Resume of some of the interviewees of Vision 2030 in 2011-2012 edition

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H.E. Shaikh Ahmed Bin Moh’d Al Khalifa

Minister for Finance
P.O. Box 333, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17575000, Fax: 17532713

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H.E. Dr.Abdul Hussain Ali Mirza

Minister for Energy and Chairman of National Oil & Gas Authority
P.O. Box 210, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17291387, Fax: 17292293,

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H.E. Kamal Ahmed

Minister for Cabinet Affairs
P.O. Box 11299, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel:17589999, Fax:17589900

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H.E. Ali Saleh Abdulla Al Saleh

Chairman of Shura Council
P.O. Box 2991, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17748888, Fax: 17717387

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Dr. Mustafa Ali Mohammed Al-Sayed

Secretary General - Royal Charity Organization
P.O. Box 50999, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel:17313667 Fax:17292622

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Talal Al-Zain

Former Chief Executive Officer - Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Co.

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Dr. Esam Abdulla Fakhro

Former Chairman - Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
Has a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering (London University).

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H.E.Shaikh Daij bin Salman bin Daij Al Khalifa

Chairman-General Organisation of Sea Ports
P.O. Box 75315, Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17359535, Fax: 17673888

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Shaikh Salman Bin Isa Al Khalifa

CEO - Bahrain International Circuit
P.O. Box 26381, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel:17450000, Fax:17451111

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Mohammed Zainalabedin

General Manager - Zain-Bahrain.
P.O.Box 266, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Veer Passi

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer -
Kalaam Telecom. P.O. Box 21421, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17566166, Fax: 17564026

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Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

General Manager - Banagas
P.O. Box 29099, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17561111, Fax: 17561139

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Faisal Al Mahroos

Former Chief Executive - The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)

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Abdulrahman A. Hussain Jawahery

President - Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. B.S.C. (GPIC)
P.O. Box 26730, Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17731777, Fax: 17731047.

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Ahmed Al Noaimi

Managing Partner - Ibtikar Group

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Dr. Ahmed Alsharyan

General Secretary - National Oil & Gas Authority
P. O. Box 1435, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17312550, Fax: 17290302

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Robert Ainey

CEO - Bahrain Association of Banks.
P.O. Box 1034, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17823000, Fax: 17820700, email:

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Adnan Ahmed Yousif

President & Chief Executive - Al Baraka Banking Group
P.O. Box 1882, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17541122, Fax: 17531074.

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Esam Yousif Janahi

Former Executive Chairman - Gulf Finance House,
Master in Business Administration certificate from Hull University.

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Aabed Al-Zeera

Chief Executive Officer - International
Investment Bank B.S.C.(c)
P.O. Box 11616, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17565000 Fax: 17565050

Ebrahim Hussain Ebrahim

Former Chief Executive Officer & Board Member-Khaleeji Commercial Bank
P.O. Box 10006, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Harbour Tower East
Bahrain Financial Harbour
Tel: 17505050, Fax: 17100017
Ebrahim Hussain Ebrahim has over 29 years of experience in both Islamic and conventional banking and has worked with a number of prominent financial institutions in Bahrain.

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Abdulkarim Ahmed Bucheery

Chief Executive - BBK
P. O. Box 597, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
43 Government Avenue,
Tel: 17223388, Fax: 17229199

Jamal Ali Al-Hazeem

Chief Executive Officer - BMI Bank P.O. Box 350, Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain.
Bahrain World Trade Center
Tel: 17133430, Fax: 17131070
Jamal Ali Al-Hazeem, a seasoned Bahraini banker, took on the role as the new Chief Executive Officer of BMI Bank in May 2010.

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Abdulhakeem Yaqoob Alkhayyat

Managing Director and CEO - Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain
P.O. Box 2066, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel:77777777, Fax: 77000600.

Mohammed A. Rahman Bucheerei

Former Chief Executive Officer - Ithmaar Bank P.O. Box 2820, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Seef Tower, Level 14, Tel: 17584000, Fax: 17584017 email:
www. Was the General Manager of the Private Offices of HRH Prince Mohammed Al Faisal Al Saud, Saudi Arabia, and before that he was Executive Vice President of Shamil Bank of Bahrain.
Member:Board of the Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf (Bahamas) Limited, Faisal Private Bank (Switzerland), Overland Capital Group(USA), Solidarity Group (Bahrain), Ithmaar Development Company and Naseej. Mr. Bucheerei has 40 years extensive and diversified experience in accounting, commercial and offshore banking.

Navneet Kampani

Head of Consumer Banking - Citibank P.O. Box 548, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17588352, Fax: 17588504 email:, In 2005, after working in India for 12 years in different capacities in renowned Banks & Asset Management Company, Navneet Kampani moved to Bahrain to become Citibank’s Head of Wealth Management. Last July, he took on the new role of Head of Consumer Banking, Citibank, Bahrain. He has thoroughly enjoyed every moment of his tenure in Bahrain both professionally and on a personal level.

Ashraf Bseisu

CEO - Solidarity Group Holding P.O. Box 18668, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Seef Tower - 9th Floor, Seef District
Tel:17585222, Fax: 1758 5200 email: Over the past two decades, Ashraf Bseisu has held many roles in the insurance industry.

Fuad Dawood Nonoo

Chairman - Nonoo Exchange CompanyP.O. Box 11970, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17230767, Fax: 17230929
email:, Fuad Nonoo, Chairman and Co-owner of Nonoo Exchange Company, has been associated with this well known and respected Exchange House since 1997, having successfully run the family’s gold trading business in the UAE before becoming chairman in 2008. Nonoo Exchange Company was set up in 1994, and is fully regulated by The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB). The company was the first to gain the confidence of the Western Union franchise, one of the largest transfer companies in the world. Nonoo Exchange Company has since grown and now has 12 branches in strategic locations in the Kingdom.
In addition to his tremendous knowledge of finance and the gold and currency markets, Fuad is at the forefront of technology and embraces its new possibilities. This is reflected in the direction Nonoo Exchange Company is taking as it will be the first Exchange House in The Kingdom of Bahrain that will allow it’s customers to transfer money overseas not using a dedicated bank, but a bank account of their choice on the internet. Fuad is also involved in patenting and launching products in the field of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). He is also the first to pioneer mobile banking in the Kingdom and is always seeking new opportunities to expand his business. Fuad recently got married and in his spare time he enjoys racing, music and travelling.

Mahomed Akoob (AIISA), (FIRM)

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer - Hannover Retakaful B.S.C.(c) - Bahrain P.O. Box 75180, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
17th Floor, Al Zamil Tower, Government Avenue, Tel: 17214766, Fax: 17214667
(M)399 604 74email: Mahomed Akoob has worked in various short-term insurance (fire, engineering, marine aviation, accident, and miscellaneous accident) and claims departments as Manager, Company Secretary and General Manager

Extensive experience in general management, technical insurance and reinsurance underwriting, risk management and financial management having dealt with all classes of insurance and reinsurance and takaful and retakaful. Experience also includes directorships on the boards of insurance and other companies.

Khalid F. Al-Khateb

Banker - INVITA Board Director & Co-Founder P.O. Box 13113, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
(M)39662650 Blackberry: BB 20F6060B
email: Co-founder of, Khalid F. Al Khateb has more than 20 years of professional working experience, exposure and accumulative Business Strategy Knowledge in conventional and Islamic Banking Business Development & Marketing, As a Financial Marketing Strategist, he is also a veteran in e-Business services & oil business.

Mohammed Khalil Alsayed

CEO - Ithmaar Development Company - Kingdom of Bahrain P.O.Box 2870, Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain.Tel: 17584633, Fax: 17583772 Mohammed Khalil Alsayed is also the Chairman of Olive VFM Holding Company B.S.C, a facility management company, and Chairman of COEPP (Committee of Organizing Engineering Professional Practice). Since June 2009 he also sits on the Board of Naseej BSC (c), an integrated infrastructure and real estate development company that will service the entire value chain of the real estate and construction industry.
Mr. Alsayed was the President of the Bahrain Society of Engineers, an elected position he held for two consecutive terms(2004–2007). He was an Undersecretary in the erstwhile Ministry of Works and Housing (MWH) of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Jassim Al Jowder

Chief Executive Officer - Durrat Al-Bahrain.
P.O.Box 11416, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel:17556999, Fax: 17553172.

Othman Mohamed Aqeel Janahi

Chief Investment Officer - Marina Durrat Al-Bahrain P.O. Box 75099, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. (M) 36925666,email:, A senior banking official with specialization in Corporate Finance and Project Finance, Othman Mohamed Aqeel Janahi holds an MBA from University of Glamorgan, Wales. Presently, he is the Chief Investment Officer, Marina Durrat Al-Bahrain which is a 1.8 billion dollar project within the Durrat Al-Bahrain Mega project.
Was Chief Financial Officer, AAJ Holdings Company B.S.C. and managed to successfully negotiate and close $ 925 million bond. Worked with Shamil Bank of Bahrain(2003-2004), Ahli United Bank(2002-2003), Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait(1998-2001) and National Bank of Bahrain (1992-’98). Married and blessed with three children.

Mahmood Al Koofi

Chief Executive Officer- Reef- Real Estate Finance Company P.O. Box 18599, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17558080, Fax: 17556333 email: Mahmood has an MBA in Business Administration (Hull University, UK), an Executive Leadership and Strategic Management Certificate (Columbia School of Business, USA), and Engineering Diploma (University de Caen, France) and advanced Management Diploma (Bahrain University).

Amin Al Arrayed

General Manager - First Bahrain Real Estate Development Company P.O.Box 75622, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.Almoayyed Tower, Suite 501, Al Seef,Bahrain Tel:17567555, Fax: 17567556,
After earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Redlands, California, Amin Al Arrayed’s career path saw him work as the Regional Head of the Retail Banking Division at BBK (Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait) and Head of Retail and Placement at Real Estate Finance Company (Reef) in Bahrain.

