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Bahrain Limo SABTCO - Airport

P. O. Box 21512. Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 17339533, Fax: 17339133.

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Filipino Club

P.O.Box 26345, Adliya Tel: 17262143,
Fax: 17262653.

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GCC Advertising Association

P. O.Box 10511, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17727333, Fax: 17729599.

General Committee for Bahraini Workers (GCBW)

P. O. Box 26805, Tel: 17727333, Fax: 17729599.

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Getrac Gulf - Gebril for Training & Consultancy

Tel:17535525, Fax: 17532302.

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General Organization for Youth & Sports

Tel: 17725500, Fax: 17813300.

Gulf Air Club

Tel: 17780087, Fax: 17685659.

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Gulf Business Centre

P.O. Box 3282, Tel: 17532111, Fax: 17536244.

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Gulf Disability Society

Telefax: 17402949.

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The Middle East Petroleum Geoscience web site.

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Gulf Venture Capital Association

Non-profit trade and industry
association for venture capital (VC)
and private equity'

Hamad Town Coperative Cons. Society

Tel : 17420043, Fax:17421191

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Health & Safety Society

Tel: 17727374, Fax: 1725242, Adliya,

Hidd Ladies’ Centre for Quran Studies

Tel: 17673833, Fax:17676254

High Council for Training

Tel: 17681741, Fax:17682739.

Historical Documents

Tel:17664454, Fax:17651050.

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Information Technology Society

P. O. Box 26089, Bahrain
Telefax: 17714732.

Isa Town Sports Club

Tel: 17784224, Fax: 17785423

Islamic Association

Tel: 17671788, Fax:17676718.

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International Ladies’ Group

P.O. Box: 26192, Bahrain.
Tel: 17685967, Fax: 17729128.

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