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Akhbar Al Khaleej

Language: Arabic, Frequency: Daily
Classification: Newspaper,
Published by Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej Press & Publishing House, P. O. Box 5300, East Riffa 941, Bahrain. Tel: 17620111, Fax: 17621566

Anwar Mohammed Abdulrahman*
Chairman- Akhbar Al Khaleej & Gulf Daily News. launched Al Hilal Corporation in 1973, the distribution Centre for dailies, weeklies, quarterlies and monthlies. Previously, he worked as Sales Executive, Head - Al Hilal Bookshop (1961), Director (1970). Established Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej (1975) with other directors under the Chairmanship of late Mahmood Mohammed Al Mardi, and the first Arabic Daily, Akhbar Al Khaleej got published (1976), the first English daily, Gulf Daily News was launched (1978). Formed Al Hilal Group specialised in trade publications like Gulf Construction, Gulf Industries, Shipping & Transport, Travel and Tourism, The Gulf, Gulf Weekly, Arabian Knight and Oil & Gas.
Hobbies: An avid reader especially in history, literature and poetry.
Maki Hasan Al Ekri*
James P. John*
Manager Akhbar Al Khaleej Group. (Finance & Administration),
N. D. Com, C. A.I.I.B, D. O. B. 22/08/’39 P. Add: Kotturath, Kallayam, Trivandrum -43., Wife: Molly James, Children: John P. James (son), and daughters (2), Member: Gideons International, Hobbies: Reading

Al Ayyam

Language: Arabic, Frequency: Daily
Classification: Newspaper, Published by Al Ayam Press Publishing & Distributing,
P.O. Box 3232, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: +973-17727111, Fax: 17725595
Isa Al Shaigi*
Chief Editor
Direct: 17617171 (M) 39693993
Jassim Al-Mansour- Managing editor-
Direct: 17617002
Salman Al Ajmi*
Business Editor


Newspapers pulished in Arabic


Newspaper published in Arabic

Al Wasat News

P. O. Box 31110, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17596999, Fax: 17596900.
Newspaper published in Arabic
Mansoor Al-Jamri*
Aqeel A. Raheem Al-Fardan*
(M) 39804938


Newspapers pulished in Arabic

Daily Tribune

Daily Newspaper Published by Al Ayam Press, Publishing & Distributing, P.O.Box 75538, Juffair, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17579868, Fax:17250150,,
Newspapers pulished in English
P. Unnikrishnan*
Managing Director


P.O. Box 21048, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain., Tel: 17216470, Fax: 17216469,
Newspapers pulished in Malayalam
P.N.Anas – Senior Reporter

Gulf Daily News

Language: English, Frequency: Daily,
Classification: Newspaper, First Published: 1978. Published by Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej Press & Publishing House, P. O. Box 5300, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17620222,
Fax: 17622141, email:
George Williams*
Editor in Chief
News Agencies, Newspaper & Magazine Publishers & Distributors, Printing &Publishing
English daily newspaper; web site has sections on local news, world news, business news, sports news, etc Newspapers (Refer Special Page)

Gulf Madhyamam Daily

P. O. Box 21323, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17342825, Fax:17342566.
email:, Newspapers pulished in Malayalamm Newspaper & Magazine Publishers & Distributors

Gulf News

Language: English, Frequency: Daily
P. O. Box 11085, Tel: 17530406
Classification: Newspaper
Newspapers pulished in English

Khaleej Times

Language: English, Frequency: Daily,
Classification: Newspaper, P. O. Box 26707
Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17213911, Fax: 17211819 Newspapers published in English
Suad Hamada- Correspondent

Malayalam News

Farooq Luqman -Chief Editor
Newspapers pulished in Malayalam

Malayala Manorama

Jacob Mathew-Coordinating Editor
Newspapers pulished in Malayalam
at Dar Akhbar Alkhaleej Press & Publishing House,Bahrain.

