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The first Gulf Who’s Who Directory was launched in 1978. We have completed 36 years of publication.


When we commemorate 36 years it is appropriate to look into the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the major companies including the family business group.

Regarding the recent developments in this part of the world HRH the Crown Prince said, “We are at the crossroads. Some people go out believing they have no future in the country and others go out driven by cordiality and keenness to go on preserving the nation’s achievements. However, this nation is not only for one section — it’s not for Sunnis or Shias, it is for Bahrain and for Bahrainis.” The Crown Prince went on to describe recent events as unrecognizable for Bahrain. “Good morals have to prevail and everybody should exercise selfrestraint at this moment.”

Bahrain is a pioneer in human rights and democracy in the Middle East, but there is still a long way to go. His Highness subsequently added,At this difficult time patience, perseverance, understanding and forbearance should become our watchword and code of conduct. Let us all shun the outcries of unwise voices and in turn loudly declare our devotion, care and respect for each other.”

“Yes it is a challenging time, but difficulties can be resolved if we embrace the fortitude and resolve to create a true Bahraini nationalism.” He has stressed the need for all parties to promote continuous reforms and tackle all issues to achieve Bahrain’s aspirations and hopes.

We extend our sincere and deep gratitude to all the Bahraini authorities, especially various Government organisations,Ministries, Chamber of Commerce, Diplomats and various private and public organisations


for all their valued support and the cooperation extended to us in bringing out the latest edition of this directory.

Above all, we submit our venerable thanks to the God Almighty for His continued blessings to realise our dream goal of projecting the image of Bahrain.

History of Bahrain and its major companies including the business family stengthen the image of the Island nation to the whole world.


Sunny Kulathakal
Managing Editor

Elizabeth S.K.
Project Director
Email: sunlizpublications@gmail.com

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