazerooni - Deputy General Manager

Kazerooni Building Products

P.O. Box 5385, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17716466, Fax: 17715010. email:,; (Door Locks & Handles Roof Tile Dealers)
Sirus Hamid Kazerooni – Managing Directors
Ehsan Kazerooni – General Manager

Kazerooni Contracting W.L.L.

P.O.Box 5385, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17742595, Fax: 17712184, email: (Construction Companies;-Building materials, interior finish products, door handles, iron mongry.)
Abdul Rahman Kazerooni – Managing Director
Hussain Kazerooni – Project Manager

Keller Grundbau GmbH

P.O.Box 5452, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17741677, Fax:17741688, www., email: (Ground engineering contractors, vibro compaction, piling, drilling and grouting.)
Imtiaz Ahmed -General Manager

Key Information Technology W.L.L.

P. O. Box 60, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17213302, Fax:17211701;;
(Deals in marketing of information technology including software and hardware)
Mohammad Hussain Yateem-Chairman
Nasser Janahi -Director

Khalaifat Co. W.L.L.

P. O. Box 5111, Manama, Bahrain. Tel:17592233, Fax:17593340;; (Distributors of electrical appliances, building materials, flooring and ceiling products, airconditioning equipments, furnishing and design).
Mohamed A. Khalaifat: Chairman
Luay Khalaifat – Managing Director
Qussay Khalaifat – Director

Khatib & Alami Fakhro Bahraini Consolidated Engineering Co.

P.O.Box. 5083, Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17213177, Fax: 17212433;;;(Civil Engineering - architecture & planning, Electrical Engineering, Mechnical Engineering
Mounir El Khatib-President
Zuhair Alami-Vice President

Kitchen Magic

P.O.Box 2200,Manama,Bahrain, Tel: 17402200, Fax: 17402518,;
(Designing, importing and installing fitted kitchens, stainless steel kitchens).
Adel Fakhro- Managing Director
Abdulla Adel Fakhro - Director

KOBELCO – Kobe Steel Middle East EC

P.O.Box 23998, Muharraq, Bahrain, Tel: 17464146, Fax: 17464147;; (Deals in Sales, Engineering, Construction, Trading, Management and Financing; Steel Construction Products Suppliers)
Y. Tanno - Managing Director
T. Negami - Director

Kontra Bahrain

Government Avenue, P. O.Box 1618, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17255729, Fax: 17259839,; (Deals in supply of furnishings, carpets, interior designs and partitions, contract, joinery works, GRG tiles, furniture, turnkey projects – Interior Designers & Decorators)
Mohammad Y. Jalal - Chairman
Jalal M. Jalal-Managing Director
Samir Jalal - Director
David Bailey - General Manager

Kewalram & Sons Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 84, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17210617, Fax: 17210627, email: and Beauty Products, Jewellers, Textile Mfrs,lmporters,Wholesale & Retail)
Vinod Kewalram -Director
Dilip B. Lakhani – General Manager

Khalid Almoayed & Sons W.L.L.

P.O. Box 11, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17574333, Fax: 17534533. email:
(Advertising Agencies & Media Consultancy,Beverage Dealers Retail, Computer Software & Software Solutions Events Management, Property Companies & Developers
Sofyan Khalid AImoayed – Managing Director
Abdulrahman Almoayed - Director

Khalid Electronics

P.O. Box 26180, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17245115, Fax: 17273482. email:;
(Communications Equipment & Systems Suppliers, Electrical Equipment Suppliers, Electronic Components Suppliers)
Yousif AI Jalahma – Managing Director

Khazana W.L.L.

P.O. Box 1193, Juffair, Bahrain, Tel: 17825909, Fax: 17825908. email: (Carpet Handmade; Furniture Dealers Retail & Wholesale
& Manufacturers, Jewellers)
Faisal Khurshid Reshi – Group Director

Kings Enterprises W.L.L.

