Bahrain Polytechnic

Isa Town, Capital Governorate, Isa Town, Bahrain
P.O.Box 33349, Bahrain
Tel: 17897000, Fax: 17897 009


Degrees: Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma,
Bachelor Degree Divisions/Programs: Design, Intemational
Logistics Management,lnformation & Communications Technology,
Engineering Technology, Business, Office Management, Foundation
Studies 1, Foundation Studies 2 Affiliations/Partnerships: Chartered
Institute of Logistics and Transport (ClL1),lntemational Computer
Driving Ucense (ICDL), The City and Guilds of London Institute,
Tamkeen, Maersk, Cisco Academy, Microsoft IT Academy,
VMware Academy, Oracle Academy, The Sun Academic
Initiative (SAI) Program, Founded: 2008 –

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