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Information Technology Society

P. O. Box 26089, Bahrain
Telefax: 17714732.

Isa Town Sports Club

Tel: 17784224, Fax: 17785423

Islamic Association

Tel: 17671788, Fax:17676718.

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International Ladies’ Group

P.O. Box: 26192, Bahrain.
Tel: 17685967, Fax: 17729128.

Jidhafs Cultural & Sports Club

Tel: 17550099, Fax:17550989

Lions Club of Bahrain

Tel: 17276003, Fax:17270646.

Manama Sports Club

Tel: 17723455, Fax: 17727789

Manama Toastmasters Club

Tel: 17863567

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Manpower Suppliers Association

P. O.Box 26582, Tel:17252500, Fax: 17277175.

Muharraq Consumer Co-operative Society

P. O. Box 24200, Tel: 17341683 Fax: 17336870.

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Manama Sports Club

Tel: 17723455, Fax: 17727789

Marina Club

P. O. Box 26990, Hidd, Bahrain,
Tel: 17291527, Fax: 17291528

The Royal Charity Organization

Muslim Educational Society

P.O.Box 16216, Tel:17720053,Fax:17720340.

Philanthropic Fund-Hidd

P.O. Box 50515, Telefax: 17671918.

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Water Science and Technology Association (WSTA)

Scientific association open to all water professionals in the GCC.

Pakistan Club

Tel: 17258520, Fax:17255301.

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Riffa Cultural & Charity Society

P.O. Box: 29007 Tel: 17414424/17666657
Fax:17666658, 17413174

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Rotary Club of Adliya

P.O.Box 10443, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel:17225043, Fax: 17211999.

Rotary Club of Manama

Telefax: 17271122

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