Educational Institutions

AI Dana Nursery

Riffa, Central Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 11698, Bahrain, Tel: 17253541, Fax: 17250341

Aali Primary School for Boys

Aali, Central Governorate, Bahrain, Tel: 17640084, Fax: 17642906, email:

ABC Pre-School

Tubli, Central Governorate, Bahrain, P.O, Box 26215, Bahrain Tel: 17785795, Fax: 17785728 Email:

Abdul Rahman AI-Nasser Prep Boys

Muharraq, Muharraq Governorate, Bahrain.
Tel: 17341411, Fax: 17345833

Abdul-Rahman AI-Dakhel lntermediate Boys

Hoora, Capital Governorate, bahrain.
Tel: 17291150, Fax: 17291152

Abdulrahman Kanoo International School

Salmabad, Central Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 2512, Bahrain, Tel: 17875055, Fax: 17877000
email:, bh, British, IGCSE Curriculum: English Medium/: 3-18 yrs, Pre-School - 12, Class Size: 20-25 Enrollment: 2000 Licensure/Accreditation: MOE-BH/CIS Affiliation: IBO (IB World School), Founded: 1997

Abjad Howaz Nursery

Nuwaidrat, Central Governorate, Bahrain.
Tel: (M)39470753

Abu Bakr Primary School for Boys

Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
Tel: 17253959, Fax: 17254453

Academic & Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

Isa Town, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 32333, Kingdom of Bahrain, Tel: 17683833, Fax: 17686764,, Provide rehabilitation, educational, and vocational services for children and youths who have simple and middle mental disability and brain paralysis.

Agriculture Center for Vocational Training

A’ali, Capital Governorate, Bahrain. P.O.Box 26599, Bahrain, Tel: 17641566, Fax: 17642855; Affiliation to AI Rahma Centre for Youth Care
Provides training workshop aimed at developing the agricultural work and professional skills of the young students with special needs

Ahlia University

Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 10878, Bahrain, Tel: 17298999, Fax: 17290083 email:,
Degrees: B.A., M.A., MBA, Ph.D. Divisions/Programs: Interior Design, Communications, Business, Public Relations, Information Technology Affiliation/Partnership: Brunei University (UK),The British Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Founded in 2001

Ahmed AI-Umran Secondary Boys

Hoora, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
Tel: 17531656, Fax: 17532665

AI Dair Primary Middle School for Girls

Muharraq, Muharraq Governorate, Bahrain.
Tel: 17320360, Fax: 17330118

AI Hidd Primary School for Boys

AI Hidd, Muharraq Governorate, Bahrain.
Tel: 17671243, Fax: 17676386

AI Walaa Kindegarten

Bani Jamra, Northern Governorate, Tel: 17697859

AI Adhwa Institute

Isa Town, Capital Governorate, Bahrain. Tel: 17683055, Fax: 17683053
email:, Programs: English, Computers, Subject: Tutorial Review

AI Amal lnstitute for Special Education/ Hope Institute

Isa Town, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 32666, Bahrain, Tel: 17680815, Fax: 17689639; email:

AI Amal Special Education Institute

Isa Town, Capital Governorate, Bahrain.
Tel: 17680815, Fax: 17689639, email:,
Curriculum: Special Needs, Medium of Instruction: Arabic, Age 3-14, Class Size: 6-8 Approx. Enrollment: 116, Licensure/ Accreditation: MOE-BH Founded: 1977

AI Amal Training Institute

Adliya, Capital Governorate, Bahrain, P.O.Box 55422, Bahrain,Tel: 17720114, Fax: 17740116,
Affiliations: LCCI (UK), AOA (UK); Programs: Consulting and Training

AI Amjaad Institute

Mameer, Bahrain, Tel: 17700535, Fax: 17704193
Programs: English, Computers, Subject: Tutorial Review

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