P.O. Box 5573, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17210144,Fax: 17210722; email:; (Oilfield Contractors, Equipt Suppliers & Services)
Lalchand Bhatia – Managing Director

Kirby Building Systems

P.O. Box 849, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17214168, Fax: 17214197; email:; Building Management Systems; Racking Systems, Steel Buildings Fabricators & Suppliers
K. Vasudev- Regional Sales Manager

Kooheji Contractors W.L.L.

P. O. Box 1041, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17786500, Fax: 17786565, email:; (Distributors and general merchants of home appliances, tyres, fork lifts, boats and out board motors, diesel engines, dealers in furniture, carpets and curtains.)
Abdul Hameed Kooheji-President
Abdul Ghaffar Kooheji – Managing Director
Abdulla Abduljab Al Kooheji-Director

Kooheji Engineering Consultancy

P.O. Box 26168, Adliya, Bahrain, Tel: 17826668, Fax: 17827877; email:;
(Architects & Architectural Consultants; Engineers – Civil,
Engineers – Consulting, Engineers- Electrical , Surveyors)
Nabeel AI Kooheji – Managing Director

Kuroof Construction Est.

P.O. Box 5949, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17259148, Fax: 17271274; (Construction Companies, Transport Service; Maintenance Contractors & Services)
Fareed Ali Kuroof – General Manager

Landmark Bahrain

P.O. Box 20139, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17564600, Fax: 17564747; (Real Estate)
Mohammed Younis Shafi – Chief Executive Officer

Landmark Properties W.L.L.

P.O. Box 38797, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17104848, Fax: 17104949. email:; (Property Investments Property Management, Real Estate, Real Estate Rental Services)
Mohammed Khalil – Managing Director

M & I Construction W.L.L.

P. O. Box 5697, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17728340, Fax: 17729976, email: (Deals in general construction by conventional and prefabricated methods, temporary accommodation workcamps, offices and timber houses. General contractors and manufacturers of spacemaker buildings; Steel Fabricators, Erectors & Engineers)
Hassan Mansouri-Chairman
Karim Mansouri-Director

M. H. AI Mahroos BSC(c)

P.O. Box 65, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17408090,Fax: 17404323; email: (Dealers in construction, pumps & generators, Airman Compressor, Mikasa construction equipments, Sakurgawa electric submersible pumps & Namerah air compressors)
Hassan Al Mahroos – Managing Director

M. Tayeb Khonji & Sons Co. W.L.L.

P.O.Box 33, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17214747, Fax: 17214646; (General Merchants -importers & sole distribitors of PLATT’s ceramic floor tiles & fittings, Gail’s wall, swimming pool tiles and accessories)
Yousif A. H. Khonji-Managing Director
Ali A. H. Khonji -Director

M. H. Al Balooshi & Sons W.L.L.

P.O.Box 5840, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17275220, Fax: 17270696;;
Hassan Al Balooshi- Managing Director
Mahmood Al Balooshi - Director

M. M. Joofri & Sons Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 52, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17223354, Fax: 17223356; (Food Exporters, Mfrs & Wholesale Food Products, Cosmetics & Toiletries- Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturers, Food Products & Trading Companies)
Mohammed Yahya – Managing Director

M. T. I. Consulting

P.O. Box 15259, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17229242, Fax: 17229343; email: (Consultants Human Resources Development, International Trade Services)
Helmy Cader – Chief Executive Officer

MAFCO Group of Cos.