Khalid Almoayed

Chairman- Khalid Almoayed & Sons W.L.L. P.O.Box 11, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17574333, Fax: 17534533 Khalid Abdulrahman Almoayed is a renowned member of the Bahrain business community who has served as Managing Director at his father’s company A.K. Almoayed since 1973. Mr. Almoayed served as a member of several boards of private & public companies. He also chairs the A.K. Almoayed Group, and ACE Almoayed Consultants. He is the Honorary Chairman of the Bahrain Businessmen’s Association and the Alliance Francaise de Bahrain.
Khalid Almoayed & Sons W.L.L.(KAS) is a dynamic and diversified business group based in Bahrain and is a family-owned limited liability company. He is a member of the Shura Council and is known to have a vibrant passion for business. Mr. Almoayed has capitalised on various investments in the public and private sector to create a sizable portfolio of enterprises. Born of active pursuit and a multidisciplinary service the trade group was established and over time many associate companies, individual divisions and subsidiaries were formed.
Today the KAS Group owns brands and services that enhance the lifestyle of consumers and deliver valuable services to other business.

Imad O. Nesnas

Chairman and Managing Director - Bonyan International
Imad O. Nesnas graduated in 1986 from Tennessee Technical University as a civil engineer and worked for 6 years with the City of New York in the project management of major developments within the city of New York. Then moved to Qatar and established a contracting company which earned recognition in Qatar and the region as they work beside Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq.

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Abdulla M. Juma

Chairman - Bin Juma Holding Co.
P.O. Box 355, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17223361, Fax: 17223301.

Farouk Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed

Chairman - Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons P.O. Box 143, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17211211, Fax: 17211885 email: Farouk Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed, an Engineering graduate (Mechanical) from Loughborough Engineering College, England (1966) is Chairman of Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons B.S.C., Property Co W.L.L., Almoayyed International Group, National Bank of Bahrain B.S.C., Bahrain Duty Free Shop Complex, Ashrafs, Gulf Hotels Group, Ahlia University, Bahrain National Holding B.S.C., National Finance House B.S.C., Deputy Chairman of Labour Market Regulatory Authority,Director- Investcorp Bank B.S.C. and Chairman - Board of Trustees-Ibn Khuldoon National School.
Mr. Almoayyed is an active member of Bahrain Society of Engineers and an Honorary Member of Rotary Club of Manama- Bahrain.

Khalid Mohamed Kanoo

Group Managing Director - Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo P.O. Box 45, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17220220, Fax: 17223444 After completing his education in USA in 1969, he started his career in family business. Besides being a Partner and Group Managing Director of the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group and Deputy Chairman of Yousuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo, Saudi Arabia, he is also Chairman of two other companies and Director of six owned companies in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Other leadership position includes: Founder Chairman of Bahrain Family Business Association, Chairman, First Leasing Bank-Bahrain, Qatar, HASKAN, Yemen, The K Hotel - Bahrain, Deputy Chairman of Bahrain Ship Repairing Co. (BASREC)-Bahrain, Obaikan Equipment & Services W.L.L., Ex-Chairman of BCCI, Director of Bahrain Stock Exchange, Gulf Hotels Group, Oasis Capital Bank - Bahrain, Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority (BECA), EBDA Bank - Bahrain, Acacia Real Estate Limited- Bahrain, American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain, Dar Akbhar AI Khaleej Press & Publishing House News Papers, Member of the Board of the YBA Kanoo Award for Excellence & Creativity, Founder Chairman of Young Presidents’ Organization (Saudi Chapter). Mr. Kanoo has authored two books: First one titled ‘The House of Kanoo – A Century of an Arabian Family Business’ and the second book on ‘The History of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The GCC Chamber of Commerce’

Fuad Ebrahim Kanoo

Vice Chairman - Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C (c) P.O. Box 119, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17262262, Fax: 17258865 Fuad Ebrahim Kanoo is the Vice Chairman of Ebrahim K. Kanoo and National Finance House (NFH).
He is the Chairman of Al Ahli Club and Director of General Trading and Food Processing Company (TRAFCO).

Mohamed Hussain Yateem

Director - A. M. Yateem Bros. W.L.L. P.O. Box 60, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17225450, Fax: 17223749 Mohamed Hussain Yateem graduated with a Bachelors Degree from American University in Beirut, Lebanon, and took an MBA in Economics while living in Texas.
He is the director of the family-owned A.M.Yateem Bros, as well as the Bahrain Hotels Co, (Gulf Hotel), Vice Chairman Bahrain International Golf Course Company, Ibn Khuldoon School Bahrain. Chairman of Key Information Technology (Dubai, Bahrain), Naresco Contracting and Naresco Real Estate(Dubai).He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Salmaniya and the Capital Club.

Khalid Rashid Al Zayani

Honorary Chairman - Al Zayani Investments W.L.L P.O. Box 5553, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Zayani House Tel: 17530808, Fax: 17530818 email: Secondary Education: Bahrain(1958), O Level - GSE, Peirpoint School,(1959), A Level - Frenshan Surrey (1962), BS- London University (1962/64).
Honorary Chairman:
Al Zayani Investments WLL, Zayani Motors WLL, Euro Motors WLL, First Motors WLL, Intersteel WLL, Midal Cables Ltd., Metalform WLL, Aluwheel WLL, Gulf Closures WLL, Zayani Properties WLL, Zayani Hotels Corporation, Zayani Leasing WLL, Baraka Islamic Bank, Board Member & Member of Executive Committee - Investcorp Bank E.C., Other Business & Government Founding Member, President-American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain (AmCham), Founder & Co-Chairman with Arab-British Chamber of Commerce - Bahrain British Business Council, Board Member - U.S.-Bahrain Business Council. Board Member - American Bahraini Friendship Society, Board Member - Bahraini-Moroccan Business Council, Board Member - Bahraini-Qatari Joint Venture Committee, President - Bahrain Technology Transfer Society, Member - Bahrain British Business Forum, Past Positions: Board Member - International Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain National Committee (1998-2008) Bahrain Islamic Bank, Founder & Vice Chairman & Chairman of Executive Committee (1979 – 2005) Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Co., Founding Member (1975-1999)- Bahrain Economic Development Board, Board Member- Bahrain Islamic Investments Co., Takaful International, Board Member - Bahrain Historical & Archaeological Society Founder & First Chairman (1970) - Bahrain Health & Safety Society, Founder & First Chairman (1979) - Bahrain Yacht Club, President (1979-1981) -Salmaniya Rotary Club
President (1970)- Bahrain Credit.

Hamid Rashid Al Zayani

Chairman - Al Zayani Investments Group and
Managing Director-Midal Cables Group of Companies. P.O. Box 5553, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17530808, Fax: 17530818
Hamid Rashid Al Zayani has over three
decades of experience as a top managerial executive spanning various business
sectors like industrial and manufacturing projects,hotels,hospitals, automotive retailing, properties etc.
An alumnus of American University - Bahrain, he is the Chairman of Al Zayani Investments, Zayani Motors W.L.L, Euro Motors W.L.L, Zayani Properties W.L.L and Zayani Leasing W.L.L, Managing Director of Midal Cables Ltd, Aluwheel W.L.L, Bahrain Specialist Hospital, Intersteel W.L.L and Metalform W.L.L.

Mohamed Salahuddin

President and Managing Director - MSCEB P.O. Box 111, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Salahuddin Building, 123, Road 402, Manama 304, Tel: 17216777, Fax: 17240199
emai: He received his education in Bahrain and United Kingdom and his involvement with Architecture and Design began at a very young age, under the influence of his father who was himself an Architect-Builder responsible for having created several of Bahrain’s earlier landmarks including the Bab Al Bahrain (Gateway of Bahrain) which is perhaps one of the most photographed tourist icons of Bahrain.
He has been the Board Member of several of Bahrain’s financial and institutional organizations and the Vice Chairman of Bahrain Businessmen’s Association(2002– 2010), Board Member of Sunni Waqf(1990 – 2009), Board Member of Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait -BBK(1989 – 2008), Board Member of Ibn Khaldoon School(1982–1992), Board Member of Intershield (2003–2010).
Corporate Member of the Bahrain-India Society, member of The Bahraini French Business Club, Bahrain Thailand Joint Business Council and a member of Salmaniya Rotary Club. He is the recipient of several prestigious honours including Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Award for outstanding contribution to the National Trade & Economy in 2001.

Jasim Al Zayani

Group Chairman - J.A. Zayani & Sons W.L.L P.O. Box 5748, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Zayani Tower-II, 2nd Floor, Road 2001 Hoora, Block 320 Tel: 17291100/17290802, Fax: 17290520, email: Hailing from a respected family in Bahrain, started the family business of automobile distribution, trading in consumer & industrial products, elevator & escalators etc. and expanded into real estate development , hotels and manufacturing. Established Kuwait Automobile Trading Company and Al Zayani Trading Company in Kuwait.

Waleed M.Sharif Al Rayes

Managing Director - Sharif Group P.O. Box 1581,Manama. Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17748999, Fax: 17748990 email: Born on February 28, 1964, Waleed M. Sharif Al Rayes is married and blessed with four children. Graduated with a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Joined the family business in 1981 when he was just 17 years old. He is in charge of watches and accessories division, and handles business and corporate gifts as well.
• Member of the Retail Committee of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• Board Secretary of Bahraini French Business Club
• Treasurer of Rotary Club of Manama
• Member of Bahrain-German Friendship Society
• Member of Bahrain British Business Forum
• Member of American Chamber of Commerce
• Member of Bahrain Association of Parents & Friends for Disabled.

Faisal A Zayani

Chairman - Ahmed Zayani & Sons P.O. Box 26332, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17238822, Fax:17255317 Chairman:Ahmed Zayani & Sons, Gulf Plastics Industries, Zayani Computer Systems, National Hotels Company.
Education: Ph.D - Organization and Management(2008)- Capella University, Minneapolis, MN, USA. MBA-Marketing and Finance(1979)- University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA. BBA-Business Administration(1970)-American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
Professional Affiliations: Member-Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Member- American Management Association, Member-Bahrain Information Technology Society.