Middle East Chandrika

P.O.Box 3186,Manama, Bahrain
Tel:17215266, Fax: 17215311,
Abdul Khader M.K.-Office Manager
Malayalam Daily, weekly & Mahila Chandrikaa

Associated Press (AP) Bahrain

P. O. Box 11022, Tel: 009714 -3908120
Adnan Malik

Reuters M.E Limited

P. O. Box 1030, UGB Bldg, 6th Floor, Diplomatic Area, Bahrain.
Tel: 17536111, 17524424, Fax: 17536194.
Mehrdad Balali

Newspaper Distributors

Dar Alwasat for Publishing & Distribution B.S.C. (C)

P.O. Box 31110, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17596999, Fax: 17596908
Mansoor Al Jamri
Editor in Chief
Alwasat Newspaper

Hilal Direct Services

Bahrain’s one stop agency for delivering newspapers, magazines and other publications right at the door step; distributes over 160 publications including English and Arabic daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly publications etc Arabic newspapers

Max Media Co WLL

P.O. Box 108, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17402482, Fax: 17402483. email: Magazines Distributors, Publishers & Distributors
Sameer Uchi, Owner
Mohammed M.A. Kayani*
Group Editor & Vice Chairman
Paritosh Palbe- General Manager

The Academic Centre for Printing & Supply

P.O. Box 33117, Tel: 17685100, Fax: 17685400
Mahdi Saleh Alnoaimi -Executive Director
Marzouq Al Marzouq -Manager


Akhbar Al Khaleej Press and Publishing House

P.O. Box 5300, Manama, Bahrain, Publication: Gulf Daily News, AKhbar Al Khaleej. Tel: 17620111, Fax: 17625884
Anwar Mohammed Abdulrahman
Managing Director
James P. John*
Group General Manager

AI Ayam Press Publishing & Distributing

P.O. Box 3232, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17617717,Fax: 17617886. email: Business Activities: Advertising Agencies, Newspaper & Magazine Publishers & Distributors Publishers & Distributors
Nageeb AI Hamar, Chairman

AI Bayan Printing Press

P.O. Box 33320. Salmabad. Bahrain. Tel: 17874789. Fax: 17874758. email:
Business Activities: Printing & Publishing
Issa Abdulla – General Manager

AI Fajr Printing & Publishing House

P.O. Box 5948, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17259900, Fax:17273753.
Email: Printing & Publishing
Elham Salem – General Manager

AI Hashimi Printing Press

P.O. Box 20490. Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17223373,Fax: 17210344.
Business Activities: Printing & Publishing
Sayed AI Hami - Owner

Al Hilal Group

P.O. Box 224, Manama Bahrain.
Tel: 17293131 Fax: 17293400
Sree K. Bhat*
Senior Editor, Magazines

Al Hilal Publishing & Marketing Group

Bldg 149, Exhibition Avenue, Block 320,
P.O.Box. 224, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17- 293806, Fax: 17-293400, Publishing, marketing and exhibition services, book publishing, computer sales. Al Hilal is the leading trade publisher in the region, specialising in construction, oil and gas, travel, shipping and transport and industry related publications. Publications: - Shipping & Transport International, Travel & Tourism News Middle East, Middle East Expatriate, Building & Construction News, Catering & Hotel News International, Gulf Industry & Saudi Arabia Review, Gulf Construction & Saudi Arabia Review
Sunny Mathai*
Financial Controller
Samuel Jacob*
Circulation Manager-Gulf Weekly,
Tel:17290000, Fax:17290043, (D)17291736 M)39677048,

Al Mahmood Translation & Publishing

P.O.Box 50060, Tel:17296060,Fax:17293133.
Mahmood A. Al Mahmood- Manager

AI Maseerah Printing & Publishing House Co WLL

P.O. Box 5981, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17258882, Fax: 17276178. email:,,
Printing & Publishing
Hamed AI Alatassi – Managing Director
Maher Michel Farag – Sales Director