P.O. Box 11610, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17382525, Fax: 17382552; email: (Building Contractors, Landscape Contractors, Maintenance, Pest Control Services, Steel Buildings & Structures)
Ramesh Sehgal - Director

M. M. Sharif Hatam & Sons

P. O. Box 469, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17228258, Fax:17210339,email:,
(Deals in gift items, Luxury items, Penset, Watches,Leathergoods, Perfumes-distributors for Alfred Dunhill, Montblanc & Chloe Sharif, Grandfather started the business 70 years ago and father Hatam Sharif, continued business till 1988, dealing in luxury items, presentation items and leather items.)
Mohammed Amin Hatam*
Managing Director (M)39664420,
Ismail Hatam -Director (M)39678484
Abdul Hamid Hatam-Director

Mahmood Hassan & Habib

P. O. Box 302, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17254303, 17254159, Fax:17230024, (Deals in civil engineering, importers of foodstuffs, wholesalers, general merchants, manufacturers, general commission agents, property developers, shipowners, bakery and supermarket owners, soft drink bottlers.
Ali Hassan Mahmood-Managing Director

Makkawi Contracting Co. W.L.L.

P. O.Box 1013, Manama, Bahrain, (Deals in general t
rading and contracting, supply of building materials, electrical and mechanical equipments, industrial machinery, vehicles, etc. )
Abdul Aziz Makkawi - Chairman

Management Development Centre Int’l Ltd (MDCI)

P.O.Box 26305, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17216002, Fax: 17216007 ;email:,
Robert Rice-Managing Director

MAG Al Ghanim Group

P.O. Box 54427, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17200090,
Fax: 17224822. email:;;;
Construction Companies
Mansoor AI Ghanim – Managing Director

Magic Wall Decor

P.O. Box 33360, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17250600, Fax: 17250069. email:;
(Fabric Importers & Suppliers; Interior Decorators & Designers, Wallpapers & Wallcoverings – Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturers)
Jannat Bin Rajab – Managing Decor

Maison Interiors W.L.L.

P.O. Box 15019, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17715919, Fax: 17712919; email:; (Interior Decorators & Designers)
Daaij K Bauchale – Managing Director

Majed & Mohammed Alhashimi Contracting W.L.L.

P.O. Box 445, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17556711; Fax: 17556722. (Building Materials , Construction Companies)
Mohammed Hashim AI Hashmi –Managing Director

Majelan Building Contracting Gypsum Decoration Est

P.O. Box 30583, Budaiya, Bahrain, Tel: 17595908, Fax: 17595968; email:
(Building Maintenance Repairs & Restoration, Contractors – General)
Hassan AI Basri- Managing Director

Malachite Exclusive Furniture & Design

P.O. Box 30209, Budaiya, Bahrain, Tel: 17582770, Fax: 17582771, email:; (Furniture Dealers- Wholesale, Interior Designers)
Wafa Sabri - Interior Designer & Owner

Malta Group

P.O. Box 21341, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17405199,Fax: 17405188, email: (Caterers, Interior Decorators Project Management, Real Estate, Trading Companies)
Alex Kulathooran – Managing Director

Mannai Engineering Co. Ltd.

Government Rd, P.O. Box 849, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17212064 (6 lines), Fax: 17213743. (Deals in structural and civil contracting and engineering, sanitary works and building material supplies)
Ahmed Abdulla Mannai-Chairman
Dr. Salem Abdulla Al Mannai-Vice Chairman
Isa Abdulla Al Mannai-Managing Director

Mannai Motors

P.O. Box 105, Sitra, Bahrain, Tel: 17703131,
Fax: 17703747; email: (Automation Systems & Equipt; Car Dealers, New Cars, Car Parts & Accessories – Retail & Wholesale & Manufacturers; Car Repairing & Service, Industrial Equipment,Materials & Products, Supplies & Service)
Talal AI Mannai- Managing Director

Mannai Trading & Contracting

P.O. Box 5664, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17813836, Fax: 17723330. email:;
Anil Nair - CEO & Director

Marina International Fisheries

P.O. Box 3145, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17534925, Fax: 17534273;; (Fish & Seafood Importers)
Ali Mortza- Managing Director

Maritime Industrial Services Co.Ltd Inc. (MIS)

Manama,Bahrain,Tel: 39504958, Fax: 17729305, (Engineering project management, procurement, manpower, fabrication, construction, safety, operations
Guye. J- Vice President - Operations

Maroof AMR Maroof

P. O.Box 5056, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 39411190, Fax: 17342619
Maroof Hisham Maroof - Director

Marje AI Zuhur W.L.L.