Professor Abdulla Y. Al Hawaj

President- Ahlia University - Bahrain P.O. Box 10878, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17298999, Fax: 17290083 email:, Professor Abdulla Y. AI-Hawaj, holds a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. from the University of Manchester (UK) and a B.Sc. (Hon.) in Mathematics university of Kuwait.

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Adel Abdulla Fakhro

Group Managing Director -
Abdulla Yousif Fakhro & Sons BSC(c)
P.O. Box 39, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17220000, Fax: 17225000.

Ali Hasan Mahmood

Managing Director - Al Jazeera Shipping Company W.L.L Chairman-Hasan & Habib Sons of Mahmood Group of Companies P.O. BOX 302, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17728837, Fax: 17728217 email: 40 years in business. Ali Hasan’s father, the late Hassan Mahmood, was the founder of Hassan & Habib Sons of Mahmood Group of Companies. It was one of the first companies to supply foodstuff to the British Royal Air Force from 1943 to 1971 in Bahrain. Ali has joined the family business and worked in most of the group divisions.

Nasser Mohammed Al Arayedh

Chairman- Al Arayedh Group Holding W.L.L P.O. Box 15554, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17272575/17270333
Fax: 17272565 email:; Nasser Al Arayedh holds BA in Business Adminstration, United Kingdom. Honorary Govt. Position, Member of the Capital Governorate Council representing the people.

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Talal Mohammed Al Mannai

Managing Director - Mannai Motors
P.O. Box 105, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17703131, Fax: 17703747.

Sayed Basim Husain Alyusuf

Managing Director- Alyusuf Group of Companies P.O. Box 5211, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17403030/17230000, Fax: 17404407 /17234423 Born in Bahrain on December, 5th 1970 B.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Iowa in 1992 Received many certificates in Business Management Over 18 years of business and management experience.Achieved many awards in business, quality and performance from various international entities
Vice Chairman of Alyusuf Holding and Managing Director of the Trading & Industry Division.

Sayed Mohamed Husain Alyusuf

Managing Director-Alyusuf Group of Companies P.O. Box 5211, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17403030/17230000 Fax: 17404407 /17234423 Born in Bahrain in 1962 Architectural Engineer graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982, Associate of Science in Pre Engineering, Associate of Applied Science in Business Management
Received many certificates in Business Management.

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Abdul Hamid Hatam

Director - M.M. Sharif Hatam & Sons
P.O. Box 469, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17228258, Fax: 17210339, (M): 39456569.

Ibrahim Abdulla Al Hamer

Former Managing Director - Bahrain Air , Mr. Al Hamer holds a Post Graduate Qualification and Masters degree in National Accounting and in Public Administration. He also holds an Airline Commercial Pilot flying licenses from USA, Oman, Qatar and UAE and Bahrain as qualified Line and Simulator Training Captain on the Airbus A320. Mr. Al Hamer is an Aviation Professional with varying interests and business wisdom. He is an experienced Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer with well-proven commercial, operational, and people management skill and in the public and private sector.

Hussam Al Aseeri

General Manager -Etihad Airways P.O. Box 5177, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17519999 Fax: 17533988. Since 2003, Hussam Al Aseeri has been the General Manager Etihad Airways for Northern Gulf and Bahrain. Started his career as a customs official in 1978, Al Aseeri became Airport Manager later. From 1996to 2000, he was general manager for Gulf Air, Bahrain. Prior to joining Etihad, he was with Global Distribution System.

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Serhan Asay

Director - Turkish Airlines Inc. P.O. Box 2427,
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17516100, Fax: 17532880.

Christos A Poullaides

Chairman and Managing Director - Poullaides Construction Company W.L.L P.O.Box 33411, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17826660 Dir. 17827755 Fax: 17827008; email:; Born in January 7-1956 in Cyprus, Christos A Poullaides graduated from The English School, Nicosia (1974) where he received prizes for Mathematics and Chemistry and he was awarded one of the two scholarships given to the Government of Cyprus to study Civil Engineering at Imperial College London by the Association of Commonwealth Universities - UK where he graduated with an Honors degree. Upon graduation he was employed by Archirodon S.A. - Larnaca - Cyprus as a Site Engineer for Larnaca Port Extension after which he moved to Cybarco Ltd.- Nicosia- Cyprus to take up the position as Project Manager in 1980 and in 1981 he got appointed as Area Engineer at the J.V. Zachariades-Atlas Pantou, and later was relocated to G.P. Zachariades (Overseas) Ltd.-Manama-Bahrain in 1982. He moved to Dubai in 1994 where he took the position as General Manager of Jasaf Building Technology Co. which then employed 30 people and in 2002 the company was employing approx 700 people. Started Poullaides Construction Company W.L.L. (PCC) in 2002 and has made it one of the top quality contractors in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Rodolphe Melki

Chief Executive Officer - Millennium International W.L.L. P.O. Box 18065, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: +973- 77177772, Fax: +973- 77177773 email:;; Rodolphe Melki an MBA in International Commerce and Markets from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers - Paris – France and graduated in Business Administration from the Institut Universitaire de Technologies - Poitiers – France, has more than 20 years experience in international trade, retail and distribution gained in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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Dr. George Cheriyan

Chief Medical Officer/CEO -
American Mission Hospital
P.O. Box 1, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17253447, Fax: 17234194.

Mona Yousuf Almoayyed

Managing Director - Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons B.S.C. (c) P.O. Box 143, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17227766, Fax: 17227787
email:;; Mona Yousuf Almoayyed hails from one of Bahrain’s most established entrepreneural families. She is indirectly responsible for a staff of 2000 and approximately 300 brands ranging from luxury goods and home electronics to heavy equipment, medical technologies and concrete. The first woman to be elected to the Board of a publicly traded company in Bahrain - Bahrain Maritime and Mercantile International with reported revenues reaching BD80m - she further solidified her credentials as a professional pioneer by becoming the first woman to be elected to the Board of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) the following year. It was here that she helped establish and Chaired the Businesswomen’s Committee, later becoming Vice President of a similar committee for the regionally focussed Federation of GCC Chambers, for which she was somewhat prepared by her existing membership of the Arab League’s Committee for Arab Women’s Affairs.

Dr. Mona Rashed Al Zayani

Founder and President - Gulf University P.O. Box 26489, Kingdom of Bahrain; Tel: 17623999, Fax: 17624800;
email:; Has a Ph.D in Instruction from the University of Southern California, Diploma in Public Administration, M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Goddor’s College-Norwich University-USA, B.A in English Literacy from the University of Bagdad – Iraq, and Diploma in Speech Therapy and Hearing Disorders.
Member: Bahrain Businesswomen Society, Mother and Child Care Welfare Society, Child development Welfare Society and many Consultative and Technical Committees in Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf Region.
Founder and President - Gulf University, Founder and Chairperson of Al-Hekma International School, Berlitz International Language Institute - Bahrain, Al-Manar Establishment for Educational,Scientific and Medical Equipments and Bahrain Reading and Computer Center. One of the first Bahrain women to be appointed by His Majesty King Hamad Bin Salman Al Khalifa, to the Shura Consultative Council in the Kingdom of Bahrain(2000-2002), Director of Arab Bahrain Branch(2000-2002),Member of the College of Education’s Board -

Dr. Mona Rashed Al Zayani

Founder and President - Gulf University P.O. Box 26489, Kingdom of Bahrain; Tel: 17623999, Fax: 17624800;
email:; Has a Ph.D in Instruction from the University of Southern California, Diploma in Public Administration, M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Goddor’s College-Norwich University-USA, B.A in English Literacy from the University of Bagdad – Iraq, and Diploma in Speech Therapy and Hearing Disorders.
Member: Bahrain Businesswomen Society, Mother and Child Care Welfare Society, Child development Welfare Society and many Consultative and Technical Committees in Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf Region.
Founder and President - Gulf University, Founder and Chairperson of Al-Hekma International School, Berlitz International Language Institute - Bahrain, Al-Manar Establishment for Educational,Scientific and Medical Equipments and Bahrain Reading and Computer Center. One of the first Bahrain women to be appointed by His Majesty King Hamad Bin Salman Al Khalifa, to the Shura Consultative Council in the Kingdom of Bahrain(2000-2002), Director of Arab Bahrain Branch(2000-2002),Member of the College of Education’s Board -University of Bahrain, Member of the Dean’s Committee -J.F. Kennedy School, Harvard University-Cambridge-MA(USA)-(1994-1999).

Sabah Almoayyed

Former Chief Executive Officer - Eskan Bank
Sabah Almoayyed has varied experience as senior banking professional. Has a Masters Degree in Business Administration-Change Management/Marketing from Depaul University – Chicago, Bachelor of Business Administration/Finance – American University of Beirut, Diploma from Wharton Business School – University of Pennsylvania, Darden Business Council – University of Virginia. Member of various social organizations in Bahrain. Had served in Ahli United Bank as Chief Executive Officer, AGM (Corporate Banking - Trade Finance and Financial institution), National Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain Manager (Risk Management and Financial Institutions), Citibank – Lebanon and Bahrain. Had overseas assignment at Morgan Stanley - New York.

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Afnan Rashid Al-Zayani

President- Al Zayani Commercial Services
P.O. Box 21303, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17297676, Fax: 17294800.

Naeema Faisal Al-Doseri

Former Head of Group - Human Capital- Admin & Corporate Communication - Eskan Bank
Naeema Faisal Al-Doseri took her Ph.D. in Human Resources Management from the University of Leicester, UK in 1990-1996. During 1985-90, she obtained B.Sc. in Management from the University of Bahrain.

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Nancy Dinah Elly Joseph Khedouri

Managing Director - J.E.Khedouri & Sons
P.O. Box 37, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17255345, Fax: 17245306.

