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Ahlia University

Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 10878, Bahrain, Tel: 17298999, Fax: 17290083 email:,
Degrees: B.A., M.A., MBA, Ph.D. Divisions/Programs: Interior Design, Communications, Business, Public Relations, Information Technology Affiliation/Partnership: Brunei University (UK),The British Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Founded in 2001

AMA International University

Salmabad, Central Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 18041, Bahrain, Tel: 17787978, Fax: 17879380 email:,
Degrees: B.S, M.S, MBA, MD Divisions/Programs: Computer Science, Interntional Studies, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Founded in 2002

Applied Science University

Juffair, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 5055, Bahrain, Tel: 17728777 Fax: 17728915, email:,, Degrees: B.A., M.A., MBA. Divisions/Programs: Law, Business, Finance, Accounting, Political Science, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Founded in 2004

Arabian Gulf University

Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, P.O. Box 26671, Bahrain, Tel: 17239999, Fax: 17272555 email:,
Degrees: Higher Diploma, Bachelors of Medicine, Masters - Applied Sciences, Masters of Medicine Divisions/Programs: Medicine and Medical Science Affiliation/Membership: Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIN) Founded: 1981

Arab Open University

Sehla, Northern Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 1821, Bahrain, Tel: 17407077, Fax: 17407088 email:,
Degrees: B.Sc., MBA, Certificates. Divisions/Programs: Information Technology, Business Affiliation/Collaboration: United Kingdom Open University (UKOU), Open University of Malaysia (OUM), AOU Branches in Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Oman,Founded: 2003

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Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance

Juffair, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
P.O.Box 20525, Bahrain,
Tel: 17815555, Fax: 17825473


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Bahrain Polytechnic

Isa Town, Capital Governorate, Isa Town, Bahrain
P.O.Box 33349, Bahrain
Tel: 17897000, Fax: 17897 009


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Bahrain Training Institute

Isa Town, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
P. O Box 33090,Bahrain
Tel: 17870666, Fax: 17683305,

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Birla Institute of Technology International Centre (BITIC),        

Budaiya, Northern Governorate, Bahrain,
P.O.Box 31320, Bahrain,
Tel: 17690025, Fax 17692879,

College of Health Sciences

Salmaniya Medical Complex, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, Tel: 17288888,,, Degrees: B.Sc., Associate Degree Divisions/Programs: Nursing, Allied Health, Integrated Sciences, Affiliation/Collaboration: Ministry of Health-Bahrain, Salmaniya Hospital- Bahrain, World Health Organization, American Heart Association

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Delmon University of Science & Technology

Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
P. O.Box 2469, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17294400,Fax: 17292010

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Gulf University

Sanad, Central Governorate, Bahrain.
P.O.Box 26489, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17620092, Fax: 17622230
Founded: 2001;

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New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)

Adliya, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
P.O.Box 11287, Adliya, Bahrain
Tel: 17711444, Fax: 17710399

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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical University of Bahrain

Busaiteen, Muharraq Governorate, Bahrain.
P.O.Box 15503, Tel: 17351450, Fax: 17330806;
email:,;; Founded: 2004.

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Royal University for Women

West Riffa, Northern Governorate, Bahrain.
P.O.Box 37400, West Riffa, Bahrain,
Tel: 17764419, Fax: 17764445.

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The Kingdom University

Zinj, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
P.O.Box 40434 , Hamad Town, Bahrain.
Tel: 17238899, Fax: 17262220.
Founded: 2001

University of Bahrain

Sakhir, Bahrain, P.O.Box 32038, Bahrain, Tel: 17438888,
Degrees: BA, B.S, Divisions/Programs: College of Business and Administration; College of Information Technology; College of Engineering; College of Education; Bahrain Teachers’ College; College of Science; College of Arts; College of Law; College of Applied Science, Affiliation/Membership: Federation of the Universities, of the Islamic World (FUIW)
Founded: 1986

University College of Bahrain

Janabiya, Bahrain, P.O. Box 55040,Bahrain, Tel: 17790828, Fax: 17793858; email:,
Degrees: B.A, B.S, MBA, Divisions/Programs: Business, Information Technology, Media & Communication, Academic Consulting Support: American University of Beirut. Founded: 2001

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