P.O. Box 2941, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17554677, Fax: 17554349. email: (Florists – Retail; Landscape Contractors & Services)
Venugopal P. R – Managing Director

Marmaris Group SPC

P.O. Box 149, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17554414, Fax: 17554410; email: (Food Manufacturers – Wholesale, Processors & Exporters; Halls & Auditoriums, Restaurants, Trading Companies)
Mohammed Kazerooni – Managing Director

Mashal Group W.L.L.

P.O. Box 26694, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17830500, Fax: 17830189; email:; (Chemicals & Chemical Products-Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturers, Detergents, Soaps, Shampoos & Disinfectants Mfrs & Suppliers; Oilfield Chemicals)
Yousef Hamed Mashal* - Chairman & Managing Director
Ms.Sawsan Mashal-Senior Executive Director

Masheed Holding Company

P.O. Box 22305, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17556376, Fax: 17556371. email: (Construction Companies, Holding Companies)
Majdi Khayyat – Managing Director

Maskati Bros & Co. BSC (c)

P.O. Box 24, Hidd, Bahrain; Tel: 17464646,
Fax: 14464600. email:
(Paper & Paper Products – Manufacturers & Suppliers)
Hussain M. Al Maskati - Chairman
Khalid Hussain Al Maskati* Deputy Chairman

Master Light Showroom

P.O. Box 5386, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17233083, Fax: 17275117. email: (Electrical Accessories & Components – Retail, Wholesale- Mfrs & Suppliers, Pipe PVC, Switches & Switchgear Products - Mfrs & Suppliers
Abdul Hameed AI Ansari – Managing Director

Maxwell Oil & Gas Services Co WLL

P.O. Box 18260, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17212912, Fax: 17211349; email:; (Oil & Gas Exploration & Development
Mohammad Zuhair – Managing Director

Mazen AIumran Consulting Engineers

P.O. Box 26062, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17713873,Fax: 17712901. email: (Architects & Architectural Consultants; Engineers All Types, Engineers Consulting
Mazen Ahmed AIumran – Managing Director

Meat & Livestock Australia

P.O. Box 5622, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17223003, Fax: 17225394. email:
Lachlan BoWtell – Regional Manager

Mega Mart

P.O. Box 23599, Muharraq, Bahrain; Tel: 17341070, Fax: 17346010; email:; (Department Stores, Supermarkets)
Rajkumar V. Waghanani – General Manager

Micro Cadd Services (MCS)

P.O. Box 10001, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17212595, Fax: 17215839. email: (Engineers Consulting)
Ian Best – Managing Director

Micro Center SPC

P.O. Box 1539, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17262535, Fax: 17232440; email:; (Computer Software & Software Solutions)
Dr. Bakiri - President
R. D. Ranjan – General Manager

Maza Company

P.O. Box 593, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17226616, Fax: 17226636; email:; (Food Importers & Wholesalers, Food Products)
Ebrahim Mohammed Ali Zainal* - Managing Director
Sami Mohamed Sharif Zainal* - Marketing Manager

Mazen Alumran Consulting Engineers

P. O. Box 26062, Adliya, Bahrain,Tel: 17715555, Fax: 17712901,;;(Architects, Architectural & Engineering Consultancy)
Mazen Ahmed Alumran-Managing Director

Mechanical Contracting & Services Co. W.L.L. (MCSC)

P.O.Box 5238, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17623723, Fax: 17624082, email:;; (Mechanical and Civil Engineering Contractors & Consultants)
Mohammed Jalal-Chairman
Wassim Abu Hamad-Managing Director & Chief Executive
Issam Abu Hamad – General Manager- Operations

Metras W.L.L.