Dr. Lulwa Al Mutlaq Chartered Fellow CIPD

President & CEO - Golden Trust P.O. Box 33388, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17644955, Fax: 17644 965 email:
Dr. Lulwa holds a Ph.D. holds a Ph.D. Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University, USA and Master Degree in Vocational Education and Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University, USA. She is also a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, UK and certified HR Executive Professional from Michigan Business School, USA and Cranfield University School of Management, UK.
Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and Oxford Innovation Award. On 2007, she was awarded a Professional Excellence Award from Oxford Center for Leadership, UK. and an OXCEL Followship from OXFORD Center for Leadership (OXCEL) in 2008.
Served as Senior Vice President of Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C.). Dr. Lulwa started her career life at Ministry of Health and College of Health Sciences assuming several positions. She has teaching experience at University of Bahrain (part-time Assistance Professor) and at Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (Part-time Faculty).

Anwar Mohammed Abdulrahman

Chairman - Akhbar Al Khaleej & Gulf Daily News P.O. Box 224, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Bldg 149, Exhibition Avenue, Block 320, Tel: 17293131, Fax: 17293400
Anwar Mohammed Abdulrahman, born in 1942, launched Al Hilal Corporation in 1973, the distribution Centre for dailies, weeklies, quarterlies and monthlies. Previously, he worked as Sales Executive, Head - Al Hilal Bookshop (1961), Director (1970).
Established Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej (1975) with other directors under the Chairmanship of late Mahmood Mohammed Al Mardi, and the first Arabic Daily, Akhbar Al Khaleej got published (1976), the first English daily, Gulf Daily News was launched (1978). Formed Al Hilal Group specialised in trade publications like Gulf Construction, Gulf Industries, Shipping & Transport, Travel and Tourism, The Gulf, Gulf Weekly, Arabian Knight and Oil & Gas.

Capt.Mahmood Al Mahmood

Chairman & Managing Editor - Salaam Bahrain.
Responsible Editor - Daily Tribune.
Captain Mahmood Al Mahmood was the Director General of Bahrain Ports from 1996 to 2002 and served as Undersecretary for the Ministry of Information from 2002 till 2007.
In 2007, he was appointed as the Executive Director for Bahrain Tribune newspaper of the Al Ayam Group. He is also the Chairman and Managing Editor of ‘Salaam Bahrain’, an English-language monthly for the Asian diaspora and the Responsible Editor of the English Daily Newspaper, ‘Daily Tribune’. In March 2008, he established a consultancy company with interests in media and marine businesses.
His expertise as a skilled mariner is sought by many shipping and logistics companies on whose boards he serves as a Director.
He has won the H.H. Amir of Bahrain Award as the first Bahraini National to obtain a Master Mariner Certificate (1985), the Muharraq Innovator Award for outstanding services to the community (2000), the Loyal Service award by H.H. King Hamad (2000), the Honorary Citizenship from the Mayor of New Orleans, USA (2001). He has also authored many books in Arabic and English on marine safety standards and discipline at sea and also participated in several research studies.

George F Middleton

Chairman & Publisher - Red House Marketing P.O. Box 20461, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17244455, Fax: 17244455;; A British national and third generation Middle East expatriate, George F Middleton has been resident in the Gulf region since November 1979 working in the publishing and marketing industry sector throughout Bahrain, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. In 1991, he founded Red House Marketing (RHM), which is currently one of the most successful independent publishing and marketing organisations in Bahrain.

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Khamis Al-Muqla

Founder- Gulf Marcom Group (GMG)
P.O. Box 5518, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17226262, Fax: 17228660.

Charles B. Miraj

Managing Director- Miraj Graphics- Bahrain; Miraj Arabia- Saudi Arabia;
P.O.Box 10384, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17714722, Fax: 17714960; email:
A veteran advertising professional with over two decades of experience, Charles B. Mirage has carved a niche for himself. After the completion of post-graduate degree in Commerce, he joined Sara Corporation in 1990 and rose to become MD & CEO in 2000. Since 2005, heading Miraj Graphics and Miraj Arabia.

Rashid H.Ghauri

CEO - Ghauri Corporate Communications W.L.L. P.O.Box 54353, Adliya, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Tel: 17217202, Fax: 17217203
An Advertising professional who has made it big from a small beginning, Rashid Ghauiri started Digital Line with just HSBC as the sole client in 1998.After getting an MBA in 2003, changed company name to Brackets Corporate Communications W.L.L and moved office to Bahrain Tower. In 2005, along with younger brother Fahad Ghauri, expanded the business to outdoor advertising under the name of Ghauri Corporate Communications W.L.L.

Ebrahim K. Al Dossary

CEO & Senior Advisor to the Board - BSTD P.O. Box 29093, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17769594, Fax: 17769290 email:
Ebrahim K. Al Dossary has a PhD from Preston University. Affiliations: Honors Preston, Bahrain Society for Training and Development (BSTD); Board Director, BMMI; Board Director, IFTDO; Board Member and Assistant Undersecretary for Information Affairs and Follow-up, HRH The Prime Minister’s Court. Hobbies: reading.

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Abdul Majeed Al-Gassab

President - Bahrain Society of Engineers
P. O. Box 835, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain;
Tel: 17727100, Fax: 17729819.

Hilmy Cader

Chief Executive - MTI Consulting; P.O. Box 15259, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain; L6, 2nd Floor, Yateem Centre, Skype:hilmycader
Tel: +973 1722 9242Email:; Hilmy Cader is Bahrain-based Chief Executive of MTI Consulting, one of the fastest growing international strategy consultancies, with operations in the UK, Malaysia, Bahrain, Dubai, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Saleh Tarradah

Director of Conferences & Programmes - Bahrain Management Society P.O. Box 3268, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17827676, Fax: 17827678 email:;; Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (UK), Master in Management from Kent University (UK) More than 30 years experience in Telecommunications & Information Technology. Member of Batelco Group Senior Leadership Team, Member of Batelco Bahrain Capital Review Board. Board member Bahrain Management Society., Chairman of the Federation Of Arab Engineers ICT committee, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry ICT Committee. Fellow member of Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)-UK, Association of Business Executives (ABE), Cranfield Management Association (CMA), Bahrain Society of Engineers, eGovernment Strategy Committee, B9-Tamkeen eMarket Place Advisory Committee.

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Ali Hassan Kutty Kunhalil

Chairman & Managing Director - Aliventure Group
Euro Tower Building, Office No 92,
Sanabis.Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17554872, Fax: 17554879.

Kanika Dewan

Group President - Bramco W.L.L. P.O. Box 20260, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17250954 /17250981, Fax: 17272725,
Tlx:9261 Bramco BN; Kanika Dewan a 21st century business leader, was born in India, raised in the Middle East. Educated in England and the United States.

Lalit Kapur

Managing Director - Lanterns Group of Companies; Lalit Kapur, a graduate in Commerce and Hotel Management & Catering from Pusa, New Delhi, arrived in Bahrain in 1979 when Bahrain was fast developing. Owned and operated restaurants and catering operations in Middle East, India and United States. Currently Managing Director of Lanterns Group of Companies that owns and runs various restaurants with business interest in Bahrain and India.


CEO - Craig Consultants Tel: +973-36199980 (Bahrain) Tel: +966 540674454 (KSA) email kevin Kevin Craig was born and raised in Oman and is very much at home in the Middle East. From his base in Bahrain, he has worked throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe for multi-national blue-chip companies such as Siemens and DHL.

Ahmed Mohammed Al Khan

Former Chief Investment Officer, Global Banking Corporation B.S.C. (c) (GBCORP) GBCORP Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbour, P.O. Box 1486, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. T +973 17 200 200 F +973 17 200 300; Mr. Al Khan is the Chief Investment Officer at
GBCORP, with over 16 years of experience in the financial services industry including working in New York. His successful portfolio
of work and achievements has earned him appointments to the boards of various leading establishments in the region.

Mohamed Abdulla Isa

Chief Financial Officer – INOVEST; Mohamed Abdulla Isa, CPA, MBA, DTM, had worked for Unilever – in its offices in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. His last post with the company was Regional Finance Manager for North Africa, Middle East and Turkey.

Thamer Al Muqla

Executive Director - Gulf Marcom Group P.O. Box 5518, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel:17226262, Fax:17228660 email: Thamer Al Muqla has been associated with several leading companies in top positions. Had a BBA degree from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Msc and Business Administration (Honors) from Boston University and is Executive Director, Gulf Marcom Group, Executive Director, Gulf Marcom now. Was Chairman, Eventscom (2002), Chairman, Enjaz Capital (2004), Chairman, Anmar Construction WLL (2005), Managing Director, Opal Holdings (2005), Chairman, Ebtikar Marketing Consultants (2005), Chairman, Realcorp (2006), Managing Director, Dara Investment Holding WLL (2007), Chairman, Enjaz Residence BSC (2008), Chairman, Real Residence Investments BSC (2008), Chairman, The Ultimate Capital WLL (2008), Chairman, Realway Holding BSC (2008), Chairman & Managing Director, Enjaz Property Dev. Co. BSC (2008)

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Waleed Ebrahim Kanoo

Director - Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c)
Tel: 17711722, Fax: 17746484;

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Mohamed Abdul Razak Shirazi

Director - Behbehani Brothers W.L.L &
Bahrain Jewellery Centre W.L.L
P.O. Box 168, Kingdom of Bahrain
Office 101, Building 1, Govt. Avenue, Manama Town 306,
Tel: 17531502/17531550, Fax: 17536070,

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar

Managing Director - Asia Jewellers; P.O. Box 861, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Tel: 17535344/17534444, Fax: 17535311 30 years old Mohammed obtained Bachelors in Finance from George Washigton University (Washigton DC) in 2005 and worked as trainee with Al Ahli Bank Bahrain in the corporate department for a brief perod and joined the family business in the same year. Mohammed’s late father Mahmood Ebrahim Jaffar started Asia Jewellers. He also started Phoenocia Decor and he has ventured into real estate and other business to increase the hospitality Industry in Bahrain.

Talal Fuad Kanoo

Director - Corporate Service – E. K. Kanoo B.S.C.(c) P.O. Box 119, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17262262, Fax:17258865.
Talal Fuad Kanoo holds the following distinguished positions: Executive Director, Motor City B.S.C.(c) Member of the Board - Bahrain National Holding & Bahrain International Circuit Board Member - National Finance House (NFH).