Al Qabas Printing House

P.O. Box 10710, Manama, Bahrain,
Hussain Ali Bukannan *
Board Chairman, D.O.B. 1939, Started working at the age of 11. Worked as Arab Dress Manufacturer in Qatar. (1961-’65), Started Bukannan Furnishings in Bahrain in 1965, now five branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E. & Bahrain & Al Qabas Printing Press in 1989. Now Mayor of Sanabis since 9th Sept. ’99.
Ahmed Ali Bukannan
Managing Director-in furniture business before joining the printing house in 1995.
Abdul Hamid Ali Bukannan-Director
Mohammed Ali Bukannan-Director
Yousuf Abdul Ela Ali Bukannan-Director

AI Raja Printing Press

P.O. Box 20318, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17737271, Fax: 17737270.
Printers Commercial
Muhammed Mastan – General Manager

AI Samer Press

Head Office P.O. Box 24132. Manama. Bahrain. Tel: 17870044. Fax: 17870042. email:, Printing & Publishing
Salman Abbas - Chairman
Abbas Juma – Managing Drector

Al Tashkeel

P.O. Box 23233, Tel: 17291415 Fax:17293782
Jamal Al Hassan
General Manager

Al Watan for Publishing & Distribution Co. (WLL)

P. O. Box 38801, East Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17496666, Fax: 17496667.
Aswaq Nazeeha Saeed*
Reporter - Radio Monte Carlo
Mohammed Al Ghasra*
Senior Editor-Business Developement
Business Activities: Newspaper & Magazine Publishers & Distributors

ADS Office Printing

P.O. Box 75619, Juffair, Bahrain. Tel: 17879262, Fax: 17879272.
Printing & Publishing
Ali Dhaif - Owner

Alquds Printing Services

P.O. Box 22525, Manama. Bahrain. Tel: 17246000. Fax: 17246100. email:, Bookbinders Printing & Publishing, Screen Printing, Stamp Dealers
Hasan Hasan- Partner & Managing Director

Alquds Printing Services

P.O. Box 22525, Manama. Bahrain. Tel: 17246000. Fax: 17246100. email:, Bookbinders Printing & Publishing, Screen Printing, Stamp Dealers
Hasan Hasan- Partner & Managing Director

Arabian Printing & Publishing House WLL

P.O. Box 582, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17291331. Fax: 17293145. email:
Printing & Publishing
Moanes AI Mardi- Managing Director
Yousuf Abuleel – General Manager of Production

Awal Printing Press

P.O. Box 744, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel:17213606, Fax:17213455
Khalid Ahmed Juman -Managing Director
A. Varghese Oommen -General Manager

Bahrain International Public Relations

P. O. Box 10082, Tel: 17537752 Fax: 17532283.
Mohammed H. Al Aradi-Regional Manager

Delmon Printing Press

P. O. Box 161, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17227500, Fax: 17211626/17223304
Mohammed Al Zeera -General Manager

Fanar Publishing Co WLL

8th Floor, Bahrain Tower, P.O. Box 10131, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17213900,Fax: 17211765. email: Business Activities: Publishers - General Publishers, Publication: Arab Agriculture Year Book, Arab Traveller (The), Arab World Agribusiness
Abdul Wahed -Managing Director
Abdul Alwani - Editor in Chief

Gulf International Publications WLL (GIP)

P.O. Box 10865, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17299149, Fax: 17295277.
Ali Aighata- Managing Director

Hilal Express

Tel: 17292301/(D) 17290043
Advertising Gifts Specialist.

Image Printing Press

P.O. Box 15602. Manama. Bahrain. Tel: 17217734, Fax: 17215915.
Najeem AI Saad. Owner

International Printing Press

P.O.Box 862, Sehla, Bahrain. Tel: 17593033, Fax: 17591467.
Ramesh Wagnani, GM

ITP Publishing Group

P.O. Box 10892, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 17564111, Fax: 17566465.
email: Advertising Agencies Publishers & Distributors
Marcwild Man, MD
Ajit Pillai. Opr. Mgr.

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