P. O. Box 575, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17252862, Fax:17241495, (Deals in marketing of architectural products for the construction industry)
Jassim Mohammed Al Safar- Chairman
Wael Jasim Al Safar - Managing Director

Midal Cables Ltd

P.O. Box 5939, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17832832, Fax: 17832932. (Cable & Wire Manufacturers & Suppliers)
Mohammed Mustafa Rafe’a – Chief Executive Officer

Middle East Consultancy Center W.L.L.(MECON)

2nd Floor - Jashanmal Bldg., P. O. Box 1013, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17714289, Fax: 17713860,;
(Deals in management, financial, banking, business & aviation consultancy, sponsorship and representation services and publishers’ representatives, advertisin

Middle East Consultancy Center W.L.L.(MECON)

2nd Floor - Jashanmal Bldg., P. O. Box 1013, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17714289, Fax: 17713860,;
(Deals in management, financial, banking, business & aviation consultancy, sponsorship and representation services and publishers’ representatives, advertising, public relations, and executive recruitment)
Amjad A. Beisu-Vice President
Dr. Adnan N. Beisu-Managing Director
Mrs. Alima A. Beisu-Director

Middle East Food Trading Est.

P. O.Box 1139,Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17738008, Fax: 17732470;; (Food Importers & Wholesalers)
Ebrahim Khamis Ahmed -Managing Director

Microsoft Corporation

P.O. Box 15855,AI Seef, Bahrain. Tel: 17563636, Fax: 17563635; email: (Software Solutions)
Tareq Hejazi – Regional Country Manager –Bahrain and Oman

Microtech Computers WLL

P.O. Box 75229, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17233797. Fax: 17274567; email: (Computer Accessories, Suppliers; Computer Network & Integrated Systems, Computer Services & Systems)
Masood Ahmad Khan- Managing Director

Middle East Food Trading Est.

P.O. Box 1139, Sitra, Bahrain. Tel: 17738008, Fax: 17732470; email: (Food Importers & Wholesalers)
Ebrahim Khamis Ahmed - Managing Director

Middle East Traders BSC (c)

P.O. Box 311, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17253123, Fax: 17534904; email:
(Floor & Ceiling Products Suppliers & Contractors)
Hormis Thaliath – General Manager


P. O.Box 23824, Manama, Bahrain,Tel: 17214458, Fax: 17213573; email:
(Contractors General ; Heat Insulation; Insulation Thermo;Water proofing Contractors & Services)
Khalifa Ahmed Al Mannai* - President
(Previously worked as Chief Engineer at Customs & Port Affairs)

Millennium International W.L.L.

P.O. Box 18065, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17212562/17582592, Fax: 17224124. email:; (Decorating Material Suppliers, Distributing Service Circular, Sample Etc. Giftware & Novelty Dealers; Wholesale & Mfrs, Jewellers, Watches, Trading Companies)
Rodolphe Melki.* Managing Director

Mimar Architecture & Engineering

P.O. Box 5875, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17214045.Fax: 17214044. email:
(Architects & Architectural Consultants; Engineers Civi, Engineering Structural; Interior Designers & Decorators)
Rashid Al Khalifa – Managing Director

Miracle Aluminum W.L.L.

P.O. Box 704, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17702757, Fax: 17700983. email:
(Aluminium Fabricators)
Bassim AI Alawi – Managing Director

Mirza AIhelli & Sons Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 3225, Tubli. Bahrain, Tel: 17877209. Fax: 17874626;;; (Supermarket Products, Suppliers)
Shaker Mirza AI Helli – Managing Director
Ammar Al Helli – Branch Manager

Mitsui & Co (Middle East) EC

Sheraton Tower, 8th Floor, Government Road,
P. O.Box 20262, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17540340, Fax:17540336 (Deals in trading, import/ export of all types of commodities.)
Toyoaki Naganawa – General Manager

Modern Architect, The

P. O.Box 32431, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17591691, Fax: 17593354; email:;
(Architectural, Civil consultants, Projects management/ Administration)
Hael F. El Waary - Managing Director
Omar O. Saleh- Chief Executive

Modern Architect, The

P. O.Box 32431, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17591691, Fax: 17593354; email:;
(Architectural, Civil consultants, Projects management/ Administration)
Hael F. El Waary - Managing Director
Omar O. Saleh- Chief Executive

Modern Chemicals Co W.L.L.