Mishal Alshoala

Chairman - Al Fanar Investment Holding Co. B.S.C. (c) P.O. Box:1557, Kingdom of Bahrain,
Al Fanar Building, Estiqlal Highway, Tel: 17490090 Fax: 17490098; email:
Graduate of Economics and Business Management from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Involved in the development of Al Fanar Investment Holding Co. B.S.C. (c) since the very beginning, and now the Executive Director. Also a member of the Board of Directors in Gulf Markets International W.L.L., Primedia International B.S.C. (c), International Technical Supplies and Services W.L.L., Elitecore Technologies Middle East W.L.L., and Chairman of Multe-Spec Systems and Services W.L.L..

Mohamed Hasan Mahmood

Assistant Manager-Fine Foods P.O. Box 302, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17727300, Fax: 17725353 ; DOB- 28/10/1986 Bachelor of Managerial Economics, University of Queensland, Australia 2010. Assistant Manager- Fine Foods, Business Development Manager- Eurogulf-Iraq.

Rashid M. Al Dossary

Business Development Manager - Amlak International Investment WLL P.O. Box 29093, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17769594, Fax: 17769290 email:; Rashid M. Al Dossary took his BSs in Business Informational Technologies and obtained an advanced Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance. Affiliations: Business Development Manager, Amlak International Investment WLL; Member, Bahrain Society of Training & Development (BSTD). Hobbies: Sports and Reading.

Mohamed Al Zeera

Portfolio Analyst - Corporate Banking Department-Ahli United Bank P.O. Box: 2424, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17585858, Fax: 17580586 email:;

Hasan A. Mahmood

Business Development Manager - Al Jazeera Shipping Co. P.O. BOX 302, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17728837, Fax: 17728217 email:,; Hasan A. Mahmood received his Degree from Boston University School of Management, Boston, MA. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA); Dual Concentration and entrepreneurship in Finance.

Bahrain Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (BCICAI)

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Alok Gupta*

Group Manager – Credit & Treasury, Y.K.Almaoyyed & Sons, Bahrain,Tel:17202102/(M)39528050/36966737,

Shaukat Yahya Lokhandwala*

Chairman; (M)39850739; email:
Shaukat Lokhandwala is a Finance professional with 25 years of post qualification experience with multinationals and closely held groups in India and the Middle East. He is currently General Manager – Finance, Haji Hassan Group, a leading business house in Bahrain with operations spread over the Gulf. Shaukat Lokhandwala is a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai, India, after which he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1985, in his first attempt. In the year 2000 he added the US CPA degree to his professional qualifications, scoring a whopping 94%, the highest ever achieved in Bahrain at the time. He was the Founder President of the Bohra Toastmasters Club and a Past President of the Lions Club of Riffa, Bahrain. He is an avid quizzer and was part of the team that won the ‘Brains of Bahrain’ quiz as also the Standard Chartered Business Challenge.

T.D. Balraj*

Vice Chairman; (M)39944907, email:
TD Balraj, a graduate in Mathematics and Statistics became a CA in1988. With an initial stint in accounting profession, he then moved to industry and worked with varied businesses in India and Qatar. Since 1997 he has been working with J A Zayani & Sons WLL, a diversified Bahrain based business Group as its Financial Controller. Possesses more than 22 years post qualification experience, he also advises several other business units in the Group apart from being recently designated as a Director in the Board of Zayani Otis Elevator Co. WLL, a new joint venture initiative between Zayani and one of its major principals Otis Elevator Company, USA.
A founder member of ICAB Toastmasters Club when the Bahrain Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (BCICAI) started its own Toastmasters Club in 2005, he was the Club’s President in 2008-2009. Currently he serves the Toastmasters community in Bahrain as Area 75 Governor.

Sanjay Gupta*

Secretary; (M) 39415356, email:;
Sanjay Gupta is a Chartered Accountant with CISA (Certified Information System Auditor), DISA (Diploma in Information System Auditing), CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) and a Bachelors Degree in Commerce.
With over 20 years of in depth post qualification experience, CA Sanjay Gupta is working as Head of Reserve Risk Control in the Reserve Management Directorate with the Central Bank of Bahrain.
His experience spans diverse facets of financial operations, including External and Internal Audits, Investigation work, Assurance and Advisory Business Services, Due Diligence Reviews and Risk Assessment. Sanjay Gupta is a keen planner with demonstrated business acumen to oversee operations, conceptualize strategies and effectuate them for sustained business growth. His strengths include excellent relationship management, communication skills and relationship management abilities.

Meenakshi Sundaram*

Joint Secretary; (M)36741038; email:
Meenakshi Sundaram is a professional CA with over a decade of post qualification experience in Internal Audit, Direct / Indirect taxation and Finance & Accounts.
He is an Associate Member of ICAI, a graduate Member of ICWAI with a graduation in Commerce from India. He served as a President of ICAB Toastmasters club (2009-2010) and also as a Member in the Executive Committee of Bahrain Chapter of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India during 2007-2008.
He started his career in internal audit with ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd, India and moved on to become the Finance Head of one of its Factory in Hyderabad, India. He is presently working with Business International WLL (Xerox) as Head of Finance, Administration and HR.

Nitin Mahajan*

Treasurer; (M)39784087; email:
Nitin Mahajan, Member of the Chapter, is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and a Bachelor of Commerce, with several years of industry experience. He is currently working with E.K. Kanoo group as Internal Auditor and had prior stints at India Bulls and Bajaj Auto Finance; DOB: 21 July 1980; Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2004, Certified Internal Auditor, USA, since 2007; B.Com (Hons.) from Delhi University; Internal Auditor, Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo ;Tel: 17264588, (M)39784087;; Has been in Bahrain for past three and half years. Currently working with Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo Group (Automobile Dealers) as Internal Auditor.
In past, worked in Financial Services Industry for 2 years with companies like IndiaBulls Credit Services as Manager – Internal Audit & Bajaj Auto Finance Limited as Regional Internal Auditor for Northern India. He is a part of the Executive Committee of Bahrain Chapter of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for year 2009-2010.
Regular follower of Art of Living society and actively involved in social activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, organized Food camp for labour, Blood donation camp, Beach clean activity at Zallaq beach.

Shribharathi Mahesh Kumar*

Executive Committee Member; (M)39431170; email:
Shribharathi Maheshkumar, Member of the Chapter, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Bachelor of Commerce, with over 5 years of internal audit experience. She is currently working with Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) as Internal Auditor and had prior stints at Grant Thornton and TVS Group of Companies. Shribharathi Maheshkumar is also an active Toastmaster with ICAB Toastmasters and has a flair for music and books.

Percy Mistry*

Executive Committee Member; (M)36515221; email:
Percy Mistry did his graduation in Commerce and Economics from the Bombay University in 1968 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1971.
He held the positions of All India Accounts Manager and Finance Manager with Voltas Ltd. (a member of the Tata Group of companies) in India between 1972 and 1983. Since 1984, he has been with the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC) in Bahrain and has served in the capacity of Treasurer, Chief Accountant and Chief Internal Auditor. He is currently the Sr. Financial Advisor.
He is actively engaged in social and charitable work and has been Past President of Lions Club of Bahrain and founding member and office bearer with Migrant Workers Protection Society in Bahrain. He has a passion for writing, directing and acting in full length plays as well as making of short films on topical and social issues.

Vistasp Sopariwalla*

Executive Committee Member; (M)39177383 email:
Vistasp Burjor Sopariwalla is finance professional with over 21 years of post qualification experience. Currently holding a senior position as Head of Finance with Future Bank, Bahrain for the last four years. In addition he is also the Board Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Bank.
Vistasp has rich experience & knowledge in the Banking sector with strong leadership skills. Prior to joining Future Bank, he has worked in succeeding senior positions within the banking industry in India & internationally which spans over BNP- Paribas, Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait and the Bahraini Saudi Bank. Currently he is also a fellow member of the ICAB Toastmasters Club.

Uday Shanbag*

Executive Committee Member; (M) 39276481; email:
A Commerce graduate, Uday Shanbag is a CA with more than 18 years post qualification experience. A senior finance professional, he works with National Property Investments Co W.L.L ( J.A Zayani Group company) as its Accounts Manger.
A member of the Indian Club, he served as Treasurer as well as Internal Auditor of the Club.
An avid cricketer, he captained the Indian Club cricket team in 2003 and 2004. He also played and won several Tennis tournaments within the Club. Uday is passionate with music and loves to play classical music instruments.

Sanjib Kumar Mohapatra*

Executive Committee Member; (M)39081697, email:
Sanjib Kumar Mohapatra is an Accounts, Audit and Finance professional with 12 years post qualification experience in various industries. He currently works with Marshall’s (Bahrain) Limited (globally known as Tullet Prebon Limited) a number one money broking company as its Financial Controller and Compliance Officer within the Banking Industry.He is a member of ICAB Toastmasters Club as well.

K. Muralidhar*

Executive Committee Member; (M)39017666, email:
He is a commerce graduate with honors and post qualification professional experience of nearly 20 years in the sectors of automobiles, consumer electronics, Appliance & real estate, construction and plastic engineering in India and the Middle East. He is presently working as Accounts Manager at Bahrain Pipes BSC (Closed). He is a chartered member and past President of the ICAB Toastmasters club. An active Toastmaster who held different leadership positions including the position of Area Governor, he is currently assisting in Division ‘K’ council of District 79 in its community activities.