P.O. Box 20637, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17245289, Fax: 17275072.
(Waterproofing Contractors & Services)
Tariq Mahmoud - Partner

Modern Glass Technology

P.O. Box 29247, East Riffa, Bahrain, Tel: 17786250;
Fax: 17786210, email:; (Glass & Mirror Merchants, Retail, Wholesale & Mfrs, Glass Double Glazed, Glass Frameless System)
Ahmad Khan Mohammad – Managing Director

Modern Supplies Marketing W.L.L.

P.O. Box 75103. Manama. Bahrain. Tel: 17590993. Fax: 17590755. email:;; (Hotel & Motel Equipments & Suppliers, Kitchen Equipment Suppliers)
Hussain Abdul Al Karim – General Manager

Modern International

P. O. Box 15485, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17717900, Fax:17712700,
Shamil Ansari - Managing Director

Mohammed Ahmadi Co. W.L.L.

P.O. Box 20267, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17268111, Fax: 17268222. email: (Airconditioning Maintenance & Services, Chemicals & Chemical Products, Cleaning Contractors, Freight Forwarding, Ship Builders & Repairers)
Mohamed Ahmadi - Chairman
Baby Mathew – Manging Director

Mohammed Ashoor AI Shugul Est.

P.O. Box 33376, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17640970. Fax: 17644970; (Contractors - General)
Mohammed AI Shughul – General Manager

Mohammed Ashoor AI Shugul Est.

P.O. Box 33376, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17640970. Fax: 17644970; (Contractors - General)
Mohammed AI Shughul – General Manager

Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar

P. O. Box 5357, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17705177, Fax: 17704710;;;
(Construction Equipment & Machinery Hiring, Suppliers; Forklift & Lifting Equipment Hiring , Suppliers; Generator Suppliers & Parts)
Mohamed Abdulrahman Al Bahar-Chairman
Jassim Al Bahar-Vice Chairman

Mohammed Bin Jassim Al Zayani Trading (Furniture Div)

P.O. Box 5748, Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 172999519; Fax: 17291695; email:;
(Office Furniture & Equipment – Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturers)
Jassim Abdul Rahman Al Zayani-Chairman
Mohammed Bin Jasim Al Zayani- Managing Director

Mohamed Al Daylami Est.

P. O. Box 650, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17253187, Fax: 17257888
(Cleaning Products,Food Products, Houseware-Retail,Wholesale & Manufacturers)
Abdul Redha Mohammed Al Daylami - Managing Director

Mohammed Bin Jassim Al Zayani Trading (Furniture Div)

Jassim Abdul Rahman Al Zayani-Chairman

Mohammed Bin Jasim Al Zayani- Managing Director

Mohamed Daud & Sons W.L.L.

P. O. Box 856, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17244258, (General trading in all kinds of engine spares including diesel engines and accessories.
Mohamed Daud-Director

Mohamed Al Daylami Est.

P. O. Box 650, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17253187, Fax: 17257888
(Cleaning Products,Food Products, Houseware-Retail,Wholesale & Manufacturers)
Abdul Redha Mohammed Al Daylami - Managing Director

Mohamed Ebrahim Al Saffar BS.C.(c)

P. O. Box 86, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17224800,
Fax: 17224300, email:
Adel M. Al Saffar-General Manager
Ebrahim Al Saffar-Finance Manager
Wael J. Al Saffar- Business Development Director

Mohammed Dadabhai Holding Co.

P.O. Box 20531,Manama, Bahrain; Tel: 17255209; Fax: 17251995 (Construction Companies)
Mohammed Dadabhai* - Chairman
Shabeer Dadabhai – Managing Director

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