Aloke K. Rakshit*

DOB: 30th July, 1959; Qualification: M Com, A.C.A., A.I. C.W. A., A.I.C.P.A.
Group General Manager; BANZ Group B.S.C. (c); Tel: 00973 17727 719; emai:

Anand Gupta*

DOB: 3rd Jan 1978; Qualification: CA, CISA, B.COM; Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young; Tel:17535455,(M) 36546115; email:,, Chartered Accountant. Also done CISA from ISACA. Currently working with Ernst & Young under Transaction Advisory service as a Senior Consultant. Member of Bahrain Chapter of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (BCICAI). Served as executive committee member of this chapter during 2008-2009. Also member of Lions Club of Riffa in Bahrain and currently Treasurer with club. Currently perusing CFA level II of USA. Hobbies: Cricket, video games, Reading etc.; Married – Wife- Smita Gupta

Arvind Sharma*

Manager, Audit and Advisory, KPMG Fakhro
Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and is an experienced audit professional with over 10 years of audit experience. Prior to joining KPMG Fakhro in May 2005, was associated with a PwC in Mumbai, India. Has been involved in Bahrian as an auditor with Gulf International Bank, Saudi National Commercial Bank, State Bank of India, YK Almoayyed Group etc. He is on the committee of KPMG Toastmasters club and KPMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team. Involved in various sectors including Financial services and Construction.

Arun C. Kotwani*

DOB: 19th May 1974; ACA, Grad CWA, Inter CS.; Vice President – Financial Control, Maalem Holding B.S.C (c)
Tel: 17107280, (M) 39801355 email:;
A Chartered Accountant by profession having more than twelve years of extensive expertise in all facets of Financial Accounting and Controls, Budgets modeling, System Implementations, Regulatory Reporting, Compliance, Operations and Administration. He has served in senior managerial positions in leading financial institutions in Bahrain and has gained valuable expertise to work in multicultural/multinational environment to exercise due professional care and lead teams efficiently. He started his career in the Middle East with American Express where he worked for more than 8 years. There, as a Team Leader in the Financial Service Unit, he supervised the entire MENA region card operation business and got a solid exposure to business verticals in card industry. Currently he is the Vice President of the Financial Control department at Maalem, where he oversees all aspects of Financial Control and Treasury functions for the Group. Prior to joining Maalem, Arun was the Head of Financial Control for Addax Bank for more than three years. With the solid exposure to finance and accounting via experience in investment banking and credit card industry, he aims to fulfill his aspirations by leveraging on his strengths and ensuring overall organizational objectives are met.

Durgesh Purohit*

DOB: 4th June 1975; F.C.A., B.Com., C.S. (Inter) Financial Controller, Pegasus Real Estate, Tel: 17587575; (M):39186707, email:; Has successfully handled the Mortgage, Finance & other matters of Bahrain’s prestigious Projects Abraj Al Lulu, Platinum Tower & Juffair Skyview etc. value of more than 350 million US$.Carries wealth of experience of 15 Years in Finance, Auditing, Projects, Mortgage and Real Estate in BAHRAIN, INDIA, USA, UK and UAE.

Harish Gopinath*

DOB: 20th January 1969; Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 1995.
Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), Colorado State, USA, since 2003; Director, KPMG Fakhro; Tel: 1722332, (M)39643703
email:; Employed in the Gulf for the past 15 year and currently working as the head of the Owner Managed Business unit in KPMG Fakhro, Bahrain; The department was set up in 2005 to cater to family companies and small and medium sized companies in Bahrain. Actively involved in the development of entrepreneurs by assisting them in preparing an appropriate business plan/ feasibility report for their upcoming ventures and assisting them in setting up the same. Advising SMEs and family companies in structuring their business and hand holding these companies to the next level. Working closely with Governmental organizations and Development banks on projects for entrepreneurs and SMEs. He has been formally trained in Neuro Lingustic Programming. Interested in philanthropic activities and involved on a personal level.

Hira Khatri*

DOB: 20-10-1958 FCA CFO, Yusif Bin Yusif Fakhro BSC (c), Tel: 17408141, (M): 39188738; email:
Having more than 20 years experience in key management position, served in multiple industry group of companies. Good exposure in Strategic planning and business restructuring, Internal Control System and Performance Monitoring.

Isaac Mathew*

DOB: 14-02-1952; FCA, MBA; General Manager, Algosaibi Travel; Tel: 17212333, (M)39687750; email:
Has been the President of Manama Toastmasters and Vision Advanced Toastmasters. Board Member and Treasurer of Association of Bahrain Travel and Tours Agents. Married with two children. Elder son - employed with Citi Group in the US and younger son student of Sacred Heart School. Wife - teacher in the Indian School. Hobbies – Reading, traveling, snorkeling, spending quality time with family, charity work etc.

James A. Moye*

DOB: 2 November 1965; Chartered Accountant, Australia; Partner – Transaction Advisory Solutions Bahrain; Middle East Asset Management Leader, Ernst & Young Bahrain; Tel:17535455, (M) 36337799; email:;
Experience covers a wide range of industries in a wide variety of consultancy assignments in various areas, including Asset Management, Corporate Finance and Transaction Advisory Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuations, Infrastructure Advisory, Restructuring and Transaction Services.

Kapil Kumar Batra*

DOB: 18 August 1970; Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Fraud Examiner(CFE), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), Bachelor of Legislative Laws (LLB); Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com); Internal Audit Manager, Batelco
Tel: 17884493, (M)39901701, email: prides himself to have held the flag of Indian CA community high in all the organizations he has worked till now.

Krishna Udeshi*

DOB: 27.09.1963; B.Com., FCA; Finance Director, Overseas Technical Coatings & Services Company (LLC), Saudi Arabia
Tel:+966-38590506 Ext. 111 (M)+966 555 948566 email:;; Chartered Accountant with 20+ years of post qualifying experience gained in the MENA region; Responsible for finance & Accounting, treasury, funds management, procurement, inventory control, HR, administration, IT and quality functions; Also well versed in acquisition assessment, due diligence and investment analysis; Prior to taking up his current assignment in August 2008, Had worked in senior financial roles in Bahrain, Kenya, Dubai, Kuwait and India. Most recently he was General Manager (F&A) for Al Manaratain Company, a leading concrete products manufacturer in Bahrain. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1987 and has over 22 years of experience in finance. A Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Life Member of Bombay Chartered Accountants Society and a Member of the Bahrain Chapter of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
He is a technology and internet buff in his spare time.

Mani Lakshmanamoorthy*

ACA, FRM, ACII, CISA, CFA Level III candidate; Manager, Arab Insurance Company; Tel: 17544362, Mobile: 39124610;
email:; Past Chairman of BCICAI

Neiljit Guha*

DOB: 4th November 1963; Chartered Accountant; Group Finance Manager, Ahmadi Industries – PEPSI Bahrain
Tel: 17265422, Mobile: 39050084; email:

Nilesh Bhatia*

DOB: 09/04/1966; C.A., C.P.A.; Finance Manager, Sale for Distribution & Communication Company Ltd. (Sale-Co)
Tel: 17728322, (M) 33115154; email:; Certified Public Accountant/Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of senior level accounting, auditing and management experience in large multinationals both in India & the Middle East primarily in the telecom industry, now heading finance of a leading distribution Company dealing in products of a major Telecom operator in Bahrain.

P. Ragunathan*

DOB: 12 May 1978; B.Com., A.C.A; Credit Analyst, Kuwait Finance House, Bahrain B.S.C (c); Tel: 77000375, (M) 39246231

Rajesh Bansal*

DOB: 28.10.1977; ACA,ACS; Head-Accounts & Finance, ICICI Bank Tel: 17221214, (M)36090924; email:
Active contribution to support the business of ICICI Bank in Bahrain which is the largest overseas branch

Rakesh Shah*

DOB: 16th April 1978; ACA, B-Com; Director-Investments, ProCapital Associates W.L.L.; Tel: 17220999; (M): 39104367
email:; An investment banker by profession having completed 8 years in private equity deals, merger and acquisition, business planning, business and equity valuations, advising and structuring investment vehicles for high net worth individuals and corporations and assistance in fund raising by way of equity and debt.

Sameer Jain*

DOB: 7th April 1971; FCA, CIA, CFE, CCSA, ICWA, CFAP; Chief Internal Auditor, M/s Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo B.S.C. (c)
Tel: 17264585, (M)36050725; email:;
Have a good experience of over 15 years in Internal Audit with good companies like:
• Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. (manufacturer of Honda Cars in India)
• Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd. (2nd largest manufacturer of Liquor & Beer in India)
• Avery India Ltd. (Largest manufacturer of Weighing scales in India)
• A. F. Ferguson & Co. Chartered Accountants, India
• Usha India Ltd.
Have setup Internal Audit Department in Honda Cars as well as E. K. Kanoo.
Completed several investigations involving manipulations, frauds, system lacunae, etc. and thereby benefitting the company by major cost savings and improved internal controls.
Was instrumental in correcting various control issues including the setting up of new systems.

Sandeep Mehta*

DOB: 14/12/1968; CA, L.LB
Senior Manager-Accounting & Finance, Tabreed Bahrain; Tel:17516666 (M)33663220; email:
Worked in various organisation, having working experience in the field of Internal Audit, Accounting, Finance & Administration for over 17 yrs in India, UAE & Bahrain. Have been involved in setting up the systems, policies, procedures and department for various company by creating good team work. Have been very actively involved in ICAI-Abu Dhabi and have been holding various positions in the Executive Committee for over 13 yrs. Certified quality auditor for ISO 9000, ISO 14000 standards.

Sanjib Kumar Mohapatra*

DOB: 22nd July,1972; FCA
Financial Controller and Compliance Officer; Marshalls (Bahrain) Limited; Tel: 17228787, (M) 39081697; email:
Able to double the Revenue during a short span of 3 years. Able to reduce the collection outstanding days from 65 days to 40 days. Able control the expenditure in the normal course of business.
Able to comply the requirements of Central Bank of Bahrain being an authorized Licensee. Able to report HO office at London timely. Able to getting the audit done within one month of Financial Year ending. Able to full filling all the requirements of all Ministries, LMRA, Immigration, GOSI etc. being an authorized signatory for all types of financial and non financial transactions

Sharmila Sharad Shet*

DOB: 24th December 1979; Chartered Accountant(CA), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA); Internal Audit Manager, Gulf Union Insurance and Reinsurance Company. BSC(c); Tel: 17255292, (M) 36797832; email:
Joined Gulf union Insurance & Reinsurance Co. in Oct 2005 as Senior Internal Auditor. Since then she has been promoted to audit supervisor, asst Internal Audit Manager and now working as Internal Audit Manager. She is primarily involved in the Internal Audit of the group companies, verifying the compliance to the regulatory authorities (CBB and SAMA) and IT Security Audit.
Prior to joining the group, she was working as Audit executive with N.M.Raiji & Co, one of the leading Audit firm in India where she had handled audits like J P Morgan Chase Bank, J P Morgan Securities India private limited, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, etc.


DOB: 31.03.1960; B.Sc.,F.C.A
Sridhar took over as General Manager of Trafco Group from Jan 2013, after serving the company for 18 years with roles like Finance Manager and Group CFO.A Chartered Accountant by profession,prior to joining Trafco, Sridhar was working in the financial services market of the Bombay Stock Exchange with CIFCO group. 

He has contributed significantly to company’s growth in Sales & Profitability with unfailing efforts and service, revamped the critical area of logistics, sales & finance, acquired a well-rounded range of expertise in managing the affairs of group companies. He is also a part of the Audit Committee, Purchase Committee, IT Steering committee and other committees set up for assessing the performance of the associate companies of Trafco.
Trafco is a leading bahraini shareholding foodstuff company listed in Bahrain Bourse, the pioneers in dry & frozen food industry catering to the households of Bahrain through wholesales, tenders and retail convenient stores. It is the parent company of the group with diversified activities like trading in food products, manufacturing of diary & juice products, water bottling, fresh fruits & vegetables trading and Storage & Logistics.


DOB: 13-05-1963; Chartered Accountant; CEO, Almoayyed International Group, Tel: 17705224, (M): 36075000,
A Chartered Accountant by profession, joined ALMOAVYED International Group (AIG) in the year 1998 as Group Finance Controller and is presently its Chief Financial Officer as well as CEO - International Operations. Apart from financial planning, legal/statutory compliance, and administrative functions of AlG, Srinivasan is responsible for overseas business expansion across the GCC and North Africa. His business acumen has helped the company to rapidly expand its businesses in Qatar and Oman and currently, he is focusing on ALMOAVYED’s foray into Africa.
Srinivasan has more than 15 years of work experience with large and diversified trading / service companies in India, Muscat (Suhait & Saud Bahwan Group & Delta Co. Ltd.) & Jakarta (P.T. Infiniti Indosakti) handling diversified portfolio including strategic planning, financial accounting, budgetary control, risk management, internal audit and taxation.

Suresh Kumar Surana*

DOB: 01.06.1957; Chartered Accountant; Director of Finance, Gulf Hotels Group; Tel: 17746467;(M): 36552777
email:; Started my career in hospitality industry in Mumbai in 1977 while studying as a Chartered Accountant. At that time, audited almost all the five star hotels that existed in Mumbai. In 1981 took up employment with Sun-n-Sand, a 5-star Hotel as a Chief Accountant, before moving to the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1986 where served in various 4-star hotels in the capacity of Financial Controller. Moved to Gulf Hotel in November 1994 as Chief Accountant and held the positions of Financial Controller at Gulf Hotel and Gulf Brands International prior to being promoted to Director of Finance at Gulf Hotels Group in April 2007. Have served the Bahrain Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in the capacity as a Secretary in 2001/2002 and play an active role in the activities of the chapter since inception.

Sushil Kumar Jain*

DOB: Dec 4th 1959; CA, AICWA; Executive Director- Investments, Inovest BSC; Tel: 17155740; (M): 39980747
email:; Led from front in senior positions like CFO, Head of corporate Finance/ Investment, Head of Risk etc. with major financial institutions, Islamic and conventional investment banks and reputed groups in GCC for the past 27 years. Pioneered several innovative investment deals in UK, Germany, US, Hong Kong, Macau, China, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Austria etc.

G. Venkatarman*

DOB: 08.02.1967; CA, CPA; Manager Outstation Finance, Gulf Air; Tel:17338021, (M) 36460803 email:
In order to prove that Indian CAs can also study western courses and prove that they are equally good in achieving these degrees, Took up the challenge & complete CPA in one go in 2003.
Apart from that 18+ years in varied industries – audit, manufacturing, construction and airline- has definitely boosted my confidence. The level of automation foreseen and achieved in my current job is really worth noting.

K.Kalyana Raman*

Managing Partner, Corporate Consultancy Services, P.O.Box 21937, Bahrain, Chartered Accountant, M.Com, F.C.A, AICWAI, CMA (U.K.) CIA, D.O.B. 4/7/1955, H.Add:Villa No.388, Sehlah, (M)39625870, Married, 2 children, Wife: Gayathri Devi, Janani & Harini (D), Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music,

Ramesh Ramachandran*

P.O.Box 54222, Bahrain. Tel:17246121, Fax:17246141, email: years, Chartered Accountant & Senior Financial Advisor, Managing Director - Binser Software Technologies w.l.l.,Bahrain, Director - Consulting, Vision Business Consultancy w.l.l., Bahrain, Director-Imperial Management Company W.L.L., Bahrain, Managing Partner- Winnerz Academy, Bahrain

Dr. Abdul Latif Jassim Kanoo*

Former Shura Council Member; P.O.Box 2000, Bahrain Tel:17290101, Fax:17310929. Born in 1935, Married, Sons(2) Mohammed & Tariq, early studies in Bahrain and obtained D.I.C from Imperial College, London University, and Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and Ph.D, University of Texas, USA, Honorary Doctorate from INHA University, Republic of Korea. He was the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Housing (1975-1996), held the Chairmanship of the Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company , the Deputy Chairmanship of the Housing Bank in Bahrain and Board Membership of the College of Science, Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain.

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A.G. Shetty*

Chairman - Mysore Restaurant
Tel: 17258066/17261896, Fax:17231489,
P.O. Box: 2703, Manama, Bahrain.

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Abdul Latif E. Al Thawadi

Proprietor, Abdul Latif Ebrahim Al Thawadi
P. O. Box 5866, Manama,
Tel: 17259566/17256529, Fax: 17261048,

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Abdul Majeed

Manager, Behbehani Bros W..L.L.,
P. O. Box 168, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17252488, 17531502/3,
17531550, Fax: 17232329.

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Abdul Saheb Yusuf Sanad

Managing Director,
Tariq Travel & Tours,
P. Add: Bldg. 1477,
Rd. 5339, Blk. 553, Budaiya,
Tel: 17690753,

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Abdulla A. Jabbar Kooheji

MBA, Vice President, A.J.M.Kooheji & Sons,
P.O. Box 74, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17403304,Fax: 17403800,

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Abdul Latif Al Aujan

Ph.D Managing Director, Abdul Latif Al Aujan Group,
P.O. Box 61 & 904, Manama,
Tel: 17223527,Fax: 17223536,

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A. K. Thomas*

B. E.(Mech.), (M)36508877;
D. O. B: 18/02/’47, P. Add: Ayanivilayil,
Karuvatta, Adur, Kerala,

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A.T. Vikas*

Finance Manager, Al Eqtesad Carpentry
& Maintenance Est.
P.O.Box 26830, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel:17552034, Fax:17551550.

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Abraham Jacob

Marketing Manager, (Business Equipment Division), Rouben’s Store, P. O.Box 233, Bahrain.
Tel: 17227770, (M)39466565, Fax: 17226655..

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Achilleas R. Achilleos*

Graduated with Honors degree as
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.
Project Manager–PCC Terna Contracting
Company W.L.L. P.O.Box 54368,Manama,Bahrain.
(M): 39473627/36567020;

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Adel Hassan Al A’li

Director, Haji Hassan Group WLL.,
P. O.Box 530, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17551111, Fax: 17552680.

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Adel Naim

Manager- Spare Parts, Mercedes Benz,
Al Haddad Motors. Authorised General Distributor
of Mercedes Benz in Bahrain. P O Box 242, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17785999, Fax: 17784477, (M) 36840049;

Adel Hamad Abdulrahman Hamad*

Former Chief Executive Officer - Garmco
(M): 39645277

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Adeyemi O. Sonuga F.C.A.

Chief Financial Officer, Bahrain International Bank (E.C),
Al Salam Tower, P.O. Box 5016, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel:(D)17538460/17538777, Fax:17535141, (M) 39626077,

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Adnan Mahmood Yousif*

Head of Public Relations and Community Service.
Tel: 17545805/17545806, Fax: 17545608.

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Ahmed Abdulla Al Rayes*

Diploma in Journalism, Consultant- Public Relations,
Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Co. (ASRY),
P. O. Box 50110, Hidd, Bahrain,
Tel: 17674042 /17671111/17274803,
Fax: 17670236,

Ahmed M. Al Banna*

Former Chief- People Officer-Gulf Air, Bahrain

Dr.Ahmed Alkhuzaie*

Chairman, Aliyahmarie Holding Co. P.O.Box 31770, Budaiya, Bahrain, Tel:17245081, Fax:17245082,; Founder and CEO of Hatchway Entertainment,
the Bahraini born entertainment company that promises to introduce next generation, affordable entertainment to every
home in the Kingdom.

Ahmed Salman Kamal*

Former Shura Council member.
P.O. Box 11517, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17294858, (M): 39680303, Fax: 17689878.

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Ajay T Jinsi*

B. Arch (College of Architecture, Chandigarh, India.)
Managing Director AAA Homes W.L.L.
(M) 39466560, email:

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Ajit Joseph Kolethe*

Director - Commercial Services,
Etisalcom Bahrain W.L.L.
More than 13 years of experience
in the IT, Telecom and ICT industry in Bahrain

Amal Mohamed AlGharibi

Communication Specialist; Gulf Air - Corporate Communication; Tel: +973 17-33-8379; Fax: +973 17 338207
E-mail:; Website:

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Alfredo D’Souza*

B.Sc (Hons) Director, Middle East & India
RathGibson Inc, USA - Bahrain Branch Office;
(M): 36533000, Fax: 17595767.

Alfredo D’Souza*

B.Sc (Hons) Director, Middle East & India RathGibson Inc, USA - Bahrain Branch Office; (M): 36533000, Fax: 17595767
email,, Vice Chairman- Migrant Workers Protection Society, Member of Indian Community Service Committee of the Indian Embassy, Life Member of the Royal Society of St. George, Wife: Neomi D’Souza -Regional Manager - Royal Caribbean Cruises- Arabia, (D): Annalise Alexia, (S): ‘Tiger’ Alexandre

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A.Jalil Al Bakali

Managing Director, Al Bakali General Trading W.L.L. ,
P.O.Box 1455, Manama, Bahrain,

Ali A.Hussain Abbas Mawali*

Senior Public Relations Specialist, Department of Public Relations, Social Insurance Organization since March 2006, P.O.Box: 22028 Muharraq Bahrain, Tel:(R)17340966 – (M)36386208, email:, BSc. (Accounting & Finance). Associated Diploma in Accounting. Associated Diploma (Instrumentation & Control )Civil Engineering Certificate. Specialist of Student Affairs, Public Relations- Student Development Department,University of Bahrain((2001-2006), Accounts Assistant, Shipping Division, International Agencies Co.Ltd.(2000-2001) Bahraini, D.O.B-21st January 1975,Married,Hobbies: Reading, Horse riding,Football.,Social activities, Socializing.

Ali Eid Bokhammas

Chairman, Bokhammas Trading,
P. O. Box 5262, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17716669,Fax: 17715271

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Ali Hassan Abdulla Follad*

B.Com, MBA, Advisor for Handicraft, Ministry of Culture,
P.O. Box 10066, Bahrain, Tel. 17568090, (M): 39637000.

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Ali Hassan Al Ali*

Public Relation Specialist; General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence,
Ministry of the Interior,
Tel: 17399764, email:

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Ali Moh’d Ali Esmaeel*

B.Sc (Public Relation),Senior Public Relation Specialist General Directorate of Nationality Passports and Residence, Ministry of Interior ,
Tel: 17399777 ext(603);

Andrews Victor*

Chief Sub-Editor, Gulf Daily News. P.O. Box 5300, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel: 17628203, (M)39055677
Fax: 17622141,

Anil Varghese*

General Manager, Zayani Leasing w.l.l, P.O. Box1185,Sitra, Bahrain. Fax: 17704404, 15 years as Group Operations Manager with Europcar Dubai & Northern Emirates .Current position since March 2006. Vice-President- Kottarakara Pravasi Samajam- Bahrain, Married, Wife- Rollin Anil , Children (2)- Kevin Anil Varghese & Keith Anil Varghese

Arthur P. Davey

Partner, Cost Partnership (Gulf), P. O. Box 26122, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17256826, Fax: 17262752

Ashok Vithal Shetty*

Managing Director, Creative Advertising & Promotion Centre
P.O. Box 2346,Manama, Bahrain Tel: 17246488, Fax: 17244035 (M)39622500/39460726, email:, One of Bahrain’s most admired top entrepreneurs, owner of Creative Advertising and Promotions Co. W.L.L, Resident of Bahrain for 30 years, a significant contributor to local community activities, Former Vice President of the Lions Club of Riffa, Senior Chief Executive and Board Member of Bunts Society - Bahrain. One of the Indian Club’s senior member for 27 years. A true philanthropist to all religions without bias.

Aziz Eid Bokhammas

Branch Manager, Bokhammas Establishment, P. O. Box 5262, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17742040, Fax: 17716607.


Managing Director & Principal of Indian Institute for Performing Arts (IIPA), Post-graduate in English Language & Literature.Born in 1962 in Kerala(India) Disciple of the great Maestro of Indian Music Dr.Balamurali Krishna, Married, Wife - Lalitha, Son-Devdutt.

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Proprietor, Al Nafoora Restaurant (Veg)
Tel:17243201,Tel: 17270874,
Chennai Vegetarian Restaurant,
Tel:17229076, Annapurna Restaurant(Veg)
Tel: 17214048, Fax:17233678,

Bashar Mohammed Alhasan*

B. A. (Economics -U.K) ,Deputy Managing Director, Bahrain Gas P.O.Box. 254, Manama, Bahrain ,Tel: 17531121 ,Fax:17532112 ,D.O. B: 23/12/’53, Member: Rotary Club of Adliya, Board Member -Bahrain Family Leisure Co. In the same business since 1979.

Babak Soltani*

Investcorp Bank, P.O.Box 5340 Bahrain, (M)39439431. Previously as Marketing Director, Bahrain Financial Harbour (2004) Bahraini, Obtained BBA & MBA in Accounting and a Master of Science from The University of Texas in Arlington. Started his professional career in 1997 in Dallas, at Boxer Property Management, and returned to to Bahrain in 2000 and worked briefly with Merrill Lynch before joining TAIB Bank E.C., initially in the Financial Control team and later became a member of the Real Estate Investment Department. In 2003, joined ReeMoon BDC WLL, as the Director of Real Estate Advisory in the field of Master Planning to Project Marketing.

Baboo H. Kewalram*

Propriter, Kewalram & Sons , P.O.Box 84, Manama, Bahrain., Tel: 17210617/17210619/ 17213110, Fax:17210627 /17213211,Wife - Radhibai Bhagwandas Bhatia,Children-Nalini Bhagwan Kishore, Jai Kumar Bhagwandas, Vinod Kumar Bhagwandas Bhatia, Anoop Kumar Bhagwandas.

Babu Nair*

Manager, Hassan Habib Abdulnabi, 75 Al Jawahara, Central Market, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17275055, Fax:17271806 (M)39805936, 25 years in Bahrain. Married, one child-Haritha K. Nayar (D), Wife: Deepa K. Nair, Hobbies: Reading, Travelling

Bader Yousif Murad*

Managing Director- Bader Models, Masters in Aeronautical Science -Aviation Aerospace Management (U.S.A.), Previously: Senior Analyst - Fleet Planning, P.O.Box 22628, Muharraq,Bahrain, (M)3960330,Fax:17332622
Wife:Pearl, Zaneta(D),Zenon (S)

Bashir Ahamed*

Gulfsat –Electronics and Trading,P.O.Box 5798, Bahrain Tel: 17229770, (M)39080024

Basim M. Al - Saie*

C.E.O, Installux - Gulf P.O.Box 10229, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17590589, Fax:17591589, B.S (Mechanical Engineering, USA) D. O. B: 15/10/’65, P.Add:P. O.Box 26085, Manama, Bahrain. Hobbies: Skiing, Scuba Diving

Bhagwan L. Asarpota*

Director, P. Haridas Sons Co. W.L.L., Tijjar Avenue, P .O.Box 434, Manama, Bahrain.,
Tel:17223689/ 17223643, Fax:17223648,email:

Binny Thomas*

H.O.D. Prepress, Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej, P.O.Box 5300, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 17620111 Extn.481, (D)17628481, (R)17273487,
Fax: 17624312, Wife: Mini and 2 sons -Athul & Rahul

Biju Abraham*

Arab Investment Bank, P.O.Box 5559, Gafool, Bahrain, Tel:17588961, Fax:17588885, (M)39420015, 23 years in Bahrain, Married, Wife-Sarina Children-2 daughters & 1 son

Bob C. Thaker

Managing Director, The National Trading House P.O. Box 372,Manama,Bahrain, Tel:17736363, Fax:17736252,email:thakerb@, website:

Burhan Mohammed

Managing Director, M/s. SANA, P.O. Box 3002, Manama, Bahrain, Tel:17644110, Fax:17644177

C. G. Bhatia

Manager, Fluorescent Lumninaires, Al Khajah Establishment & Factories,P.O. Box 8619, Bahrain, Tel:17730811/17730611, Fax:17731340

C.M. Shafi*

B.Sc.(Eng.) M.I.E.,M.I.Mar.E.; Marine Business Manager, Bureau Veritas, P.O.Box 45, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Tel:17725010, (R) 17715925, (M)39466128, Fax:17727913. President -TKMCE, -KEEN4-Bahrain Tel:17725734, 17729051, Add:Flat2, Bldg.257, Road 3605, Area 336, Adliya, Bahrain.

C. S. Chandran

Quality Assurance Manager, Maskati Bros & Co. P. O. Box 24970, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17729911, Fax: 17725454.

C. S. N. Premkumar

Chief Engineer, Mazen Al Umran Consulting Engg. P. O. Box 26062, Manama, Bahrain,
Tel: 17713873, Fax: 17712901

Carios D’ Souza

Production Manager, Al Zamil Group of Companies, P. O. Box 285, Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 17253445, Fax:17231803,

Carlton Alexander

Manager - Service/Parts, Mohamed Abdularahman Al Bahar, P. O. Box 5357, Manama, Bahrain.Tel:17728270, Fax: 17727767

Chandersen G. Bhatia

Managing Director, M/s. Gobindram P. Bhatia & Sons W.L.L., P.O.Box 184,Manama, Bahrain.,Tel: 17277755/17230762/17253480,
Fax:17271584/17250055 (M)39655349

Chandrasen N. Gandhi,

Managing Director, M/s. Kavalani & Sons, P.O. Box 71, Manama, Tel: 17228484, Fax: 17737379,

Chetan Dongra*

Finance Manager/Financial Controller (M):36051141 Al Areen Holding Co. BSC (C) Al Areen Head Quarter, Al Areen, P.O.Box 18108,Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Tel:17838666, Mobile: 36051141, Fax:17836360;

Cherian Mathews*

Director - Operations, Phoenix Creations, P.O.Box 10489, Manama, Tel: 17877111,
Fax: 17877171, Wife - Usha, Hanan(D),email:

Chris Binnion*

Etihad Airways-Manager-Sales Bahrain; P.O. Box 5177, Manama,Bahrain; (T) 17519991; fax: 17533988

Commander David Isaacs*

(Retired) MBA, FAIQ (CII), Retired Naval Officer now working as Senior Consultant, Nexus Financial Services, P.O. Box 20218, Al Matrook Building, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Tel:17511777 Fax: 17530600, (M) 39654196,
Born in Pune, India, Studied at Bishop’s High School, Pune & Madras Christian College, Chennai. Settled in Bangalore. Add: Villa 5, Dawani Garden, Budaiya Highway, email:

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